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  1. That '40 Merc CT is HOT! Mobster style. 540cid BB in that Sq. Body?1 Dang! Very clean lifted silver Sq. Body on cover shot below and @2:55 is very close to the look of my white '86 SB LB 3/4 ton 4x4 I had, mine had a 4" Rancho lift with 35x16.5" BFG AT's I had the chrome 8 horizontal square bar grille. Trying to find a digital pic. Man I miss that truck!
  2. Polarizing look and no need for this truck in our market here in the U.S. The Ranger, Colorado/Canyon and Taco cover the need for a smaller mid-sized truck. Back in the 80's and 90's S10/S15 and the Ranger in the compact class were around with the Dakota as a mid-sizer and they all ran around together, but none of the Big 3 manufacturers had both truck classes. This is just Ford trying to utilizing and/or get the most use out of the Bronco Sport platform, R&D etc.. And to name it Maverick after a fugly car that was a cheaper stretched version of the catastrophe Mustang II, is a mistak
  3. 4k lb. hog. That's ridiculously heavy for a modern Coupe in this class, shows how far Lexota has fallen behind, real R&D is a thing of the past at TMC. That Lexus front-end just keeps getting worse, that spindle grille just keeps getting more defined in a bad way. Looks likes it belongs in a GTA video game and nowhere else. For $90 grand I'd much rather have a C8 Vette or even a fully loaded Camaro ZL1 with much more power like others mentioned above. The Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio with a TT V6 smokes this Lex. on looks alone.
  4. Colour? Didn't think you were French Canadian Thought we usually left that to 'ole crazy Canuck @oldshurst442
  5. That was a good video, he made some great points about the two fuel sources of his saws (gas and e) and the benefits of both. Pretty good YT channel for sure. I wonder how my Grandpa, who passed away years ago, would react to the electric chainsaws of today. He was a logger who ran a big Husqvarna with a 42" bar. And now they make smart, connected, electric products like this bad boy. https://www.husqvarna.com/us/products/robotic-lawn-mowers/automower-awd/
  6. Congrats!! Yep, only money and only one life to live, totally worth it. Need pics soon!
  7. Arizona Orange Sky December Sunset. Going to be 69-70 for Christmas here. Love it. I'll go up to the snow if I want to ski or screw around in the truck, don't want to live in it. To each their own. Glad 2020 will soon be OVER!!
  8. Merry Christmas as well blu!
  9. Yep, Installed a B-W 50 gal. Hydrojet WH a few years ago because I found the same after some research and talking to a plumber buddy of mine. Few more bucks, but worth it. The Kenmore Roto-Clean WH I took out was a 1998 and replaced in 2017, great life with hard water too. Kenmore is/was solid stuff! Still have an old Kenmore Intelli-Clean Direct Drive (no belt to break) vacuum cleaner still going strong after 14 years.
  10. Same reason Corvettes get such great mileage on the hwy. power/weight ratio. I've gotten 30-32 mpg cruising at 75-80 mph Phx to Vegas and there's some elevation change as well. At 80 mph I'm at 1,800-2,000 rpm. Now my old square body 3/4 ton I had with 350cid 4bbl, TH400 3 spd. with 4:10's I was at 3,000-3,200 rpm at 65 mph and regularly got 9 mpg whether towing or not. Another reason Ford EcoBoost in the F150 doesn't get any better mpg's sometimes even worse than a GM Silverado/Sierra competitive V8 does. That small V6 is working a lot harder, the turbos are stuffing the air and fuel in.
  11. For sure, and there are many Chevrolet/Cadillac dealers that piggy back dealerships and I think GM wants to separate them and have Cadillac stand alone. It's something MB and BMW can't do because they have no Chevrolet equivalent and it's something the VW/Audi model didn't emulate. I used to work at a large Chev/Cad. dealership back in the late 90's, the Cadillac dealership had it's own boutique style dealership on the same lot right next to the huge Chevy dealership. It was kind of strange, but it was GM's sales model back then. It was pretty comical as well because the Cadillac sales guys wh

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