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    I might have an offer coming on my rental property. Also, thanks again @balthazar for the oil filters. I'm going to do an oil change as soon as the ground dries out a bit.
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    One thing that confuses me about the Bolt. It would have cost precisely $0 more to make it look sexy. It could have been a sedan like the Model 3, for slightly lower price, and actually looked good. Or it could have been a proper sized crossover... either way, it would not have cost more for them to build it that way.
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    The higher level stuff? Every 20 years or so.
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    A lot of expensive tech to what benefit? Mirrors work
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    Can GM just toss the UAW and replace them at this point? Union support is probably near its lowest point in years.
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    Right my own opinion on that not being a troll, just pointing out MB has changed from what was viewed by most as a Luxury only automaker to what what it really is, a global automaker selling entry level FWD Blah appliances to ubber luxury level auto's as stupid crazy prices. IMHO. MB is no different than any other auto company out there with cheap ass version auto's to mid range to luxury to ubber luxury. End result, Mercedes-Benz is NOT a Ubber Luxury auto company any longer. After all those cheap ass plastic delivery vans are sold alongside an S-Class on the same lot. Done with this rant, back to the Non V CT4. Has potential, be interesting to see what all it does once it is on the lots for sale. Hope GM actually Markets them properly to drive sales.
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    Thanks. The Genesis was a great car but I'm a Buick Boy through and through.
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    Almost 50k a month of those things... and they aren't even that great.
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    General Motors has also set a 268 MPH top speed, but with a 4-cylinder, not a V-12.
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    $44k gets you a GC Trailhawk and that has a lot more off-road capability than an Acadia AT4.
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    Found some pics of racing at Put-in-Bay in the early 1960s..they are having a vintage sports car race event next month, may go to that.
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    Yeah, it's always jarring to hear music I enjoyed in college that was called 'alternative rock' then (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, etc) referred to as 'classic rock'...
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    Slacker UAW union workers is what has happened, no pride in workmanship even though generously paid by GM.
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    I"m pretty sure GM already does a profit share bonus.
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    Corporations need to be somewhat greedy to survive, especially when it's the UAW union we're talking about, they have always financially beat on the Big 3 (now Big 2 and FCA). Most of these union workers get somewhere in the vicinity of $35/hr., that's more than enough for what they do and GM is offering a 2% raise so it's not like they aren't trying to work something out. It's pretty clear that more of the greed leans toward the UAW top brass. My father was part of the Steel Workers Union back in the 70's and early 80's and he said unions are always very greedy and he would never be a part of one again and wasn't after '83. GM paid out a pretty healthy profit sharing check to the tune of $10,750 to 46,500 hourly employees in Feb. 2019, that's a pretty fat check and just shy of $500M in profits that GM handed them. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/02/06/gm-profit-sharing-checks-uaw-workers/2783459002/ There's a reason the president of the UAW just had his home raided by the FBI for corruption allegations. The last UAW president had a cottage built with UAW money, that's not possible without major corruption going on.
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    Right, GM is using transparency to force the UAW to come to fair terms. Love the way this is being done by GM and hope all auto companies that have to deal with the corrupt greedy unions follow this road map. No need for hiding anything. Show the fair deal and let the union members tell their greedy lazy leadership to take it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/gm-strikes-dont-pack-economic-punch-they-once-did/ar-AAHqEz4?li=BBnb7Kz I also agree that as @daves87rs stated, this is a good deal and they should jump on it as a Union strike is NOT going to have the impact on the US as they did in the 70's or 80's. Those days are over.
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    It is kind of a catch 22, because the UAW wants more for their workers, but the more they get paid the more GM is going to be motivated to automate more jobs or build more cars in China. It is a fine balance.
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    It's a big fat "who cares?!" I personally think the XT5 is performing poorly in sales for two reasons. 1. they made it ugly. 2. GM (again) got greedy with the option prices. The old SRX did perfectly fine in sales because it was attractive.
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    I changed the oil in the Toronado using an oil filter given to me by @balthazar. Now she's good for another 10 months to a year.
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    At least they're catching it before it makes it to the customer. I'll give Ford credit for that.
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    Yet this kind of testing would allow us to learn on how to build denser battery packs and create more efficient controllers, motors and figure out how to use capacitors that are in the super category to achieve this maybe from regen into the super capacitor to help maintain the high speed.
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    Cause I like that Armada chair and wish they would build it.
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    For when you didn't pay your Studebaker car note. Happy Birthday @A Horse With No Name
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    I agree and they probably do as well and that's why they have the "baby bronco" to fill that spot. It'll be on the same platform as the Escape and I'm assuming it'll actually have the same wheelbase, just all new body panels and some off road goodies.
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    Congrats! Good to know somebody else here recently turned 60.
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    They say they're not going to use it for monetization.
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    They'll get you on the vehicle registration side of things rather than your electric rates.
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    It's not canceled. Chrysler just released details on the 2020 updates. Spoiler alert, its not much, but you can get a red interior now. New for 2020: New Red S Appearance Package on the 300S features Black Noise exterior badging, Red insert on the Chrysler wing badge and new 20-inch Black Noise wheels Optional Radar Red interior is available with the Red S Appearance Package on six exterior paint colors – Canyon Sunset, Velvet Red, Granite Crystal, Silver Mist, Gloss Black and Bright White Three new exterior options (late availability): Amethyst, Frostbite and Canyon Sunset
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    It looks like what a modern Dodge Colt Vista might look like.
