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    To harp on power in these cars is to completely miss the point. These are handling and agility cars. They are extremely satisfying drives without having to break the speed laws to get satisfaction.
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    Well, I finally found what I’ve been looking for, in my price range. This past Saturday I picked up a 2016 Lincoln MKC. 37,460 miles, $21,000, 2.3T engine with AWD. Upgraded real leather seats in dark brown and cream that I absolutely love. It had auto-high beams that I was skeptical about how well they flip off then back on and they’re surprisingly fantastic. As soon as any headlights show up in front of my they flip off, be it just over a hill or a mile ahead of me. Neat. Classic Ford, I already have to hit up my local dealership because the exterior thermostat is reading waaaay off(like -35F) therefor also throwing off the temp thst throws out the HVAC. It’s still under warranty and if it wasn’t I’d be dealing with the dealership I bought it from, well I’m doing that anyway incase it becomes lemon-worthy. I want them to know about it right away. They also legally had to instal the front plate bracket.. they said they were going to do it and I asked them not to but because IL is a front plate state they weren’t allowed to let it leave without the bracket on. I’m going to see if they drilled the bumper or if it was mounted through the grille this weekend to see if I can take it off.
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    Funny when MT and C&D criticizes Cadillac or GM vehicle or losses a comparison, than "they don't know $h!", "companies paid them". But as soon as GM vehicle wins a comparison, than suddenly they become legit. The logic of fanboys moves in mysterious ways ...
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    Did someone say... FUSELAGES?
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    Had a good time at the Cleveland Auto Show. Pictures here. The Blazer and XT4 look better in person than in photos. And both as spec'd were close to $50k. (Blazer Premier FWD was $48k). First time I'd seen the new Silverados (regular or HD) in person...they look huge and strange in person, esp. the weirdness of the front fender corners and that vertical vent below the lights. The white Corvette ZR1 was striking. At the Buick stand, they had not one but two Cascadas..maybe the same two as last year. They had a red Regal GS, looked good though the seats looked weird with the grilles in the upper part w/ chrome surrounds. I guess I overlooked the GMC stand. Saw them last year. Liked sitting in the CT6 and CTS. I like the revised lighting and fascias on the CT6. Sat in the back seat of the CT6, funny...there is a recessed area ahead of the rear window my head fits in, but if I lean forward my head hits the raised surround for the rear sunroof. Lots of legroom in front and rear. As always, I enjoyed time at the FCA stand...they had a Gladiator on display. Several new Wranglers, a couple GCs, a Compass Trailhawk (neat!), green Challenger GT, a couple Chargers, a 300. The new Ram 3500 Mega Cab Limited was mega-huge. And brown The new Aviator looks really good in person. As does the new Explorer ST. Both were locked. The Shelby GT500 was on display, locked w/ dark window tint. Sat in a Bullitt (last year it was on a dais and locked). The Edge ST looks good, in that same sharp blue as the Explorer ST. They had an orange Ranger 4dr 4x4 on a dais, none you could sit in though. I hadn't paid much attention to them before, but the Accord and Insight look really good in person inside and out. I really liked the Volvos, esp. the S90 and V90 CC. Sat in both, along w/ the S60 and XC60...S60 felt tight inside, seat wasn't all the way back. I like their interior colors and materials. The classic car display (in a separate section of the massive hall) was nice, some 60s-70s big Buicks and Pontiacs stood out. After leaving, I realized I had completely missed the Mazda stand, would have liked to have sat in a couple models.
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    I think I posted a pic before, but this is Bro's 'bird:
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    A. You said "cannot afford", I responded to that, and your response back centered around 'computer engineers'. I don't associate that profession with being unable to afford a car. B. The vast vast majority of people store at least some items in their vehicles for various reasons. Some keep a LOT of items in their vehicles (nothing wrong with that). Still others work out of their vehicles. These types of consumers aren't going to be in this market. C. I do NOT relish the thought of getting inside a vehicle regularly where who knows who has been doing who knows what. People treat public use items in generally terrible ways.
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    @Cmicasa the Great and @dwightlooi ... be glad Cadillac doesn't put its own scent into its cars. They had a scent developed and they ... unleashed it at the Detroit and LA Auto Shows..... it was like an Axe factory exploded. Way too strong and didn't even smell great.
