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  1. The last person out at Mini please shut off the lights.
  2. Honda did this with the Ridgeline and it didn't help sales there either.
  3. They should probably just cancel everything except the X3, X5, and X7 and the 3-series sedan. Then they'd make lots of profit.
  4. Not everyone wants a crossover. Lots of sedans are still sold... but now chevy won't be selling any of them.
  5. If those mpg figures hold, it would be an amazing truck for that price. I wonder what the cheapest diesel will ring up at.
  6. I"ve seen two reviews now that say its better than an Escalade.. uh... no. It can't do what an Escalade does. It just has a newer interior.
  7. BMW lost their way a long time ago when they strayed too far from their original purpose in the name of volume. They made the 3-series and 5-series too soft to cater to American tastes then they started chasing weird things like the 3GT and X6.
  8. Because they want to text and drive.
  9. At least they didn't waste a car. Shows what a bit of tuning could do for a Stinger GT.
  10. They could close 100% of their plants and no one would miss them.
  11. At least it finally looks good.
  12. Toyota owns a controlling interest in Subaru... it's like signing a contract with yourself.
  13. So are they still building this or not? the update looks good, it seemed a bit too femm in the first version

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