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    Currently there are 3rd party companies that have home wireless charging pads that are 220V and depending on battery size will take from 8 to 14hrs to fully recharge. Good Read here: https://getelectricvehicle.com/wireless-charging-for-electric-cars/
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    As I posted, this is probably one of the best looking CUVs MB has made in a while, yet is far from perfect and I have been looking at the pictures over and over and it finally dawned on me what makes this look cheap. Interiors are personal choice and I really do not have any big issue with it at this time as nothing stands out as glaring. OUTSIDE, Big issue with the following two things. The bloody CHEAP looking black fake plastic Gills on the front end with the black plastic mold around the wheel wells and bottom of doors and the back bumper and the second issue is that ugly silver painted after thought on the black rear bumper wrapping around the dual exhuast. To me, MB as a luxury auto company should have done something better than this as well as AMG is missing the flare on this model. To me this looks more like a top end regular CUV from MB.
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    No, we're debating on the foldability of the 3rd row for the reasons you mentioned, people won't be sitting there often. ...less torque than my MKC...
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    There is a Firebird with a Ferrari motor swap, this might be that car. More than 30 first responders from 10 Ohio departments dismantled Toyota Priuses on the Columbus Campus August 20-23. It was part of Columbus State’s Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Extrication Workshop. Faculty members taught firefighters the differences between traditional and alternative-fuel transport, including hybrid, electric, and compressed natural gas. Participants explored and drove different types of “alt-fuel” vehicles. They also learned how to quickly and safely disable them to remove passengers in emergency situations. A collaboration between Columbus State’s Automotive Technologies and Fire Science programs, the workshop is part of the college’s Pathways for Alternative-Energy Automotive Technicians initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation. Snip.... This is from my wife's Community College where she works...I fin ally found a post that can make both Dfelt and Ocn happy!
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    Mirrors aren't exactly cheap, either. Power control, sometimes heated, and almost always you have to buy the entire assembly. It's hundreds to start. All the 'side view camera' images David posted above suck- both in integration, and field of vision. A distraction. Only reason I can see for overly-complicating side views is for aerodynamics, tho at the average speed most cars travel, it's pointless.
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    I read American buyer, not ‘buyer of American auto’. Friend’s wife has a new CX-5, she just said she wouldnt buy it again given the chance. 1 notch below top trim, all sorts of nannies. Its not ‘education’ IMO, its the features themselves. Folk are more interested in the imagined concept than the actual feature.
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    It is mind boggling how much wrong information they spread and lack of knowledge of their own products. The steps are 100% what you just said. I told my buddy what I was looking for and what I wanted to spend and he tried to get me into something else. "You don't want that. You want xxx." Sorry bud, I like you as a friend but you're not telling me what I want and why I want it. I'd rather give him $50 and never have to worry about buying from him. Let's have a mutual agreement that won't make this awkward. He did that with both my Escape and Focus purchases. Short story; I didn't buy either from him.
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    reminds me of what it will be like at the admissions office into a nursing home
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    On top of this, California is using Voter approved funds to replace a big bulk of the diesel buses with clean EV school buses to reduce student exposure to air pollution and help the state reach voter approved clean air standards sooner. https://ngtnews.com/california-funds-hundreds-of-diesel-to-electric-school-bus-replacements
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    To add to this, in 2030, China and big chunks of the EU may ban ICE vehicles for sale. So given that those are Mercedes 2 biggest markets, it would make sense that they have a full EV line post 2030. 12 years ago was iPhone 1, 14 years ago was the launch of You Tube. A lot can happen in 10-15 years. If Daimler pours R&D dollars into electric cars they can get that battery cost down, they can probably reduce warranty costs and build/design complexity, there may be other areas to pick up savings when the economies of scale kick in.
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    I am one of the extreme cases here, I drive 29k miles a year. My current car does 22.5mpg (lets say 22) on premium gas, so even when I switch to a car that does 10mpg better on regular gas (32), with the prices today where I live, I will be saving $1480 a year. It is a lot but not completely justifies buying a new car just for that reason.
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    ^ Modern Bentleys are incredibly generic; exterior styling sorely lacks detail. - - - - -
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    I did and it wasn't bad, but my problem with it is the entire package. I do love off-the-line acceleration of EVs but it didn't make me smile. Granted, I'm not saying it's a bad car, just that it isn't something I would buy/lease.
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    The Tesla and Porsche are today products while the EQ is still a concept. Easy to beat someone in concept.
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    Interior is not bad, exterior is a jelly bean blob of nothing. If Mercedes-benz is the BEST OR NOTHING AT ALL, why only 350 kW fast charging when F1e racing using 900 kW charging and Porsche is using 800. This DOES NOT sound like the best or nothing.
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    The only one I see would be a next generation Yaris built by Suzuki instead of Mazda.
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    ^ That's what I was implying; a BEV CUV in the same size class as an Equinox.
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    They may be "low maintenance" but I ride a bus every day and we break down a handful of times per year on things that likely aren't just a $100 fix. I wouldn't doubt if they spend $5000 a year maintaining/fixing. The last time we swapped buses when we walked around back there was a puddle of motor oil under the engine. Fuel costs is a hue difference in the total operating costs. Personally, I don't know the difference but electricity costs a lot less than diesel and oil. That is where the savings are. Do you think a bus uses $12,000 a year in fuel?
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