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  1. Fantastic. I hope this gets to production cars sooner than later. Or should I say: ocnblu now has his worst nightmare come true.
  2. Explains why minivan sales have been tanking for a decade.
  3. I would also agree. Lexus has been promoting the RX350L with third-row seating. They should simply make a new model designed for three rows and storage, like the new Cadillac XT6.
  4. The new Lincoln Aviator is RWD. Why won't Cadillac build a RWD unibody crossover since the death knell of the original SRX? Mercedes and (especially) BMW sell RWD CUVs all the time. Certainly, given the current Cadillac lineup, there is room for a RWD CUV NOT named Escalade (which is a RWD BOF SUV).
  5. Blame Toyota and Honda for the modern CUV. They had no BOF platforms to make a lot of SUVs back in the 1990s so they went with a unibody crossover instead. Blame Lexus for the first luxury crossover back in 1997 too.
  6. Q: how soon will the GM inline-6 diesel be available to the marketplace in a truck? Same question with this new RAM diesel engine.
  7. Then why won't GM/Ford build such a six-speed AT with the ratio spread that you speak of, if that is the most efficient AT ratio spread that can be done given a number of speeds?
  8. Or just build a ten-speed transmission that will handle all that torque.
  9. How easy or hard is it to leave an "alliance"? Maybe Renault will have to leave the "alliance" in order to merge with FCA. Then the French government will have a say unless somebody buys out their share.
  10. I know. He keeps pulling these stunts and people keep falling for them (especially the media). His re-election is very likely at this point.
  11. Sadly, when the Fiero died in '88, Pontiac's reason for existence was slowly asphyxiated. We all know what happened in the next three decades.
  12. Actually, I like the Brougham idea. I believe that most Cadillacs sold now have a Platinum trim level that matches or exceeds Avenir or Denali at the moment. Maybe Platinum should be the sub-brand.
  13. Found something that explains why the merger is off. Paris is to blame: http://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/06/french-government-blamed-for-collapse-of-fiat-chrysler-renault-merger-plan/
  14. Transverse V8. Just like the Northstar of the last decade. GM still needs more RWD models so that the Blackwing V8 can be used in more models, like a TRUE CT4-V (something) and a TRUE CT5-V (something) and a top of the line CT6. Question: Could a Corvette use the Blackwing V8 or does it already have a near equivalent?
  15. Can anybody tell me the difference between today's Cadillac from all other luxury makes? As in a unique selling point. SuperCruise is great but Cadillac needs a clear identity that a ten-year-old would recognize. Escalade truly fills the bill, while the XT CUVs do fall short. The sedans do need to stop trying to be German. Neither Lexus nor Acura made that infuriating error. Luxury car buyers are not going to ditch the Germans or Lexus if Cadillac is not true to itself. Ideally, Cadillac would have its OWN design studio AND its own factory so that GM can make Cadillac vehicles, not share facilities with the others. Cadillac needs its own leadership who understands what Cadillac is and proceed accordingly. Sometimes that means telling the CEO NO to stupid bean counting moves that hurt the vehicle more than its helps the bottom line. In fact, Cadillac should return to names so that it can be a true All-American luxury make (the alphanumeric designations belong to Germany ---- send those back). At a time when a lot of people are pushing for a clear identity, why can't GM in general (and Cadillac in particular) push for an all-American identity that can bring pride to its owners, not just mere badge snobbery?
  16. So which vehicle would you put that 2.7T 4cyl in, other than the CT4 and CT5?
  17. Why such low (peak) torque compared to peak horsepower? This is the opposite of what any engine should be. It's too bad other automakers' 4cyl engines have the same set of characteristics. Too bad GM will not build a (non-truck) version of the 3800/3900 to replace the 3.6 V6. Horsepower is great but torque is actually required.
  18. Given that the merger talks are off, things for FCA will probably get worse before it gets better. This is one sign.
  19. If the real issue is illegal migrants, enforcing E-Verify will go a long way into sending them back south of the border. So why won't the president enforce E-Verify? Simple: because a lot of businesses rely on illegal migrants to do the jobs Americans will not do at the wages provided. Example: Mar-A-Lago.
  20. The truly sad part about all of this is that the president seems to think that supply chains can be easily relocated to the United States at no cost to the supplier and/or automaker. He seems to think that companies who make their products in China can easily relocate everything to another country (especially the USA) at no cost to them. All of those relocation costs will be paid for by consumers period. I do not care what everyone else says about this new policy because higher prices are a result that neither the president nor anyone else who believes in mercantilism can bypass whatsoever. Do they want the 1970s all over again? Do they want the 1930s again?
  21. Wow. What happens now? Will Nissan simply acquire/merge with FCA to resolve this? Or will Nissan simply allow an automotive recession to do the dirty work for them?
  22. The XT6 has not been released yet. It probably will have SupperCruise sometime soon, as will the (currently nonexistent) XT7.
  23. Now that is good news. Sounds like Cadillac will have a unique selling point for the first time in decades. Now if only we can get luxury buyers to ditch Lexus and the Germans . . . . .
  24. Are your recommending the Smoot-Hawley tariff (1930) as our trade lodestar? Or will correcting our trade deficits require a ban on all Chinese-made goods, placing the USA on the road to autarky?
  25. The French government will still be an impediment one way or another. Somebody needs to get the French to sell their 15% back to the private sector.

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