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  1. Looks fitting for any dictator. Especially one who knows he has the whole nation in his hands.
  2. Well, in South Korea, they do not buy non-Korean products if they can help it. Here in the USA, Ioniq MAY have a chance. I hope Elon Musk is ready to see a lot of Tesla orders disappear over there.
  3. If you want a Blackwing V8, get an Escalade. Full stop.
  4. I would give the exterior a 6.5, while I give the interior a 9.5. I do hope most of the interior ends up in future Cadillac vehicles sooner than later.
  5. Yes, EVs are not popular at all these days. A Popular EV would actually be cheaper than a current -gen Equinox at the same size segment. The cheapest EV is about 25K and it needs to be more like 15K in order to juice up sales.
  6. Yeah, but who's buying these days?
  7. RWD GM Cars: The Cadillac CTs and the Camaro and Corvette, and that's it. Too bad GM could (semi) corner the market in affordable RWD sedans since that segment is occupied by FCA and virtually no one else. I do agree that, trucks aside, GM is a little too all in on FWD appliances, whether they are sedans or CUVs. Sadly, Ford is following suit for the same reason: profits above all else.
  8. Better a KIA Telluride EV than a Soul EV. While there are plenty of Soul vehicles sold here, Americans prefer BIG over little (budget permitting). Will KIA please update the Sportage and Sorento?
  9. riviera74

    Hummer by GMC

    A Wrangler package and a Denali package. How GM of them. Then again, this is how Hummer should have been from Day One: basically a vehicle from GMC rather than its own separate brand.
  10. I do think that mass transit will still be useful since not all jobs can be work from home. At the same time, ridership will most likely stay down for a while. Same with new car sales.
  11. It may take another two or three years for NEW car sales to actually recover. Then again, used car bargains are still available. In general, few people actually need to buy a replacement vehicle these days.
  12. Tesla wishes that they had a car that sold as well as that Prius!
  13. They probably have to. Ideally the school year will be cancelled and everyone can return in the fall of 2021. (schools, not the new Genesis products).
  14. Sales of Tundras and Tacomas are also SAD compared to the domestics. Remember that too. BTW: Do modern Tacomas have that frame damage issue that 10-20 year old ones do?
  15. The JD Power APEAL survey, better spelled out: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2020/07/porsche-dodge-named-most-apeal-ing-brands-in-new-j-d-power-study/
  16. This one might be a lot better in explaining a lot of what has happened in the last 20 years or so. . . . . and why loyalty to Detroit is so thin. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2020/07/j-d-power-says-drivers-still-loyal-to-subaru-lexus/
  17. Well, it is built in San Antonio Texas. At the same time, I see no reason to actually BUY a Tundra.
  18. Why would Nissan stray from a formula that has worked for them for the last 15 years or more? The Rogue is the carmaker's best seller. If it ain't broke, don't fix it (or fiddle with it). The improvements to the Rogue are welcome, while Nissan allows the Altima and especially the Maxima rot on the vine because of poor sales compared to CUVs. Besides, Datsun has not been sold here in the USA since 1983.
  19. Were the Australian utes unibody or body on frame? Unibodies only came out around 1940 or so.
  20. But will those trucks be affordable? Have you seen F150 prices these days?!
  21. McDonald's really shrank their breakfast menu too. It's like half of what it was in February. Their fries used to be the best, but they changed the cooking oil some years back.
  22. The real problem is that CAFE and newer safety standards completely are at cross-purposes. CAFE rewards lighter cars while newer safety standards require (generally) heavier cars to have people survive accidents. CAFE is sick in this case because Ford refused to put in a regular automatic transmission. Few people buy manuals period.
  23. McDonald's down here simplified their menu at least a couple of months ago. BK did not. Wendy's, Popeyes, KFC are all open. Basically any drive-thru restaurant stayed opened throughout this time. An Applebee's down here was closed permanently about six weeks ago; the only Boston Market closed here at the end of February. Most other places have either adapted or closed for a little while. The buffet places were closed for several weeks (April-early June) before they reopened.
  24. States generally do not provide oil subsidies. Congress has for decades. Now, NYS could pay for this by raising gas taxes and other pollution taxes.

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