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    Well a few months back, I posted a photo of the actual Turkey Hill. My favorite rail trail lies at the base of it. The Susquehannock Indians enjoyed bountiful turkey hunting on that hill, hence the name. Goes back to William Penn's days. https://www.turkeyhill.com/about/turkey-hill-name Here's the Turkey Hill Overlook, and the magnificent Susquehanna River -
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    Happy Fourth of July, C&G folks ... wherever you may be ... And, last but not least, C&G's headquarters: Have a great holiday weekend!
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    This morning did a Garlic test Harvest. So decided to harvest tonight. Almost 200 garlic in the harvest. All laid out to dry in my little green house. Final thing was to harvest the Garlic Greens. Great at being frozen so you can use them year round for making Broth, in pasta, salads, soups, you name it including meat marinades. Cannot go wrong with Garlic, so easy to grow.
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    Leonard Nimroy on set of Star Trek with his 1964 Buick Riviera
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    The old L03 305 is now out. Threw a cam and springs in the LS1 and it is now ready to go in. My torque converter finally arrived a couple of days ago after a 6 week wait. It will be interesting to see how long the trans and/or rear end last. My budget is already blown so no money for upgrades this year unless I can find a used 28 spline 3.42 rear out of a 1990-92 F-body.
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    Don’t remember if I put a pic of this guy up here. Found him stuck in a bucket, kept him around for 8-9 days while he worked on flight (and grew). Fed him, then weened him off to finding/feeding himself. Near the end, I could call him and he’d bop 30 feet across the ground to me to eat a worm I found. He’d fly to your arm and all. A neat experience.
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    As much as I dont mind EVs for our future and those EVs replacing ICE. As much as Im interested in buying an EV in the very near future, quite possibly my next vehicle purchase, I come across a youtube clip like the one below or I come across a 350 CI 1972 Stingray and I say: TO HELL WITH ELECTRIC MOTORS. I WANT A V8!!! The burble of that 472 (in the description it says its a 472) just makes me go crazy! I WANT!!! I wish I had Jay Leno money. Id buy a 1971 Fleetwood. Much like this one. Id do a complete restoration on it. The interior would be all Cadillac "standard of the world" levels of luxury and leathers and stuff. The mechanical stuff would all be restomodded and modern. Brakes and suspensions and steering all new technology from 2020. The engine. Id save this engine, and put her back in...OR...Id swap it for a modern LS or something. But Id try to replicate that burble. And...another project would come about. Id buy a 1996 Fleetwood Brougham. Complete restoration on her. Id keep the LT1 for another project. But Id do a REVERSE engine swap on this one. Instead of doing a modern (LS or Blackwing V8)engine swap in her, Id DEFINITELY try and find either a 472 or 500 Cadillac motor and dump her in there. I would want to hear that Cadillac Big Block burble coming from the last BOF Cadillac sedan.
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    I believe this is the actual C&G HQ building. Imposing structure, to say the least :
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    Imma gonna git me one of those 392L Challengers!!
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    From my experience as an engineer, in most cases (not always) bad engineering like you describe is a result of a bad management and unreasonable constrains management and accounting put on engineer. Most engineers I know rather to overengineer thing than underengineer.
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    Speaking of pups, we added another little girl a few months ago. She’s another little Yorkie.
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    ^ Screams at inside of closet door, emerges smiling (with just a subtle tic at one eye). We've all been there. There's always High Art for solace :
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    '81 Eagle Sundancer Conv. conversion model, only built in '81 and '82. Pretty unique, how many can say they own a convertible 4x4 Coupe with decent ground clearance? Nice vanity plate too, "81 4x4". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Eagle#Sundancer_convertibles
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    I can only speak for me in this case. Doing the monthly (and the monthly/quarterly) numbers was an all-day affair as I would be pulling numbers right as they were being announced (or close to it) and posting them ASAP. It was a lot of work and I would feel quite drained. Since I have started the new job, I really don't have as much time to go do things like - hence why you see me sporadicly post a couple of news stories or the odd review during the week.
