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  2. True to that. I think Tundra could outsell F150 if Toyota got on it. But F-series does have a big line that get lumped into there. And I don't see Toyota doing medium duty trucks and such.
  3. Then I repeat the “holy hell” remark regarding the river on buttons. Why GM? Why?
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  5. Not deplete the battery, just pull back from the full almost 2,000 horsepower.
  6. Beat me to it. I get this is a low volume thing, but it looks too like a Ferrari 458 and 1 lap around the Nurburgring will deplete the battery. The 130 people that buy it probably don't care about any of that, but most people don't even know Lotus is still around, and they don't really have any product that people want. Sports cars as a segment are dying, and that is all these guys have, and they are expensive, it isn' like they are in Mustang or Supra level pricing where they might be able to get a little volume.
  7. I think GM is returning to its roots of using the same platform for a gazillion different vehicles that really aren't that different when you boil them down. Blazer, Traverse, Enclave, Acadia, XT5, XT6.... and now there's word of another Buick SUV coming between Enclave and Envision. Trailblazer, Trailblazer EXT, Envoy, Envoy EXT, Envoy XUT, Ascender, Bravada, Rainier, 9-7x
  8. Yeah, it's released tonight at 10:00pm my time.
  9. Yeah, I’m with you on the buttons! Holy hell! You have to memorize that layout by feel because trying to look down for a particular button would hazardous to ones health! To be honest, I have to question the legitimacy of this pic. Maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t see them using that button layout down the side like that. Guess we’ll know soon.
  10. @dfelt It's not like it doesn't say hybrid on the side..... oh wait! It does!
  11. That line of buttons is a joke. The rest looks pretty sharp. a squared off steering wheel is a little awkward but nothing drastically bad outside of that row of buttons. I'm surprised that you of all people didn't know... https://www.ford.com/police-vehicles/hybrid-utility/
  12. To be fair, I didn't shoot any of the video. It is simply B-Roll video (no audio, panoramic shots provided by Lincoln) that I edited into my own. I added a few photographs, the music, and the voiceover naturally.
  13. I'll 4th that, the ratio to voice and music is off a bit.
  14. 2020 Ford Police Interceptor anyone? Gotta think it has the twin turbo V6 or NA V8?
  15. @Drew Dowdell @William Maley Seems Corvette 2020 stuff is leaking. WOW talk about a lot of buttons on this interior. Just on the center dash, I count 23 buttons not including the touch screen.
  16. I'm agreeing with the comments... definitely need a better mic on you, background music needs to go down a bit, although your coverage, imagery, pacing, are all spot on for the audience they'd appeal to. For fun you should have some violins in the background and a bunch of wine glasses filled up with water on the dash and try and recreate a 90's Lexus commercial.
  17. Love the consistent tone, very informative and like the video editing cuts. My only thought is the same as @balthazar where the music needs to be dialed down to background music. At the start have the music start out even lower and come up to 50% of your own voice level. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.
  18. Seems that Mazda has added EASTER EGGS to the CX5 with an Off Road mode. https://www.thedrive.com/partner?prx_t=OdUEALX82A69UQA&dclid=CNXLh9Whv-MCFa4YrQYdEKsOmg According to the story, you TURN OFF TRACTION CONTROL TO UNLOCK OFF-ROAD MODE
  19. Have to say this custom Chevelle is HOT HOT HOTz Sexy as Hell! GM is selling the ZR1 755HP motor as a crate motor and GM decided to refresh a Chevrolet Chevelle with this motor. https://www.gmperformancemotor.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=NEW-LT5-ZR1-CRATE-ENGINE WOW, very sexy and will be on display at SEMA this fall. They also have done a K10 and C10 based on Performance Crate Motors that will be shown off too.
  20. Not too bad for a mid-size car with AWD, Active Cruise, and Android Auto/Carplay standard.
  21. Yup, we had our own article on it here. No Model Year 2019 sedan
  22. Lotus has been sold around to different companies a few times. They finally landed at one with deep pockets. Deep as in Republic of China deep....
  23. @Drew Dowdell there was never a 2019 ATS sedan, was there? I can't find anything on them whether it is a review, writeup, or any for sale new or used. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2018/05/09/cadillac-cuts-ats-sedan/34731067/ Well.. That's a little different because that's a blend of hatred for the Impala as well. It isn't like I'm a blind fanboi who thinks Ford can do no wrong. I'm also started that the MKT was up there with the ugliest of vehicles in the modern era as well. One at a time. LOL JKJK, I assume they were both built at the same time as the XTS has been around for awhile. It was a joke because I think it is the "kind of ugly only a mother could love".
  24. This is freakin crazy cool. Rear Demon Powered Challenger. https://www.thedrive.com/news/27584/behold-a-demon-powered-dodge-challenger-hellcat-rendered-as-hurst-under-glass-plymouth-barracuda
  25. I prefer a more sedate tonal delivery (like yours) to the hyped / on speed deliveries most of these review videos offer, so kudos there. The voice level, yes, could be higher, but ALSO the background music needs to be more like 50%; it should stay in the background & not compete with the voiceover. Overall I say; well done!
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