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    I have looked at the video and studied these two cars. These are my thoughts only... GM clearly has not fixed Cadillac. There is a huge problem. I thought about the changes in the lineup. All they did was drop XTS and replace it with XT6 crossover because this is what sells. XT6 just like XTS appeals to the same segment of buyers. They replaced CTS and ATS. They said that was not happening. They did. They go by different names( CT4 and CT5). They have three sedans instead of four. XTS was too close to CT6 and put the squeeze on CTS. At least XTS had a bigger trunk unlike the small trunk on CT6. They still have not fixed the fundamental problems of the CTS and ATS. I checked out the dimensions on the CT4. It is as big as a downsized 1986 Buick Riviera. They at least got the c pillar right on CT4. They still clearly have not let this Euro aspiration thing go. They need to stop being ashamed who they they are, and use the heritage and history to rebuild Cadillac. GM has the strong heritage and does not use it to rebuild the entire company. It is like John Mc Elroy from Autoline said: GM is shrinking its foot print globally for the next down turn. They want to act like a smaller company, but they do not realize they are still a large company. They are smaller globally: No presence in Europe, and have left countries they were not selling. That is a good move, but you have got to invest in your brands. GM is scared to take chances and it shows. They cannot depend on China. They need a: Ed Welburn, a Harley Earl, or a Bill Mitchell, a Wayne Cherry, or Chuck Jordan to lead design. Looking Back on GM’s Six Past Design Chiefs https://www.automobilemag.com/news/looking-back-gms-six-design-chiefs/ The Cadillac crest needs revision. I at first thought with the guy that was working for Cadillac whose first name starts with a U who left recently was changing it, that maybe it was a good idea. I do not think so now. It does not say luxury or stand out any longer. It is no different than a Chevrolet emblem. You could put Chevrolet emblems on these two cars and they could pass for Chevrolets. That Cadillac emblem/ crest is missing something. Even the one from the 1950's said "luxury" They need to bring the wreath back or the V or make them emblem more detailed. Right now it does not say luxury. It says "cheap or mass market" It is sad when a company favors Chevrolet for everything and it shows. Too many brands have suffered because of Chevrolet. People thought oh, kill brands and it will solve the problem. It has not and GM still is doing the same thing and making the same mistakes. This is getting old. They did not give Oldsmobile this much time to turn around. That was unfair. GM should engineer top down and not bottom up. What is good enough for Chevrolet is not good enough for the rest of GM. They should invest and change how they think. The people who post here know what Cadillac is. GM does not know. Cadillac is majestic. It is stately. It is luxury. It stands apart. It has features you should not find on Chevrolet. It has styling to stay you have arrived. CT6 is a good start, but it is not complete. That c pillar on that car does not say Cadillac. It says Toyota, Audi or other six window design c- pillar cars. You look at CT5, you do not immediately think Cadillac. You think Saturn or Chevrolet. It should not be that way. Cadillac needs to lay off all that black trim. Again.. it says cheap. They have taken the Escala concept styling and put it on the CT4( small) the CT5( medium) and the CT6( large). That philosophy does not work. That is what BMW does. BMW is in trouble right now too. If Pontiac was here and they said these two cars were Pontiac, no one would have an issue because that is what they would expect from Pontiac. If they said they were Holden, no one would have an issue. When you look at Cadillac, you should want to own it or drive it. It should be nice to look at. The only vehicle that has stayed true to Cadillac's mission is Escalade. They need to look at that vehicle and build on that. They need to learn who they are again. They need to start using real names. The letter and number thing is not working. Just stop. I am just expressing how I feel. I do not work at GM, but it is clear to the outside what needs to happen to fix Cadillac. I want GM and Cadillac to be great again. What will it take? What must happen?
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    This is NO TRAILBLAZER, This is a Cub Scout with marketing trying to say it is an Eagle Scout in Training. Shame on GM for screwing this one up!
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    ^^^^ Amen to all that. It is too bad that there are those who fear and resist technological change as much as they do (for their own reasons).
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    I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
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    On a much better note, I am out of my arm sling officially. Have another follow up visit in two weeks and then start two to three months of physical therapy. That I am not looking forward to that because I still can’t raise my arm above shoulder height without severe pain but I’m sure they are to “make it” get there lol.
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    It is about time we have someone in there that actually sees this and has the gumption to do something. We've been the world's piggy bank for WAY too long.
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    Obviously the money went to the CT5 C-pillar, not the CUV's.
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    I wouldnt think he would want a silly little prize like that. Its beneath him...a NOBEL Peace Prize... He would prefer they change the name of it to the "Trump" prize...
