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1976 Chevy C-20 Long Bed Stepside Pickup (manual trans)


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Problem is that everyone actually wants the 6" short bed.


I could have swore that a poster here was specifically looking for the long bed model.  I can't remember if they wanted the 8' or 9' model, but I think the 9' bed was only available on the C-30 (1-ton) model.


I guess this is going back a few years and the poster is no longer around :(


Honestly, if this was an automatic trans model I'd be interested.  I like the look of the long bed models as they are rare.  I can find a dozen GMC/Chevy short bed stepsides on CL at this time :lol:

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Actually, from my understanding, the long beds are more common... perhaps the short beds are more common in the earlier trucks.  In any case, you can convert a long bed to a short one pretty easily.  I can find long bed pickups all day for as low as $1500... I think the cheapest short bed was something like $7K... but the short beds get restored... perhaps the reason you see them on CL more often.

I was looking for a pickup... but I don't think I posted here about it... and I would take either bed.  Instead I got the Tahoe.

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Any '73-'87 GMCs, SAmadei?  $1500 is much closer to my price range.

There was one in Brick, NJ on CNJ CL for $500, IIRC.  I think it was a running '82, but the photos where terrible,  I would have bought it, but I can't tow it right now and I was afraid to trust driving it down to south Jersey.  Worse think in the photos was a huge dent in the passenger side of the bed... which is available via LMC Truck... ah, found it.


Edit: its actually a 1984.  Its probably gone, though.

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It was me that was looking.

I saw that listing and really thought about it.

Thing is, that's the earlier style with the wrong fuel fillers (I'd have to get different fenders and fuel fillers to make it work).

That, and I have two new GM fleetside bedsides for my truck already.

Still, I thought about it...

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