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New GM key fob needed


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So, after a few years of postponing it, I'm going to buy a second key fob.  The other one got damaged and slowly started giving up the ghost.  This is for a 2008 LaCrosse with the base 3800 V6.

My current one identifies itself with "Welcome Driver 2" upon inserting the key.

The dealerships want anywhere from $40 to $62 to do this task.  I will be buying the key fob aftermarket from one of the major auto part stores.


Can I do this myself?  How will the key fob "know" to attach itself to my vehicle once I take out of the shipping container and begin programming it?  Will it "know" that driver 2 is already programmed and then default to being the key fob for driver 1? Any recommendations on how to do this right, unless you recommend having someone do it if not the most tech savvy? 

Thanks!  Let me know if you've had to buy a replacement or second key fob ... it would be interesting to know how well people have done with these.

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Thanks, Drew, I saw that and will have to reconfigure them somehow.

Thanks, balthazar.  I'm thinking this meant that you let someone do it or at least inquired about the price.  I sure wouldn't want to buy these at a better price (I'd save $60 compared to what the dealer wants for the 5 button fob) and then mess it up and render the thing useless.

The other one I had got banged up in briefcases, backpacks, and pockets and even soldering it together didn't make sense. 

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I 'programmed' mine myself- twas easy. I don't recall the exact price... but just googled and see most are less than what I paid. Watch tho- where I got mine they initially handed me the empty FOB case- no electronics. Apparently this is a thing- people replace banged-up exteriors.

Both my '04 FOBs seemed to be just worn out- fresh batteries did nothing, cleaning their insides did nothing ('04 has 169K on it). Damned electronics.

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Thank you for that attachment. 

I plan to order it from one of the major chain auto parts stores.  The other one actually had a piece chip off and then slowly fell apart.  This solitary one has been sustaining me for 2 to 3 years.  It needs its identical twin back.

Let's see how well this goes.  Thanks.

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