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    Tomato? None of this? Or this? Or even this? Because underneath all that melted cheese and pepperoni awesomeness lies tomato sauce... You poor poor thing. You dont know what you are missin'
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    Can you blame them? The US looks deeply incompetent compared to most of the developed world when it comes to Covid-19.
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    Basically, If GM was as poorly run as it was and it was the size of Chrysler or AMC in 1970, GM would have gone bust by 1980. Bad Management has ruined more companies and lives than anything in American capitalism. Just look at all the companies that have gone bankrupt in the last 15 years: all of them made major errors in management and everyone else paid for it, regardless of industry.
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    Agreed; blame Hurst. The factory quarter window was well done:
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    From Montreal. Happy Birthday USA!!!
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    The news came during dinner last Monday. My mother asked if I would be able to take any time off of work, and I said that I might be able to if the circumstances were considered important. She revealed that my grandfather, her dad passed away that afternoon. It wasn’t from COVID-19, but other complications that had put in him the hospital since early June. After dinner, I needed some time and space to begin processing the news. So I grabbed the keys to my car and went for a drive. The past few months have been difficult for all of us in varying degrees with COVID-19. Many places going on lockdown have caused massive disruptions to how we work, travel, and interact with the world. I have been hunkered down at home since mid-March when my employer announced our office would be closed for the time being, and we would be working from home. During the first month or so, I had put a moratorium on driving except for essential places such as the grocery store or pharmacy. Isolating to prevent catching and/or spreading the virus took priority over going for a drive. But after a month of just being in a house with family and doing the same things over and over, I was going stir crazy. I realized that I needed some space to not only prevent myself from losing it, but to give me some room to think about everything floating in my mind. Going for daily walks either by myself or with the dog helped a bit. But I still felt like I needed some more space, more time to myself. Back in 2015, I wrote an Afterthoughts column titled The Escape Machine. I talked about how the car for some of us was a way to escape the world for a time. You could go anywhere depending on how much fuel was in the tank and give the space needed to clear or process whatever was on the mind. I ended the piece with these two lines, That decision for me came in late April/early May. I would go for long drives, provided that I would wear a mask if I got out to go for a walk. Going for the first drive in over a month was a bit of revelation. Turing the steering wheel, pressing down on the accelerator and brake; and watching the world go past in blur made me realize how much I missed this. This seems like a trope, but you have a newfound appreciation for something you haven’t done in some time. This also gave me the space to begin piecing together various thoughts such as how do I keep myself from falling into the endless pit of despair, what can I do to keep myself from feeling bored, and do I dive back into automotive writing. I didn’t know how important this would become in the coming weeks as COVID-19 cases increased, the economy would come to a screeching halt; and the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing fallout. Whenever my mind would become overwhelmed or I just get too frustrated, I would hop into my vehicle and go somewhere. It didn’t matter where or how long, just as long as I had some space to think or to calm down, it would be enough. Back to last Monday night. As I drove, there was a lot I needed to process in terms of grief and wondering what would happen next: Would there be a funeral, what precautions should I take, will it be a long ceremony, and so on. I didn’t come up with any clear answers to these questions, but having that time to start putting things into perspective helped. It was on the way back that another thought popped into my head. At the moment, we’re all trying to find some sense of normal in a world that isn’t. For auto enthusiasts, that is to drive as it gives some sort of control. It may be a small thing, but they provide some much-needed comfort. Like many of us, I don’t what the rest of year holds if it continues to be a landfill fire or somehow begins to contain itself. But I do know that I’ll likely be taking more drives, whether that be my car or one that I’m reviewing. Having something that provides a sense of normal is welcomed. View full article
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    A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined spending my 50th birthday at home, but that is how today turned out. But I’ve enjoyed it, from the Southern ham biscuits for breakfast, to the lemon cake my sister baked, to the nice juicy NY Strip steak I grilled along w/ a bottle of fine French champagne and a bottle of Napa Viognier... And watched a great documentary about the Targa Florio. Sheltering at home w/ the little terriers I love and the one family member that really understands me, made it a good day. What a long, strange trip it’s been to 50....
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    I can't believe how rusty and crappy Sprinter vans get when they're only a few years old.
