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Trivia Tuesday, March 17 2015


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Happy St. Patrick's Day, now get guessing!!

1.) What type of brake is this & what production car was it found on?


2.) How were this Olds and this Mercury legally involved with each other?



3.) The 1969 Mercury Cyclone SPoiler II was built in versions honoring which 2 famous racers?

4.) Which of these early auto brands was NOT an actual intended/production car?

Long Silent


Fear Naught




5.) Which of these state names was NOT featured on an early proposed or built auto brand?







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#4 - Schluderschimdt


I honestly do not understand the question #5


5.) Which of these state names was NOT featured on an early proposed or built auto brand?


How early? Do you mean a state where no brand that was proposing to build or built vehicles in?

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^ #4 is correct; Schluderschmidt is a fictitious brand.


Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE the brand name 'Skiddoodler'?? 

I can't stop finding ways to work it into my around-house banter since learning it a week ago. 

If their tagline wasn't "Scoot around in a Skiddoodler'… well, it's no wonder the brand didn't make it; marketing. Cause they had the name LOCKED DOWN. :D


- - - - -

Question #5 rephrase :: which of these state names was NOT a proposed car brand name.

Hint; it's a trick question.

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In the brake picture, I've been trying to glean as much info as I can.  I see what appears to be a sway bar and some sort of control arm.  I see what appears to be an oil pan, and it is either red, orange (if it is orange, it is probably a Chevrolet product) or iron oxide-colored.  I see a coil spring and a totally tubular shock absorber on a full-frame vehicle, along with an old bias-ply tire on the other side.  Final answer:  Buick or Pontiac finned drum.  The fins were for brake cooling to try to dissipate fade.  Since it is a five-lug, I am going with Buick, just because.  And from what I remember, Buicks were known for having good brake systems for the day, 50s-60s.


Full disclosure:  I did google "Pontiac finned drum brake photo" and "Buick finned brake drum photo".  :AH-HA:  Not saying I'm correct, just got me intensely curious.

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#1 - I googled enough to find the answer.  The term I googled for was "enclosed disk brake"... which is what it looked like to me.




The Ausco-Lambert disc brake[1] is an unusual brake where an axially-expanding shoe assembly is sandwiched between two linked rotating discs. It may be thought of as an "inside out" disc brake: instead of pads pinching a disc, the pads expand inside a hollow disc.





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b…b…but googling is CHEATING.




That is correct of course. The Ausco Lambert disc brake was standard equipment on the '50-54 Chrysler Imperials… on all four corners. They were optional on other series, also. These were the first disc brakes on a American production car.

They mess with the 'car brain' because they obviously look like drum brakes.

(I say 'obviously', tho I wonder if any here perhaps have never seen a drum brake in person…)

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