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  1. Potluck


    just keep it simple get get and iphone
  2. 10000 for an expensive sedan isn't bad. if you like these cars, you need to buy them, not just talk about buying them.
  3. just what the market needs... 3 more huge suvs we ddidn't have enough before.
  4. suvs are why we can't have nice things like roadsters anymore.
  5. car companies should not try to do interface design. leave that to apple and google
  6. they need ot start offering faster charging in homes. that is where mmost owner charge the car anyway.
  7. the concept looks hot... of course the only way it will sell is to lift it, throw some black plastic on it, and call it a crossover
  8. site update looks fine to me. probably just user error
  9. looks fun... shame it needs a vr set
  10. bring over a loaf of bread shaped like an SUV with 0.05 inches of extra ground clearance and some gray plastic cladding and americans will buy it/
  11. VW's V6 isn't that great anymore, but a new V6 for this would be a good upgrade.
  12. why do people think they have to stand in the way of progress. if you don't want one, don't buy one.
  13. Elon needs to go on his meds.... or maybe he already did.

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