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Quick question about China's interest in GM


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Alright, I have someone in a facebook group claiming China owns 30% of GM.  I don't think that's true, but I can't find anything that says either way.  Someone confirm that I'm right lol.

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Read most of that...dude is going to trade it in because of the headlights....lame. Every good car has some annoying quirk....pretty much anyone I know with those years still love their bu's.... is spent



Just an excuse I guess....and most local GM dealers here would do it for under 50 bucks on the spot....most time is spent socketing....

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I would have to restudy this topic I thought at one time any automaker in China is required to partner with a Chinese MFG. Also on top of that they were only able to own up to 49% of that venture between the two countries. Generally one or two Chinese MFG are in the mix.

I do know that any products built there and imported there are required to share the intellectual properties with the Chinese government. This was explained in a story what GM was not sending the Volt to China.

Lets face it China steals everything as it is and in this case dangles a large market carrot in front of a MFG's that hate to make the deals but can not afford not to.

China in doing this the story I recall explained was to help fast track their automakers to the global market. There has been a big issue that has not helped them and it is funny. The people in China hate Chinese cars and often for good reason. Not only are they usually not a good car but they also hold little status in China. People in China love Western product and have relegated the Chinese cars to no more than 15th on the sales list as of when the story was written. Most people there want western models not even so much Japanize or Korean. In fact in many areas they hate anything from Japan. The mass killing are still stinging to some regions.

I did not read the other story and while based on your comments it sounds like a nut there is truth to part owner ship in any western Chinese venture in the auto industry. It is just another example of why we should be working harder to defend us from China and not have them for dinner at the White House.

Anyone see their new fighter. It looks like a slightly larger F35. Luckily they got the styling but are still missing much of the electronics that gives our plane much more advance ability. While we held a 50 year lead it has been cut per some to a 20 year lead in technology.

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White people are okay with Western companies operating Chinese companies/subsidiaries but if a Chinese company does it they're all like OH NOES WHO ORDERED TEH RED CHINESE TAKEOUT TAKEOVER?!?!

"White people are okay with..."

Wow. Good to know how far YOU'LL go to stir the pot.


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Really? That's your internet troll threshold/tolerance limit? MT forums must be a Usenet BBS from 1987. #dukakis88!! awesome_face_emoticon_by_tailsfan97-d3hz


I speak the truth. #truthhurts #lolwhiteppl #dealwithit #welcometotheinternet #getonmylvl

You are full of mistakes...


1. Mistaken that El K is American...It was Mulroney for us Canucks in '88...#mulroney88!!! :P


2. El K is not of Greek decent...Wings and I are...so...Id be careful in how I say things around here...

because although cheersandgears might be headquartered in the US...and on your side of things it might very well be Bubblewrap County, USA...on my side of the internets...






And if you dont like that...what that dude on top said afterwards...





So...How do you like them apples?




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White people are okay with Western companies operating Chinese companies/subsidiaries but if a Chinese company does it they're all like OH NOES WHO ORDERED TEH RED CHINESE TAKEOUT TAKEOVER?!?!

In China you have the largest and up till recently the fastest growing market in the world and if you are a part of it you survive and if you were not a part of it you risk being left behinds.

It made Western companies sell their soul or at least a part of it.

On the other hand China was not dealt a full hand as many things and technologies were not shared with them at least on GM's part.

I would change the term White people to GM managment. GM has a very diverse staff anymore and that would be better reflective of it.

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