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    Pullman -despite the obvious cross-industry grab- is a good name, but ‘autobiography’ literally makes no sense as applied to an automobile. I don't mind Portfolio, but still prefer Fleetwood- one of the longest running names ever.
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    ^ it certainly wasn’t singularly the Fiero. - - - - -
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    So Coyote engine is sold now in Walmart, hmmm should I stop on my way home? Walmart
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    i know white americans would throw their own mothers into a jet engine so they could continue being racist to hispanics ... but voting for someone who’ll raise the price on their pickup trucks? this must be one heckuva conundrum for the double-chinned Natty Ice and Oakley crowd.
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    First off neither of these look good. And does GM do an interior that isn't monotone gray? Every new vehicle intro is some bland form of charcoal gray on every surface, and the CT4 interior seems like it came out of a Mazda, not a Cadillac. A 4-cylinder pickup engine in a V-series Cadillac is a joke. 20 hp increase for the V-series means V is no longer for Velocity. They really phoned it in on these. It is almost as if they want sedan sales to tank even more so they can just cancel them all.
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    These are the only ones I had in my new phone Drew, thanks for your interest.
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    Reality is indeed complex. There are many facets to reality. Different types of people, in different parts of the world have a different type of reality. I understand this and accept it too. I have a problem ONLY when one individual thinks that there is only one reality and THAT reality is the only reality we should adapt to. And I know that this is a two-way street as THAT person WILL think EXACTLY like I AM THINKING, that I am trying to push MY reality unto HIS... Back to EV infrastructure: Nope...not a thing. False claim. Not reality. ESPECIALLY going forward. Technology IS moving forward with this so charging times WILL go down. But even as is, NOT. A. PROBLEM. For daily driving needs. For long distance traveling. Again. Its ONLY a problem when you resist change. People that have bought EVs, dont see that as a problem. And you know what? I gassed up yesterday. JUST before going to my daughter's softball practice. I was running on fumes. I wanted to full up to the brim. On a usual fill up from completely empty to fully full, it does take a good 5-6 minutes just at the pump...well, the pump yesterday was slow as phoque for whatever reason, and it took LITERALLY 12 minutes JUST for me to put gas IN the car. THAT is ALMOST EV charging times right there. And I had to stand there like an idiot with my hand on the pistol. EV chargers...you just place it there and leave it there... Oh...I had the wife's Fusion, and the Ford has no gas cap for me to do the little gas cap trick to stick it under the handle so I could smoke a cigarette while the car fills up...(yes...Ive seen this before in the 1980s when smoking was rampant and safety was of little concern regarding fire hazard around gas stations...) ??? Portability??? Electrons move very easily. Even the suns rays could be transformed into fuel...actually, we as humans get fuel with the sun's rays... Maybe you mean charger stations? THIS is why GM is investing in a charger network system. Tesla keeps on growing theirs. THIS is also the reason why they continue to bleed money. Nobody acknowledges this fact, but they keep poor billions in expanding their charging network system. Its an asset that is very very valuable... Again...false reality on your part. That is a problem with ICE as well. Prices keep going up in price for those. EVs as compared to ICE is sure higher for EVs. Yeah...and? Reality is that housing is expensive. HEALTY FOOD CHOICES are expensive. Good quality clothes that last more than two wash loads are expensive. GASOLINE is expensive. Maybe in YOUR reality it aint. In mine it is. And as is for the most of the world. Electricity though, in my reality is cheap cheap cheap and clean clean clean clean so for me, in the next generation of EVs, the higher cost of EVs over ICE will be offset by a huuuuuge margin with maintenance and gasoline purchases...especially when MY government is gonna help out with electric vehicles and electricity as fuel for housing (heating and cooling) and all that. Not just for private usage, but for public service buildings and vehicles such as metros, buses, garbage trucks, postal vehicles etc... All that will fuel our economy as hydro-electric power is almost our only source for electricity (we do have wind mills to assist) and there has been no coal powered stations for the last 50-75-80 years, and our only nuclear plant was decommissioned and dismantled 3-4-5 years ago.) So...different reality for you and I... EVs ARE profitable... Tesla is not...NOT because EVs are not profitable...Tesla has other issues... For GM...well, as good as the Volt and Bolt have been technologically, GM's half assed attempts to sell EVs and to manufacturer them...THEIR resistance to EVs in the past have kept EVs non-profitable for them. But now...they are going full tilt EV...and they think that they could make a buck or two with EVs... Again...reality has MANY facets...it depends what reality you choose to believe