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15 Honda CR-V backseat review.


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Ok, this is going to be a little different.  No, I did not drive it, but got to spend a decent amount of time riding in the backseat and it is pretty amazing the things you pick out about a vehicle vehicle from back there.  Also, since these are the modern equivilent of a station wagon, I think this makes sense.  First impression.......  The materials are downright awful.  Hard plastic on all rear ouch points and the seat fabric seemed overly cheap.  Legroom was ok, but not great.  Really, my 07 Patriot was on par with the materials found not only in the back, but most places in the vehicle.  It was really pretty dreadful.  he only interior high-spots were the gauges and the large touchscreen.  The seats themselves were not that comfortable and left me with a  sore butt and aching back.  And the ride was only 45 minutes each way. 


The ride..........  Oh my, this was the worst part of riding in that thin.  The ride was rough.  you could feel every bump.  There was also a LOT of bod roll.  Basically you get seasick while at the same time getting a concussion from roughness of the ride over bumps.  


Even from the backseat going up hills with 4 passengers, it was very obvious the CR-V was struggling pretty badl and the CVT was just whizzing away at high RPMs. 



   Really, if this is the bar that some rags use for small CUVs, then basically the rest of the field is well above the bar.  This brings me back to my old Patriot.  With it's interior being on par and having nowhere near the ride penalties of the CR-V, it puzzles me how the CR-V is considered great, while the Patriot is considered bad.




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