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  1. Was the diesel any good or did the owner grow to hate it? As for the 1977-84 98 (especially the Regency), those were probably some of the best cars to come from Olds. There are days I miss the 1984 Cutlass Supreme I had, but it had some unfixable issues that required it to be sent to the junkyard.
  2. The only difference is that, in the good old USA, we are less forgiving of GM/Ford/FCA mistakes than foreign automakers' mistakes. Even if those mistakes really cause major issues down the line. As for Boeing, why put a new engine on a plane that was designed 50 years ago? Just start with a clean sheet of paper and do it right with the best technology available.
  3. Buy on rumor, sell on news?
  4. Firing admin jobs in Germany while adding factory jobs there and elsewhere. Sounds like VW is following what GM is doing as we speak.
  5. Not sure about Rami Malek as a Bond villain. As for an EV Aston Martin, bring it on.
  6. Yup. Welcome to the trade wars. I do not see many winners, but consumers will always be the big losers.
  7. 96 months already? I thought that car financing stopped at 72 months. How does a car buyer avoid going underwater with a 96 month finance plan? How many people keep their cars for eight years?
  8. Well, we do live in a country where badge snobbery clouds good judgement.
  9. The United States has, as a people, been largely rejecting the metric system going all the way back to its birth in 1792 in France. I highly doubt that even millennials will fully adopt the metric system, As for this new naming scheme, I am not sure why this is necessary.
  10. Sounds like she needs a suspended license and traffic school.
  11. I wonder when Hyundai will take this platform and apply it to its CUVs and minivan and other sedans. One platform to meet most needs is a very good idea.
  12. I wonder if she will be fired for this.
  13. Rivian already bought an FCA plant for their production in Normal IL, so it would make sense for GM to sell Lordstown to some other automaker. Which one, though?
  14. +1 for the torque. This will be awesome for AWD BEV applications. 160HP per axle?! and 2581 lb-ft of torque?! Sign me up.
  15. Then buy a CT6 Platinum AWD TT V6 and forget the Mercedes S560. MB is rarely a good value anywhere.
  16. I have never understood the case for the QX30. In the wagon/hatchback era, it would be Infiniti's best seller. Right now it is Infiniti's worst seller. Too bad about all those in the UK getting fired over this, but the product is not selling.
  17. The chicken tax is really stupid. Better to tax all autos the same or not. I normally hate tariffs, but different tariffs on different kinds of trucks make matters worse. This article is a perfect illustration of the problem with different tariffs on very similar vehicles.
  18. This and other automotive moves brought to you by BREXIT: one of the craziest ideas the UK has ever pursued.
  19. riviera74


    Voice control when Siri, Alexa and Bixby underachieve? No thanks.
  20. Thanks for the update on the last Commander. I still think the name Commander belongs on this NEW Jeep 3-row CUV.
  21. What happened to the Jeep Commander? That seems like a perfect name for this 3-row CUV.
  22. There are a few things the French do well. Cars are NOT one of them. Peugeot should stay in Europe, thank you very much.
  23. Well, Mary Barra has put GM in a better financial place than it has been in at least the last 25 years. As for needing a product person to be CEO, that might be necessary IF there are no product people elsewhere in GM's C-suite. A visionary is more required for GM than even Apple, given that Tim Cook was always a supply chain specialist rather than a visionary.
  24. Is there any ONE thing that Cadillac should do that Audi, BMW, Benz, Lexus etc.?
  25. Sounds likely. Either way, an AWD minivan is a good idea given what a minivan is for.

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