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  1. A MCE and a new trim level. Good. Gotta keep Ford and Dodge and the Japanese midsize trucks at bay.
  2. I was wondering why the Venza was discontinued. Almost every other automaker has a CUV positioned where the Venza was. I wonder how the Venza will compete in today's auto marketplace.
  3. I hate CAFE too, but Europe and China are leading the charge in raising fuel economy standards now. The entire industry is forced to comply with foreign regs and higher fuel taxes, hence the likes of the UX200 and the X1 and the GLA and the XT4 etc. SAD.
  4. Hyundai kinda had to with Genesis. Hummer by GMC does make a lot more sense.
  5. How did Cadillac do compared to other luxury marques in 2019?
  6. Now that BMW is in decline, how can Cadillac capitalize on the slow draining of sales from the Germans?
  7. PSA has a lot of cleaning up to do, and they will probably be merciless on FCA. As for GM, not sure what they can do for this year at all.
  8. Apparently nobody at KIA has learned that the American market requires certain things and that switching to alphanumerics HERE once you already are currently using names is generally a bad idea. GM changed names (and dumped them from Cadillac) because some of the products associated with the names either had poor reputations or were just bad cars. Chevrolet cars went through this the most. Oldsmobile went through that about 25 years ago. Often it did not go as well as hoped. KIA's perceived problem is that they seem to only want all KIA products to be named exactly the same everywhere around the world. American consumers are far too parochial to own a world car unless it is exceptional. Now if only GM could take market share away from Hyundai/KIA for several years . . . . . .
  9. This will be interesting. Non-luxury makes have names, not alphanumeric designations. I understand that KIA already has them and wishes to import the alphanumerics used in SK to the USA. NOT SURE this will sell.
  10. An AMG Hybrid. Sounds interesting. No idea if MB will actually do that. MB should make their SUVs hybrids standard if they do not want to ditch AMG altogether.
  11. One question: who would build it in high enough quantities for it to be viable in the marketplace? Also, who would buy said vehicle with this powertrain?
  12. I doubt that PSA makes anything that could be the next 300/Charger/Challenger anytime soon. The Pacifica really does not need a platform change anytime soon. Other than that, PSA platforms will address the weaknesses of FCA small and midsize cars (and hopefully crossovers) within a couple of years and actually make all of this work. Which would you rather drive: a Dodge Dart or a Peugeot 208? A Chrysler 200 or a Peugeot 3008?
  13. Sergio's dream now is coming to fruition. After said merger, I wonder if they can really keep all those plants running.
  14. Electricity is getting cleaner at the power plant because more and more power plants are forgoing coal for other sources. Coal-fired plants are shutting down, especially compared to the GM EV1 days over 20 years ago.
  15. You know: maybe GM should have an EV-only brand and sell those vehicles using something really innovative. Like how GM started with Saturn (1985-2010) only better. Worst case scenario: the EV brand flops in 10-15 years and its back to ICE.
  16. While that looks like this is what is happening, we could definitely use some $15-25K EVs so that we can replace ICE vehicles where it really matters: the used car market. That may take several years, but ending our dependence on oil makes sound economic and geopolitical sense, regardless of any politics involved.
  17. I have seen NO discounts on anything made by Tesla. GM having big discounts on vehicles that don't sell have been SOP for decades.
  18. Now the plan should be how to rid themselves of the UAW in 2024.
  19. I hope that Android Auto is free, just like Apple CarPlay was NOT until recently. Just about everybody else has either one or both at no extra cost.
  20. How soon will we see the Escalade on the road? Sometimes pics don't do justice to the vehicle.
  21. The 3cyl available in the new TrailBlazer and Encore GX will probably not be good enough because those 3cyl engines really lack the torque you need to drive in most of the USA.
  22. The column shift lever belongs in a 1980s museum. It's about time it was left behind in favor of push button shifting. Besides, was push button shifting not available back in the 1950s?
  23. Tesla has actual product out there. It is just that there is more hype than Elon Musk and his firm can actually deliver. If there was a good Tesla at $15K, then GM and Ford and FCA and Hyundai/KIA would really be scared. Tesla would go a long way of truly establishing dominance in the USDM.
  24. Six years? That is a short period of time between an engine coming out and being replaced. Usually it would take 15-20 years for an engine (or engine family) to be completely replaced.

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