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  2. I wouls wager there are people switching brands all the time. If you have 100k for a sports car, you are more than likely willing to try a bunch of different things over the years. You might Give Porsche your money once, Corvette another time, AMG and M, then back to Corvette, then another AMG.. 100k toy money is a whole different ball game than daily drivers.
  3. I think for a lot of people that are buying a Ferrari, it is their fourth, fifth and n-th car. It is very possible that these people that bought a quarter million Ferrari to carefully garage it and occasionally drive it to a local golf club would be interested in the "cheap" sub 100k mid-engine Vette that they can actually not to be afraid to drive in anger.
  4. Toyota could literally buy Ford Motor company outright, they have that much money. They can also hire 1,000 American engineers to design and build a new Tundra, they could buy Rivian out too. Toyota made $17 billion last year with very little full size truck profit, that is insane, Ford would lose money without the F150. If Toyota spend even 1/5th of last year’s profit on a new Tundra it would be best in class. It is embarrassing that Toyota is so lazy with the Tundra. Even the Tacoma and 4Runner, update that stuff.
  5. • I question how many buyers of exotics continue to repeatedly only buy from that 1 brand. I know there are hardcore fans of each out there who do, I wonder what percentage of overall buyers. Because another brand will NEVER sway those buyers- they're 'off the table' as far as conquest sales go / an OEM is wasting their time chasing them. A hardcore Corvette buyer is never going to consider a ferrari, either. • Where OEMs should / are focusing is the new or non-loyal buyer, the one who considers -not the badge- but the merits of the vehicle. That's where a brand new C8 is high on the list of contention for a WIDE variety of reasons. That's a winning formula for conquests.
  6. I don’t think BMW lost 1 M5 sale when the Charger Hellcat came out. Badge trumps horsepower. I think people that always wished of having a mid-engine supercar but can’t afford a Ferrari are going to be very interested in the C8. And the C8 is super car performance at sports car price. Remarkable achievement, I thought the price would jump $25k on the base model and it barely moved. I was shocked at that price.
  7. Nice find. I should have known they’d shoehorn it back there seeing as how that’s how the old 914 Targas and some others have done. One thing that may be a bummer for the Vette crowd is that because it’s mid engine now, the storage space is much more limited. Throw a top in the “trunk” and it becomes even more apparent. I know there’s storage in the front but there is no way it has the same amount of volume as the current gen with its hatch.
  8. The C8 can have all the performance in the world but it won’t have Porsche build quality and that is what will stop 911 buyers from leaving. The 911 has a crazy list of customizable options too. And the 928 may be coming back to give Porsche another option in the arsenal to attract/retain buyers. They showed a lot of Nürburgring ring driving clips in the Corvette launch but never mentioned a lap time. I am curious what that is.
  9. Two things. First, you assume that those German and Italian buyers won’t look at the Vette because of its price while I’m willing to bet that more will look at and probably buy this one than you think if they get behind the wheel of it. Second, when the higher performance models come out (and they will), the first point becomes even more relevant. If I was GM, I would market this directly against that Euro Trash (especially the Italians) without ever advertising price or value. Advertise it strictly on it’s driving and performance merits while emphasizing the new look of it.
  10. If they made a Cadillac version that looks like a Cien or something to that degree plus had an interior nicer than the CT6 and the Blackwing V8 that would be awesome. And assuming you can see of this car or a possible Cadillac version, some of these sports cars you can’t see well out of.
  11. I don't think it will steal even 1 Ferrari sale but I do think 911 buyers will consider it now more than ever. It is a very compelling buy over a 911 and not all 911 buyers are badge snobs. A lot just want a great driving car. The top goes in the back/trunk.
  12. The top angle does look especially sharp but I have a question. Where does the top go?
  13. This C8 looks as fast as an AMG GT R for half the money, looks almost as fast to a 911 Turbo for 1/3rd the money. That makes the Corvette a hell of a performance bargain. But that doesn’t mean AMG, Porsche or Ferrari people will buy a Corvette, those people are not choosing a car on value. I think the Corvette is 100% worth the price tag and even more so $60k base for a mid engine V8 car is insane. And a lot of vehicles out there are not worth their price tag. On value the Corvette has a really strong argument, it is Tahoe money and look at the engineering difference that goes into the two. The Corvette is outstanding value for the performance. But the Germans and Italians are not selling on a performance/value equation so I don’t think it will really have any effect on them.
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  15. At my local Cadillac dealership for an oil change on the SS. Watched them prep this and move it in for sale. According to my sales rep, was traded in for a CT6 Blackwing.
  16. Is it a convertible, or really more of a ‘targa’? I see jutting, rigid B-Pillars there. Be a shame if the ‘targa’ loses the see-thru engine cover... Via my observation, the only people who call the car a ‘Chevy’ have no intention of buying to begin with.
  17. I definitely believe a badge snob will let the Chevy part hold it back. It's a Chevy and not a Porsche. That's just how it's going to be.
  18. I’m actually not, and I’ve been here before as being against legal separation of the Corvette form Chevrolet. I’m well aware of what it technically is, but it does have a tangible firewall between it and everything else Chevy does (including what they do wrong). I think ‘making the Corvette a Cadillac’ is just stupid, moreso because of how ‘insulated’ it is from the rest of the brand. In other words, I do not believe a serious consumer is holding the fact that its titled ‘Chevrolet’ stop their purchase if they love the car otherwise.
  19. It goes even deeper; it’s such an ingrained Americana thing that it doesn’t have to be One Brand Only, but it sure as hell is unlikely to be a Japanese brand.
  20. The convertible looks sharp also. I like the looking down on from above angle.
  21. Sounds like you’re gonna save your loose change and get a new corvette when it’s out!
  22. Nope NEVER gonna happen, Toyota is missing a very important DNA link to get a full size Body on Frame truck right. Called Red Neck DNA which is missing from the Japanese society. Without this, they will never understand the individualistic nature of die hard, hard core Truck buyers that will never leave their birth truck for another brand.
  23. I know both sides of my family are german, have never visited the huge felt clan in Missiouri which of all places is weird to me considering that both sides came from the mountains of Germany. I am happy with my life, my local family and have never really saw why some need to know their last 4, 5 or more generations of family. Interesting to say the least. On Depeche Mode this morning as I work.
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