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    whatcha squintin at? - - - - -
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    i was at the auto show locally here yesterday and spent a fair amount of time looking at the Cadillacs on hand. Cadillac had great representation in terms of people and examples of their cars. Since they finally have the new XT4 it seemed like a lot of Cadillac interest from the show attenders, more than recent years IMO. Most people were looking at the Escalade or XT5 and those looking at the XT5 discovered the XT4. I have been a bit of a rag on the XT5 but admit that it is probably the core product for Cadillac right now and the one that keeps the doors open the most along with the Escalade. And so the XT5 is positioned to sell (to the women like mentioned above by someone, c'mon this is the truth). Looking at all the competition in one place it is true, the Cadillac interior does lack when compared to nice high end Mercedes and BMW, and then you look at Ford Edges and the like and you understand that Cadillac perceives their best sales volume to be in the squishy zone that is above the mainstream brands but not top tier. They position their crossovers to blend some perception of luxury but not be exclusive. I think the XT6 is needed, it's unfortunate its a frankenstein rushed to market with parts bin approach but it is far too clear that crossovers is where the sales volume is, and this is the quick way to solve that for Cadillac. Cadillac could and should improve interiors and try to offer something more enticing in the powertrain department than just the 3.6. Unless Cadillac can feel like they can exclusively compete in the market only in higher priced segments, we will continue to have B grade interiors and common powertrains. On the higher trim packages the Cadillacs do make a much better impression on interiors so maybe the problem is the base level interiors that they feel they need to keep their base trim vehicles attractively priced. EVERYONE at these shows is looking almost entirely at crossovers and trucks. So you can understand why Cadillac may be wanting to soften the quest for excellence and just try to get stuff out there that sells while the market is scorched earth. (I would even suggest that Cadillac should consider offering a pickup again). I spent a lot of time in this sweet rig yesterday. Had a nice long conversation with a gentlemen and his very young son (his son proudly said he was 'a Cadillac man too'). Heard some other people talk at length too and ask some of the reps some questions. One of the reps told someone the CT6 will go on 'haitus' for a year or so in about a year or two and will be 'redesigned'. Not easy to decipher if that means whole new model or if current model changes plants and gets some cosmetic surgery. I would have taken this sweet CT6 as is exactly (although i wish it were the twin turbo). Crystal white plus tan. oOh yeah. People still believe Cadillac is a large sedan brand, despite the Crossover focus, it is still clear Cadillac's stereotype is large crusing sedans. When they have gotten away from that the last ten years or so like they have that partially explains Cadillac's faltering. It also explains that I believe to still have a large sedan in the future is critical for brand image, crossovers be darned. How well Cadillac does this car and the Escalade IMO will do far more to keep Cadillac's image than getting too tricky on the crossovers part. Crossovers, just give the people what they want and cash the checks.
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    China is getting a nice MCE for the LaCrosse that we won't see...
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    People bought last year FIVE times more CX-5s than Mazda 6. Companies just adjust to the market
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    So much for my plan to go 113MPH in a new Volvo.
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    ^ Yes- there is a decent-size space in the seat bottom, and the one in the center armrest. - - - - - Some of Cadillac's past history in NYC- that sign is 7 STORIES TALL!
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    Sawr a black Continental yesterday in traffic. What a stand-out. Just too nice. I hope Lincoln sticks with their American theme, because it distinguishes them in a great way, imo. Cadillac, sadly, has gone chasing the Europeans to their own detriment. SMK is right when he says the Escalade is their stand-out product... because it is an authentic Cadillac (on a truck chassis, but still). Although I would say the CT6, horrible name notwithstanding, is also a high-class, genuine Cadillac in execution. Was behind a black one today in traffic. If it were called Fleetwood instead, the world would go CRAZY. So... what are today's stewards of the Cadillac brand doing? They are giving up even MORE of their proud heritage, and unashamedly promising the final disconnect from greatness in the not distant-enough future.
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    The Taurus was the only nameplate that Honda and Toyota feared because it was just as popular as the Camry and Accord. RIP Taurus 1986-2019
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    I realize they are at the mercy of what Ford and Chevy send... but for less than $1,000 more, they could have had an ST with CoPilot and still been less expensive than the Blazer.
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    Took exactly 3 entire years from the unveiling to having the $35K version available. Model 3 is due for a refresh next year and the bulk of it's pre-orderers haven't even gotten their first car yet. I don't want to hear another mention ever again that GM is slow to produce an unveiled production-intended vehicle.
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    Funny list considering you always say you hate Ford
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    Yep, I’ll take a hellcat for power, and and 86 for a joyride.... #loveallfuncars
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    Got a text from my brother- he's having a new engine built for his '68 Firebird and they ran it on the dyno. First pull it had restricted oil flow & ate an intake pushrod. On the 2nd pull it ate an exhaust pushrod, so it was only running on 7 cylinders. Made 1,055 HP at "only" 7000 RPMs.
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    wow, some folks can't detect sarcasm vs. seriousness the main takeaway is that its a blocky upright shape that in and of itself is odd and contributes to the clumsiness to the facade of the car.
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    Well, at least there is a proud set of folks out there to still keep them going. And with some pretty sad choices out there, the charger looks better every day... . Not that I hate future cars to anything, but it’s nice to have something with old fashioned balls....
