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  1. Not an official release from GM, but it's a very close rendering with current Cadillac design language. Still has the large vertical Caddy LED light piping in front and the iconic Caddy vertical taillights.
  2. You mean XT6 right? It will have it's own 'Sclade identity in person. I dig the new Caddy design language.
  3. Thanks man, was just jerking ur chain It's crazy how early the factory comes out with info. for next year models now.
  4. Much more accurate description with what looks like factory released pictures from GM. I'd bet it looks really close to what GM will officially release from what we've seen so far. Looks nice! Any News @Drew Dowdell? More
  5. Not good to have so many build quality issues right out of the gate with an all new update on a very important SUV for Ford. There's a reason many call them the Ford "Exploder".
  6. Tesla is getting $60K+ for the Model 3 that was supposed to start at $35K-40K (unicorn) so a BEV midsize truck starting at $60K to $65K doesn't seem unreasonable, even though a bit high for the traditional midsize class pickup. Rivian could be slightly emulating the GM pricing strategy with the new ME C8 Corvette "starting at $60K" that of which you won't find any early models starting at less than $65K or $70K, but they have to jump in somewhere.
  7. Yeah, looked into that, not good having a large percentage of Chinese based investors with a US So.Cal based tech. startup like this one. FTC probably needs to step in eventually or at least closely monitor the situation.
  8. For sure, I like the Rivian R1T a lot better, it's actually the best BEV truck so far in my opinion. Cybertruck is definitely more gimmicky if it's even the actual production truck Tesla would bring out.
  9. I brought up the Neuron EV T-One in a post on here a few months ago about the Tesla Cybertruck. T-One is a pretty slick futuristic truck and probably not far out in our future. I still think the center driver position will pose an issue and the front seat design hogs a lot of space for two potential passengers in front. I don't think US DOT would even allow this center driver setup anyway. I know right hand drive cars are illegal to sell here if new, so I doubt this would be any different. I'll say it again, Neuron EV is displaying a truck that I would buy WAY before the fugly Tesla "Cyborg" truck if what they've both shown is a real actual production unit.
  10. Saw a black Cullinan on the 101 freeway here a couple of days ago. WOW, what a sweet ride with that iconic Rolls front end and grille and a lil blondie piloting her.
  11. Too bad no Barrett Jackson Scottsdale mentions on here. I'm sure it's a copyright issue, but some amazing classics getting big money rolling across the block right now. Heading over tomorrow to see for myself.
  12. Maybe if they have the bed full of battery packs as an EREV truck with the I4 as a backup generator on the Voltec next gen. setup or a full BEV like the 1500's on the way. V8 gas and diesel engines will be in the HD's for many years to come. VIA Motors uses a Voltec setup in Silverado 1500 trucks and Express vans. I'd take the 800hp VIA XTRUX Silverado if it's still around. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1081727_via-motors-xtrux-electric-truck-2013-detroit-auto-show-live-photos 33 mpg isn't all that good for that small of an engine with that low of output, shows that it has to work pretty hard much like the 2.7T in the Silverado 1500.
  13. 2.7T I4 in the Silverado? Yeah, that's ridiculous as well...CAFE regulations be damned.
  14. 169hp and a CVT is ridiculous for the lux CUV segment. Toyota/Lexus, who are still resting on their laurels from the 90's and 00's must think their new car buyers are clueless and in some ways they're right, especially if they buy one of these $41K RAV4/UX "F Sport" crossovers. Same with MB in many ways. If the L or 3 pointed star badge is all they want for $40K+ then let them suffer.

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