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    I was checking out automotive websites yesterday, on the hunt for any news of an impending Dodge Charger redesign. Somehow, I find myself at the Chrysler site. And, to my surprise, the Chrysler 300 is present this year. I was surprised to see that. I thought it would be gone by now. Has the discontinuation of the 300 been confirmed? In print? In looking at the "gallery" photos for 2020: what a fine looking interior environment. Nice! It would be great if they kept both the Charger and the 300 going with the next refresh, but I doubt that will happen. Still tapping my fingers for any news to break ...
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    3.6. She's had it almost 2 years. 139k miles. It was a $4000 hooptie for when she had a job on the other side of the state and was driving over and back each week (she doesn't like driving her Trax on the turnpike). Current issue happened right after I drove a couple months ago. The transmission gear position sensor that communicates w/ the ignition failed, so it thinks it's not in park when it's in park, so the ignition button stays in the accessory position and runs down the battery overnight. It also has a small coolant leak and the airbag light is on. It's got new tires, new brakes, new struts/shocks, new fuel pumps, the usual underhood maintenance (belt, hoses, etc). I fixed the 6 disc CD changer, loose inner fender trim, loose underhood trim (got a bunch of those push plugs and a tool to remove them) and a broken glovebox latch. It does drive nicely when everything is fixed. But like every old high mileage luxury car my sister has bought over the last 20 years, something always breaks...she never learns.
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    This reminds me of this: Wally World, here we come!
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    I took Henry to the groomers on Wednesday (he's 14) and Ginny (she's 12) to the groomers today. Both now have nice short summer 'dos..lots of gray in their faces..
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    How has nothing been posted here about the new F150 yet? 2021 F150 shifter.mp4
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    I totally agree and one reason my own computers at home last so long. I buy enterprise type hardware rather than retail based products. Yes more expensive, but built to last much longer than retail. Sadly this is very common in all aspects of business. Many companies have engineers that build long life superior products and then Management and the bean counters keep asking how can we get extra money out of the product. Can we use cheaper hardware in various places which leads to dissatisfied customers. Detroit 3 has hurt themselves due to the bean counter affect of cheapening to fatten Executives wallets at the cost of customer loyalty. I am seeing more coworkers that have been burned in the last decade by Toyota which has done some of the same cheapness that cost GM the worlds biggest company. Lately unlike GM, Toyota is changing things to rebuild their image of quality long life. This is an area where Ford and GM especially need to change attitude on.
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    Canada, unfortunately, does NOT belong to me... I wish it did. All those gold mines, diamond mines, hydroelectric powah. MINE MINE MINE.
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    It's seldom a new factoid comes my way about post-war American cars (up to circa 1980). This is one I just learned : first gen Rivieras have detachable door skins, so the door internals can be accessed / serviced. Never saw this on any other car.
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    Father's Day pic in 'The Dogfather' t-shirt w/ Beardsley.
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    Yep, one of my Grandma's had a two tone blue/white wagon with the bullet proof 4.2L I-6. Needed the 4x4 to get up a gravel hill to the house and property and the wagon for groceries and dogs. It was a solid pretty reliable 4x4 wagon er uh..early 4x4 CUV I guess ha. Like below just dark blue bottom section.
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    Here’s my trusty ‘64 Sprunger drill press, made in Topeka IN. Works great, use it all the time. Switch went bad so it got a new switch, new grounded cord, and cleaned up/waxed the vertical post & table. Maybe I’ll restore it when I no longer need to put holes in things.
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    LOL...this would be better if this were a Zoom meeting....
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    They didn't have the usual chocolate flavors I buy so I bought this one. It was on sale at 3 for $10, so $3.34 ... less $1.00 from coupon. Score! The ice cream is very smooth but the peanut butter is roasted in flavor and is in the mix via fairly substantial shavings. I'd say it's good but not great. Again, it might be the flavor. No sleepiness from tryptophan ... the sleepiness might have actually been brought on by eating it too quickly. Going, going, gone.