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    It's remarkably hard to be a GM fanboy these days. GM doesn't take risks anymore and even their conservative stuff is too conservative and plain.
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    I bought a 2005 C55 AMG in 2009 for $26K with 26K miles on the odo, clean title, no dents. The car stickered for $60K new. Drove it for 4.5 years and put 115K on it before selling it for a 2011 Jaguar XF 5.0 Supercharged. The 2014 CTS VSport Premium I bought in 2017 for $33K with 24K miles stickered for $73K new. I don't ever buy new cars and I LOVE DEPRECIATION!
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    The finer details here doesn't matter. These are ALL low volume cars. The Cruze is at 160,000 units and it is deemed untenable because it is not selling at 350,000 units. The point is that GM needs to figure out how to build a few thousand a year models well and profitably. That is how a luxury brand will operate.
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    Nooo...the ES is the Avalon/Camry relative. The ES is a FWD/transverse engine model like the Avalon/Camry, the LS is a proper RWD full size sedan.
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    I was curious so I had to look them up... CT6: 9,669 7 Series: 8,271 S Class: 14,978 A7: 3,852 A8: 1,599 Nearly 10,000 units of CT6 isn't bad at all entering a segment the S Class owns and is very established.
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    PROPAGANDA PHOTO! From Ford's 2020 Super Duty site:
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    That'll also get one engine choice and you guessed it, n/a 3.6. That'll be anther show stopper!
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    Dare I say... this looks just as good as the Arteon
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    Still partially in the wrapper (protective paper on some of the bumper) ~
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    In before our resident Renegade driver and EV hater stops by to tell us all how much these must suck. And actually, if this PHEV works on the Compass, it should work on the Cherokee too. Maybe another mid-cycle update is in the works.
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    Yeah, but really odd comparison...
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    Buick built & tested a 525 CI V8 for production. Story goes, an engineer loaded it with 5 or 6 Division uppers and the car laid rubber many tens of feet. They decided the 455 was plenty (510 torque!) - - - - -
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    Nothing like a 1971 Buick Estate Wagon, all 227 inches of her with a 455 V8 good for 355HP at 10 mpg. This station wagon as I learned is 3 inches longer than today's Chevrolet Suburban.
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    A Stelvio is more than an option...it works. If I one more time hear the GM Derangement of "but there will be rebates". Some people on this forum and in the world are so set in old ways, that's their immediate reply to anyone saying a GM is high priced or under featured. "But there will be rebates". No, not always. It's just overpriced and not great. Go see what's on the market. Here's a $50k Stelvio...NO WAY, in any way shape or form, vs. any $50k Blazer...should anyone ever buy a Blazer when things like this exist, and real world, is just a different level of vehicle, drive quality, features, etc. If it's too special for you...spend less...and go get a loaded Grand Cherokee, Edge, etc... https://www.alfaromeousaofdowningtown.com/new-Malvern-2019-Alfa+Romeo-Stelvio-Sport-ZASPAKAN6K7C31682 More important...if everyone stuck in GM world wants to keep saying "but there are rebates...". Sure. Go compare an actual transaction price and lease payment, real world. May be alarmed. I've yet to see any of these have any semblance of a "deal" GM over thinkers want to keep claiming. Those base & LT 2.5L ones are set for Enterprise, before long, as will the high end $50k ones.
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    I just googled Susanna Hoffs and this GIF appeared. Its amazing...how just this moment in time... has been etched in my memory. And right here as a GIF...as it seems, has etched many male's memories. And to think, how sexy she is in that one moment...without her sexualizing herself to the point of sleeziness, but because she is a very naturally sexy woman. Just giving us guy fantasies with only the movement of her eyes!!! INCREDIBLE!
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    The fusion based one should have come here in 2016.
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    I thought I was being QUITE specific when I stated "official announcement of production". Trade/enthusiast chatter and spy shots are not official. Buick showed the Wildcat mid-engine concept, fully functional, in numerous settings, plus it saw a ton of press. But it was never announced it was going into production. Therefore, the 'production clock' never started. As opposed to March 2016 and the Tesla Model 3.
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    I like to watch that video with the sound turned off, so I can imagine it's a full electric train. That chugga-chugga noise is so annoying, and I'll bet the engine is dirty & sooty.
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    I love model railroads! The Kirkland Washington Train Station store is just awesome! If your into trains check out their website, I can spend hours here looking and playing. http://www.eastsidetrains.com/
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    More competition should help with prices. More choices are good even if we don't go for the new things. Some people in here are really living in the past with regard to Peugeot's reliability. I wouldn't base their current reliability on a vehicle that hasn't been in this market for 28 years anymore than I would judge Ford's current reliability on a 1990 Taurus.
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