in... Only with folk much like yourself. Resistant to change and happy to be ignorant about the whole thing. Nobody, other than Tesla and Toyota, has created the right packaged EV just yet. Nobody, other than Tesla has created a visually beautiful EVs yet either. The Prius family of EVs are ugly as phoque. The Bolt is too small and too phoquen ugly. Tesla cars, while not Harley Earl/Bill Mitchel/Virgil Exner/Pininfarina/Henrik Fisker (irony that I mention Fisker as he had a slight influence on the Model S and the Model S was a good looking car 6 years ago) masterpieces, Tesla cars DO invoke passion with their car design language... Tesla has sold half a million cars to date. And still selling, although sales have dipped, so have other manufacturer's sales. But 500 000 Tesla cars sold. 500 000 THIS figure alone has made the rest of the industry to say...WTF??? Again...different reality you choose to believe in. You could tell me that EVs are nothing but barely 2% of all vehicle sales...which is one reality...but I choose to see 500 000 units sold... And..as it seems, so does GM, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, VW and all others... Yes... but IF it crashes... Also...Tesla is bleeding billions because they are expanding their network... VW has a war chest of billions. GM does not. So...smart thinking for GM. But again, your perception of reality is different than mine. Who is right? I dunno...but GM and others are going full tilt with EVs. Crash and burn? You think GM will let that possible reality BECOME reality? Like in baseball or sports in general. Numbers, statistics and analytics have taken over. The poor teams adopted this, to better compete with the rich teams. The rich teams laughed at this idea. It worked. The rich teams used this to vastly improve on their chances. Poor teams still such, but not as much, but the rich teams still win....but numbers, statistics and analytics are part of reality in sports. EVs...are gonna be part of our reality. Too much money from governments, car companies are invested in this going forward. It will NOT fail as THIS is the reality governments want, and car manufacturers are accepting, complying and ultimately ONLY going to offer EVs for purchase. Phasing out ICE slowly, but surely. Like digital and high definition TV. Like how oil from whale blubber lead to oil and electricity to fuel our appliance and heating needs.
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    Marist College, Poughkeepsie NY. That's the Hudson River. Beautiful day, nice festivities, my younger son is now 'launched' upon the world. Graduated with honors, Nat'l Sci & Math Honor Society, and received a Baccalaureate Award for his work on the Marist Poll. Going into clinical laboratory work. He did a great job, has strong ambition; he'll do well.
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    What is they're both right and he's an out of control genius?
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    Waiting for commencement to begin
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    I saw a new 124 (silver/black top) and a '70s 124 (brown/tan top) about 2 weeks ago...first time I'd seen either in ages. Or move it to Dodge. Give it a new fascia and racetrack taillight, an optional Hellcat engine, etc...maybe call it Viper Jr.
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    Yes they do. @dfelt mentioned Porsche for doing that, but 'twas Ford that did that before Porsche. And Ford cant build them fast enough...like all the time, Ford has produced a special edition Mustang...and that special edition Mustang is a sales success!!! You know...the Mustang has a feverish following all over the world...not too bad for a model that was only sold in North America all its life since 1964 save for this generation... So much wrong here. Although the Alpha platform Camaro is better, this Mustang is no slouch in the corners... And...NO!!! This generation Mustang, like most Mustangs, was engineered for a V8...the turbo 4 is the after thought, so to speak... yeah...The Mustang has been sold since 1964....has outsold ALL of its domestic and foreign competition through out its lifetime SINCE 1964. The Mustang has NEVER stopped selling. Its been continuous since 1964... It was once thought to be cancelled, but Mustang fans FORCED Ford to CONTINUE building it... Or...you could buy a used C5 Corvette (yeah...late 1990s early 2000s), build it to be purpose specific for track use and spank the BRAND NEW 911's ass... What is your point? Porsche has its followers and the Mustang has its own...
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    Neither are great for long term resale... but I'd trust a 10 year old GX more in a normal daily use routine. It's one of those vehicles that you can see going to 300k miles and the biggest issue on it is that the leather seats are starting to crack.
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    The only Giulia which is interesting is the Quadrifoglio with its 500 hp TTV6. But anything whose engine is Ferrari derived gets an "F" for reliability and longevity. The "Regular" Giulia is not particularly interesting except perhaps for the excitement in not knowing when it'll leave you on the side of the road.
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    So my son is reading C&G over my shoulder and asked me what the green numbers meant// Me: It means that that posted stuff that people like Kid: Then why is yours so low? I guess no one likes you.... Gee thanks kid....