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    Such a blinded Righty! Guess reading the fine print is hard since this was about the last few weeks since the ignorant governor opened everything up, encouraging people to go shopping, go out to eat. All fake news as he kisses the incompetent ass of the president. Yup this is a political post since you went with giving me a label. First I am an Independent, I vote for the best person in that office not a party line of BS. Second, I posted the story as I DO CARE about EVERYONE here and in our country regardless of political leaning. Stay Safe, Wear a face mask and do your best till we have a cure for this pandemic. End of political, back to Auto's. Nice to see the CO2 levels dropping across the globe, sadly with people going back to life as usual levels are going back up affecting the planet. Some very interesting studies on the whole EV versus ICE debate on which produces the most CO2. Coal energy does take EV's up to par with ICE, but for the most part, EV's win out. https://blog.ucsusa.org/rachael-nealer/gasoline-vs-electric-global-warming-emissions-953 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/mar/23/electric-cars-produce-less-co2-than-petrol-vehicles-study-confirms https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20190313STO31218/co2-emissions-from-cars-facts-and-figures-infographics https://www.homechargingstations.com/co2-emissions-electric-vehicle/ https://www.inverse.com/article/60305-electric-vehicles-versus-fossil-fuel-cars-on-the-environment
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    Cut tomato sauce with heavy amount of cane sugar to get to a neutral PH level and I can tolerate it, but the Heart Burn sucks. Grew up on eating homemade Tomato soup and as I got older, it just made me ill. My body seems to not get along with Tomato anything. Rather have a Pesto Chicken pizza. My other goto Pizza is BBQ Chicken Pizza. Everything is better with BBQ sauce. Pizza is awesome, white sauce pizza everything is da Bomb!
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    Ill always do the muscle car version of the vehicle in question when it comes to the muscle car era. One thing the later Colonnade versions have it on the earlier ones is T-Tops. I love them T-Tops. One thing Id do to that 1973 Hurst is Id ditch the vinyl roof and Id very much do T-Tops. I love a 1973 Grand Am too. I just LOVE the rear. From the rear quarter panels and on to the ass of the car.
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    I see mercedes has introduced yet another front wheel drive model to it's catalog- GLB. Has a 1.3L 4-cylinder. Und ya; ist looxoory! That is a new model right; they're using the same ultra-lame "First Eva" tagline.
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    Latest JD Powers Initial Quality Study Contrary to a popular believe when manufacturer deserves recognition it gets it. GM is above average and much higher than Toyota and Honda. Koreans are killing and Tesla needs to get their sh@t together.
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    Several Ohio counties have Indian names, I grew up in Tuscarawas County, now live in Cuyahoga County..
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    I got so much shit. Believe it or not- this alley is the after pic of cleaning it out. There was a full sheet of ply, a spare B-59 hood, and a bunch of other flotsam that prevented walking down that side. Threw some stuff out, hood is leaning against the outside of the building until I can get it into my storage container. Can't necessarily tell from this, but the car is shifted over (to the left) about a foot & a half past the door opening. Going to return that snazzy piece of art to a car (instead of a shelf), air the tires, move it over, and roll it outside, wash it. It hasn't been outside... I can't remember how long it's been. I remember it outside... dimly, once. My son has been itching to work on it, and even tho I can't mentally process major complex surgery on 2 vehicles at once, perhaps I should actually try.
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    The 4x4 posts while having the 4x6 screwed into them are for tenting. This allows us to have from heavy clear plastic early in the year when frost is still possible over the starts planted to protect them to using the lite weight cloth coverings to keep insects out but allow rain to fall on the plants. At this stage except for the lettuce as this helps keep it very clean, the rest of the veggie plants are established enough to grow with out tenting needed. Here is how it looked earlier this year after we had already gone from clear heavy plastic to just tenting against the sun. The posts will also be used as I will secure some lattice work for the squash plants to grow up on and let the squash hang and grow big, but clean. Planning to secure lattice this weekend if it does not rain. It will look like this. Lattice also allows the plant while growing and keeping the veggies clean to spread out easier so it does not mildew here where we tend to get plenty of drizzle.
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    BMW sold 2.5 million last year. Honda/Acura sold 5.3 million.
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    Love the orange, this thing rips.
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