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  1. rambaran

    Exclusive Spy Photographs: 2011 Dodge Durango Test Vehicle!

    i think i also saw bigfoot in that picture
  2. rambaran

    At GM, Dreams of an Electric Cadillac

    front wheel drive, bleeding edge technology, expensive.... ...sounds like a perfect Eldorado to me.
  3. rambaran

    Spy Shots: Mysterious Chevy small car spied testing

    looks like a vibe
  4. rambaran

    R.I.P. GM, Ford, and Chrysler

    did that article really just say "if the canadians invaded...." ???? yea i guess this is a good source
  5. rambaran

    Time for the Switch....

    you hear a lot of people talking a lot of talk about running synthetic but, i've been running synthetic in my bike from day one (10 kms on the odometer) and i switched my old car ( a '95 concorde) to synthetic @ around 240,000 kms. it's got > 465,000kms now and i've never looked back. start your car up in -30C after letting it sit overnight and you'll know. watch the usual, but if you plan to keep the car, and you have some respect for her, mobil 1 is the way to go. you probably won't see much increase in mileage or power, but it'll be working for you
  6. rambaran

    PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk

    so am i supposed to suck chunky monkey out of the left teat or the right one?
  7. rambaran

    Toyota 'Sees' GM and Raises...

    there's a prius driving around toronto these days (i think it has gov't of canada stickers on it)...but it has a big decal saying "PEV -- plug in electric vehicle" on the back
  8. rambaran

    Exposed: Nissan 370Z

  9. rambaran

    Answer this honestly:

    if i had enough money, i would go out and buy every hardtop that i could find, weld an ugly ass piece of metal behind the door, and send pics to 68
  10. rambaran

    Maybe Uncle Bob was one-hundred percent right ...

    has anyone here read "A State of Fear" by Micheal Crichton?
  11. rambaran

    W-Body to live into 2012?

    whatever, having spent a lot of time in a 3.5L impala, and a lot of time in a new 4 cyl camry (both rentals) i can honestly say that the w body impala is a great car. it's nothing special, but for what it is, it's excellent. and most people that i've met who've spent a lot of time in both of the above mentioned cars are always surprised that they liked the impala so much. i don't know if a lot of people who trash w bodies do it for any other reason than they would like to see something new. it's no rear drive small block (i've got an '85 monte ss, and my bro has a '95 impala ss, both sweet cars), but it's making money for GM, it's a good car. period. and that flip and fold rear seat has saved my ass a couple of times i needed to either haul stuff or go an rent a truck or van.
  12. hey, just a question i'm sure half the board probably knows this...Is the RWD G body platforms ie 1985 monte ss a body on frame or unibody?
  13. rambaran

    Here's the new Buick

    is cadillac getting an epsilon? or are you talking about TE? such a nice car..remember how disappointed everyone on this board was when the lacrosse came out years ago good job gm
  14. rambaran

    Ford turns to nanotech to cut pounds, save fuel

    haha...i know where you are coming from, but that is funny

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