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  1. Racism (Gooke being a derogatory term for Vietnamese)
  2. Ah man, sorry to hear about your Monte Carlo. Really bad timing. Good luck with your site. I hope to hear more about your old cars.
  3. I don't see the average sedan ever being diesel, there are going to be the odd one or two that do but most will be petrol until we find an alternative fuel source. Trucks on the other hand often run on diesel and that likewise isn't likely to change in the near future. Though I see Trucks changing far sooner than cars.
  4. The Aztek didn't just look awful, it looked hideous. You had so many great Pontiac cars over the years but if you start talking about Pontiac with someone I can almost guarantee the first thing they want to mention is just how bad that SUV looked.
  5. Thanks, I hadn't really looked into what was driving Russia to pass all these Anti-Gay laws but this guy sounds scary. Hopefully this gets turned around before we see a return to Fascism with a Russian twist.
  6. Yes, currently recycling out paces use but here are two links. The first one covers what can be done with recycled Carbon Fiber. http://www.adherent-...eclamation_faqs The second link is a story about Recycled Carbon Fiber. http://www.composite...-lifecycle-loop Over all, Carbon Fiber would end up radically changing the auto industry just as they see it change the airplane industry. The ability to grind it up and reuse the material will save from having yards filled up with plans or auto's. I think we could clean up the planet if we just took the time to collect all the rus
  7. source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/google-sees-self-drive-car-on-road-within-five-years-1421267677 source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/self-driving-cars-longer-will/ Well it appears that Google sees self Driving cars becoming popular mush sooner than Car Makers do, I'm not really all that surprised by that a Google has always been more innovative than what the Car Companies have been (Why mess with something that works). Im curious over what everyone else thinks about this. How soon do you expect Self Driving cars to be popular, how much longer until they are mainstream? I pers
  8. I usually read threads from bottom to top (to read the most recent comments first) and my initial thoughts were that you either went to a junkyard and snapped pics of old cars (something I quickly dismissed) or you took pictures of cars that had been used as cover at a Paintball tournament.
  9. I'm not really surprised by this, Russian isn't exactly known for being a progressive nation. They have over the recent years been passing more and more laws that limit the Gay and Transgender community. Honestly they remind me of the Nuremberg Laws the Nazis passed.
  10. Theres a car meet fortnightly in my town and one of the people owns a Ford Model A that they still drive to it. Next event is on Sunday and I'll see if I can snap some pictures. No promises as hes got about 6 cars he likes to show off and usually brings a different one to each event. Its been awhile though since he brought the Model A.
  11. I'm too embarrassed to post my score, lets just say its in the 0-49% Bracket.
  12. Sometimes they even (wow, I totally forgot what this story was supposed to be about! Lets please try to avoid any more grandmothers in Bikinis, ugh not a nice mental picture)
  13. Love the sky roof. I always feel so claustrophobic sitting in the back seat and having something like this would really help open it up.

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