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  1. BMWs are expensive Civics and accords. No soul, no character.
  2. Hopefully this one doesn't piss off the EPA.
  3. Looks like a big gold fish. The interior looks okay, but if material quality is bad, it may not matter.
  4. It looks like a minivan turned into a crossover. Look how well that turned out for GM, but I bet this will sell better than those 4.
  5. More towing options than many trucks these days.
  6. Civics are just mediocre little econoboxes. Not worth all the fuss made over them.
  7. I didn't say anything about efficiency while towing. both engines will suck gas Put 7,000 lbs behind a 2.7 and you'll have an easier time than 7,000 lbs behind a 5.3. More torque at a lower rpm just does that.
  8. I thought I addressed it there. Repeat the question that I'm apparently missing.
  9. 1. Tow rating is more than just engine power. It often has to do with gearing. Rear end gearing the comes with the 2.7 may be a weak point 2. The 2.7 has more torque than the 5.3. put 5000 lbs behind it and the 2.7 will have an easier time because it gets boost way down low while the 5.3 has to rev. 400 > 385 but it's also 400 at a low rpm. The altitude comment was because people before were talking about towing at high altitude where turbos do better than regular engines.
  10. Oh good. I'm glad I have your permission. I only visit here once or twice a week. Don't have the time to watch your every reply. I brought up the mid size trucks to point out that there are things other than engine that can determine tow rating. The 2.7 has more torque than the 5.3. it's simple as that. 400 > 385
  11. Makes no sense. They're usually union workers who supports the Democrats.
  12. There are versions of the Ford 5.0 that have only a 9000 rating too Tow rating doesn't seem to coordinate with engine size and has more to do with gearing or cab size. A ranger is 7500, but I'm not sure I'd want to test that in a small pickup.

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