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  1. Cadillac needs to look at what Lincoln is doing for interiors and try and come up with their own formula that doesn't copy them, but puts a Cadillac spin on the idea.
  2. What a "duh" headline. Of course this was going to be used in other models. Benz is not dumb enough to develop this only for transverse applications. It will probably even be more powerful in north-south form.
  3. Imagine being so insecure that your manliness is judged by what's under the hood of your Wrangler.....
  4. Nothing will save fiat. they're the next brand to exit the us. Yes, even before Chrysler does.
  5. That actually looks pretty good... unlike the current model.
  6. Like ford, jeep is another one you don't buy the first year of.
  7. Don't get mud in the electric bits.
  8. Well we know the 2020 Explorer is cobbled together with all the problems they're having with them.
  9. The A-Class looks terrible in any trim. The C-Class can look good when it has that "luxury yacht" wood trim, but that's about it. The Cadillac isn't bad, but it's not special either. It looks kinda techy, like a Lexus, but without going overboard enough to look weird. SuperCruise, or something like it, will be standard equipment on many cars by the end of the next decade.
  10. 0-60 may be a dumb metric, but is there really any other way to measure off the line feel?
  11. The best ford I've driven recently was a Fusion... and ironically it was a rental
  12. Gah! not sure why you'd want to copy that last one.
  13. apparently tesla broke the taycan speed record already with their specially built model S edit: at the 'Ring
  14. plus the 10-speed auto used in these is really good. I drove the XT4 a while back and the torque delivery with the 9-speed was pretty good.
  15. Doctor, it hurts when I do that. Then don't do that.
  16. That wagon is sharp with the escalade tail lights, but we all know that Cadillac styling has moved on from the purely vertical blades these days.
  17. Not bad for an old volvo. Can you imagine the ones without the 2.7 though? they must feel so heavy and slow.
  18. God that falcon is ugly, but at least it is RWD and inline 6, better than the stupid fish Taurus we got at the same time.
  19. Can someone show me where this supposedly looks like a camaro?
  20. Cadillac isn't done with engines for either of them.
  21. I saw an aviator today at a Lincoln dealership... it certainly has the looks going for it.

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