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  1. justusforus

    Lincoln News: Lincoln Dealers Criticize Stair-Step Incentives

    smk4565 I hate to disagree, but I thought the marketing was magnificent and really enjoyed the commercials regarding the newer styles. I have always had a bent towards Cadillac and with their seeming appeal to a different demographic, I felt Lincoln would just follow suit. Lincoln is one of the classic American rides (from presidents to movie stars) and I mean "the ride" as well. I would hate to see it go and I hope it stays and improves its position in the market.
  2. justusforus

    Quote trivia

    Thanks for the answer. It now makes sense but I really had no idea how to find it. I get a bit compulsive and really enjoy the trivia that the community here comes up with.
  3. justusforus

    Cadillac News: Rumorpile: 3 Crossovers For 1 Cadillac

    I agree there is a mass appeal it seems for these. The first time I was in one, it felt like I was in the belly of a june bug. The ride was better than I expected but it had a sort of old fashioned "station wagon" feel to it (in a rounder, wider sort of way). Maybe that is the appeal.
  4. justusforus

    Posting (embedding) YouTube videos?

    I would like to know how people are embedding the videos as well. I have enjoyed a lot of the nostalgic and "flash back" promo videos and would like to do the same.
  5. justusforus

    2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited

    Thanks for the detailed review. It seems many of the manufacturers are in sort of a "split personality" marketing phase. The "old person" demographic is not as bad in terms of spending power but it seems no one wants the label. I am not a Toyota fan, but I like the look of this one. As to the hybrid offering, I am not sure what demographic group old, middle or young is really the one to focus on.
  6. justusforus

    More Screen Cap Trivia!

    Well now I don't feel that bad. Glad to see dfelt you had to search for the answer. I love cars and movies and I thought I would do well here in this trivia. Thankfully, I never saw any of the movies you or the other poster mentioned. I can't get enough of this auto trivia though.
  7. justusforus

    Quote trivia

    I have been back here over and over and have no idea. Can you give a clue before I go batty!
  8. justusforus

    2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5L RWD

    I must have driven the ATS with the upgrade on the gauges and dash. I thought the inside looked like a beautiful calming blue space ship panel.
  9. The heavy trucks work and I hope all these "improvements" pan out. The old saying "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind as well as my experience with first model year "new and improved" features that end up a recall or a disappointment. The aesthetic changes, like the branded seat, sounds kind of cool.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Good thing, reverse a layoff. Bad thing, we have a problem we have to fix but not in time for the release. You have to wonder how management thinks this sort of "jerking out of gear" management style gives confidence to the workers or the buying public.
  11. justusforus

    2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

    That is a sweet looking ride. A cross between a sports car and something that the Godfather would drive. Certainly another update on the Cadillac fun factor. I like it.
  12. justusforus

    Chevrolet News:How Much For The Camaro 1LE, ZL1 Convertible?

    An American sports car for under $40,000 with the looks and power of the Camaro is a bargain. Without starting that topic that belongs in the "political" arena, we should support American brands. If you could drive a car that looks and runs like this why would you consider a bland foreign "economy" brand (you know what I am talking about) that is in the same price range? If you export your dollars don't complain about life here and what people can afford.
  13. justusforus

    Alfa Romeo Is Coming? Delayed Once More To 2014 :Comments

    Can't have enough of the sportier models which seem to be taking more of the early sales. I agree that if they keep the feel of the brand, yes make it up to US safety standards it will have an audience built in. Wonder what the price point will be?
  14. justusforus

    Quick Drive: 2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport

    Love the new Cadillacs. This one even looks a little sweeter and having driven the 2013 would look forward to trying out this one. I can't believe people think this is drab...a test drive is in order and I think you will agree. The new "cooler" Cadillacs seem to be getting a good reception.
  15. justusforus

    2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5L RWD

    Thanks for the review. I really like the look of the car but I will agree that rear passengers are not likely to be as excited just from the size and view from back there. Otherwise, I would think many who never were Cadillac fans really seem to be making an exception.

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