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Would You Rather: Intro And Pt 1

Frisky Dingo

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So, I used to do these threads over at MT, and I think I'm going to start them back up here.


The premise is simple. I'll post two or more vehicles and you decide which one you'd want. You can decide this based on if you were spending your own money, if they were free, however. The vehicles may all be in one class, or they may be totally different. I'll give a hint as to what is contained in the thread title. It sparks up discussion, it's fun to fantasize, and it takes some thought.


So after some back story, here are your first choices-


A piece over @ R&T made this a simple duo to start off with. Two vehicle that have battled it out for over 2 decades both on rally stages the world over, and the showroom floor. Yep, the Lancer Evo and WRX STi. Two cars with the same goal, and yet they have different ways of achieving it.


So today I give you the choice of 2nd Gen WRX STi's- GD/GG (Bug Eye/Hawk Eye)-










Or the Lancer Evolution VIII/IX (GSR, MR, etc) of your choice- 








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Both are awesome cars for little people. I have tried to fit into them and would have to choose the Lancer as it fits my 6'6" frame better than the Subaru.

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I think I've got to go Evo here.  I'm not sure what team of blind men they got to put together that WRX, but it looks like a bunch of people grabbed at some parts bins with their eyes closed and threw whatever they came out with into a big pile of ugly.  That just does not look at all like a cohesive vehicle design to me.  Besides, I know Mitsubishi needs some help staying alive (in the US car business, anyway), so I'd feel good about throwing a little money their way, just as long as I can get that grey one and not the easter egg yellow in the other picture.

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