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Backfire 4 - Super Cars Aren't So Super


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Backfire #4 - Super Cars Aren't So Super

March 5th, 2015


Blake Noble explains his recent and controversial OppositeLock editorial on why he isn't hyped up on hypercars. Hear why he's willing to take on Jalopnik's critical commentators in Backfire #4!


". . . today's supercars cars are all like AC/DC records. You get the same three chords, the same solo, and the same 4/4 rhythm every song. Nothing ever changes, and lowbrow disc jockeys won't stop playing it." - OppositeLock Column


Read the rest of Blake's editorial here: http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/why-supercars-arent-so-super-1689071775


Blake Noble: @b_nobull

Jeremy Sally: @jeremysally


Podcast Link: http://shoutengine.com/TheMisfire/backfire-4-supercars-arent-that-super-7547

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-misfire/id959338549?mt=2


Podcast Embed (Finicky w/ IPBoard)


The Misfire - Backfire 4 - Supercars Aren't That Super
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Totally agree with the base line of thinking here. Super-cars are not super any longer from the main auto makers. They are all very over priced bland junk. Take a look at what some of the smaller guys have done to Corvettes and now you are talking. Even the Challenger is more amazing to me than the super-cars from Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.

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I get him, supercars should be built to impress, they should give you unique feelings by driving them, by just looking at them. Also, they should be built with passion like they used to. Now, all the manufacturers want is to make profit by just tweaking their previous models.

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Here's the very real problem. For EX, Lamborghini has been building the same (CONCEPTUALLY) body shell for 40+ years. They broke new stylistic ground when they created a shell with the windshield & the hood in the same plane, but as rare as Lambos are, everyone has seen them ad-infinitum.








Apparently, there's no where to go from that. Add to it the proliferation of computer access, where anyone with mild talent shares their designs with the world in a click, and there's almost zero uncharted territory left. All that's left is detail-tweaking… unless perhaps we move to levitating pods.

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Supercars in general are just so violently ugly today..all the disgusting bare carbon fiber, loud colors, and unreliable, fire prone...  they look like they were styled by 14 yr olds.


I like more down to earth 'near supercars' like the timeless 911.  The latest Corvette iteration does nothing for me styling-wise, though I think it's an excellent car to drive from what I've read.  

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