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    What I am surprised by is the retention of the 3.6 (LGX) engine. I would have guessed that Caddy will phase out the 3.6 (LGX) engine in favor of their newly minted and neutered 3.0TT across the board. They BOTH make exactly 335 hp although the neutered 3.0TT makes 400 lb-ft (quite a bit more than the 285 lb-ft managed by the 3.6 Naturally aspirated engine. I can kinda understand with the XT5 and XT6 given GM's lack of a 400 lb-ft transverse automatic transmission. Unless they want to buy Ford's 8-speed 8F57 they are kinda stuck with these sub-300 lb-ft engines. But, this is not an issue with the longitudinal CT6 and will be consistent with the CT5 and CT4 lines -- with the CT6 base engine being the CT5 premium engine.
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    People are free to waste as much of their OWN money as they want. But when you waste OTHER’S money, that’s theft in my book.
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    Lord thank you I don’t need flashbacks to the 90s internet boards.....
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    If I am not mistaken B-52s are scheduled to fly till 2050. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
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    Remember what the Bene Gesserit's of the sisterhood say. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." Sadly some get caught up in their fear.
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    Yeah...your Comp-ass ooooozes machismo!
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    Must be why Trump was trying to nominate himself for it in regard to his “great” work with N. Korea. Would it be great then? Talk about clutching some pearls. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-trump/trump-makes-his-case-for-nobel-peace-prize-complains-hell-never-get-it-idUSKCN1Q42FJ
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    Once again, we have the arsonist wanting credit for putting out the fire that he started.
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    If the real issue is illegal migrants, enforcing E-Verify will go a long way into sending them back south of the border. So why won't the president enforce E-Verify? Simple: because a lot of businesses rely on illegal migrants to do the jobs Americans will not do at the wages provided. Example: Mar-A-Lago.
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    The issue of FCA's sales reporting being suspect has been in the news for a while. I don't blame him for not wanting to take the fall for it if he truly didn't institute the practice.
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    All of the tariffs are raising taxes on Americans. The tariffs have already exceeded the tax cuts for middle Americans. Now it's a GOP sop.
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    smk likes a tight little redline window of 250 RPM, both so it can be 'proper' AND can be called out for 'benchmarking/copying' a certain singular brand.
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    Supercharging is free. There is a subset of Tesla drivers who believe that they should never have to pay to fill up their vehicles and for that reason, they only charge at Superchargers. This has become an issue in some California cities where people will park their Tesla at a supercharger station all day. Tesla was taking measures against certain high use owners for hogging the superchargers. My friends who have a Volt said their electric bill went up by $30 a month and they rarely ever use the gas engine... they go 3 months without filling up the gas. But these Tesla owners are being cheapwads and won't charge at home. Supercharging was always intended to be a system to fight range anxiety, not a primary fuel source. Of course, people start abusing the system.
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    Tracker would have made the most sense, as they previously in the US had a subcompact CUV named Tracker. TrailBlazer has only previously been used on midsize BOF SUVs, so this is an inappropriate usage of a past name. But the mindless masses that buy such CUVs won't notice or care, so it's a moot point.
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    I found this digging thru some old boxes. I used to be a 'Cadillac man' (and I still love some of the '50s era classics) but once I was able to start buying/working on cars of my own, they were too expensive for my budget, so I went with my other iron soulmate : Pontiac. This is my crudely whittled version of a tubbed '77-79 Cadillac. I probably made this in my mid-teens.
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    Still see a fair number of first-gen FWD Impalas on the road. Saw one yesterday... still going, clapped out mess that it was. Armchair reactionaries can say what they will, the GM W-body served millions for many years without asking much in return.
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    The bottom line is the only reason small displacement turbo engines have become so popular is because manufacturers are trying to meet EPA regulations. Now of course they can market it a 3.5 l turbo engine as more powerful than a V8. But that's only marketing. They can also market a 3.5 as more fuel efficient than a V8. But when the engines are under a load, towing for example, many people in the know realize that eeficiency marketing is a ploy for small turbo engines. Are there benefits to forced induction. Yes. Are they much more complicated and more prone to failure in somem cases, yes. Are they more expensive to develop and build yes. If it weren't for trying to meet regulations than any maker could develop a 20 liter turbo V8. All the benefits of large displacement, and all the benefits of turbo. Automakers are playing a balancing act between economy and power. Throw in emissions regulations on top of that. Back to the title of this thread. Ford cuts V8 production. They're doing it to meet regulations, not because that's what the market is clamoring for. They boast about how many EcoBoost engines are sold in trucks vs. V8 engines. But like I said before you can't buy what isn't offered. And there are enough people that don't realize you can have Eco or boost but not both. So ford can slap a sticker on the window of an EcoBoost pickup with great MPG ratings. And the first time someone toes a good load with that EcoBoost they realize a V8 is more efficient. You have to understand what you're going to be using the vehicle for, and how they different technologies work. Many people do realize how these technologies work, many people do not. So I'll say again, it's meeting regulations and marketing. Okay I'll stop ranting.
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