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UPS going Green in a BIG way!


Paris and London, both these cities have stated by 2040 all auto's, delivery vehicles, etc. that are powered by ICE or internal combustion engines will be banned from the streets. This has especially package delivery companies in a pickle on how to honor the law and still deliver the packages.

UPS has stepped up to the plate to figure this out by buying a fleet of EV package delivery vans from Arrival LTD. Based on their web site, a fairly new company out of skunk mode in 2017 as they sold and are delivering 35 EV vans to UPS for use in London / Paris. Under heavy load these vans will supply 150 miles of range. More than enough to cover their average daily driving of 75-100 miles. These vans in a smaller version will be used by the Royal Mail delivery throughout the UK. Replacement of existing petro mail delivery vans will happen as the vans age / mile out of service.

Not leaving all their eggs in one basket, UPS has also purchased a small new fleet of plug-in hybrid delivery vans from Workhorse. These 50 Hybrid vans that are 100 miles pure electric with a generator on board should be able to cover a total of 350 miles. These delivery trucks will cover the rural routes where driving 100 to 200 miles a day is common yet inner city deliveries are less than a 100 miles a day.


This continues UPS push as they now have 300 EV vans on the roads in North America and Europe with an addition 700 plug-in Hybrid trucks in both places. UPS says over the next 5 years they will have to replace 35,000 delivery vans and as part of their normal cycle, if they can reduce their cost on fuel by going plug-in hybrid or pure EV and reduce maintenance costs, then changing over sooner rather than later will benefit UPS bottom line.

Arrival Web Site

Workhorse Web Site

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Digital Trends Story

The Detroit Bureau Story

Reuters Story

Next Greencar Story

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