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  1. No kidding Sherlock, where was the voice of reason when that came to that insane price to begin with. They missed the opportunity to price it between $55k and $60k. Cadillac needs to take a page from Lexus of the past and price their cars at a reasonable low price as not to be perceived as low rent. Then work their way up and people would have been more tolerate of the pricing environment. I love Gm and Cadillac but there is a perception problem they have to work around and doing business as usual is not going to make it go away.
  2. Only electric car drivers should be doing this, because gas powered cars get it at the pump
  3. The V6 would be a V8 if it had twice as much components as the turbo four. exc. turbo
  4. What are they crying for they are dealers, trucks have a good profit margin, cut a deal they do not need GM's blessing to do that. When they add a surcharge to a hot vehicle they thumb their noses at GM, cause they know GM cannot do anything about it. So they need to shut up!!!!
  5. I would have expected vw to throw a twist on this and bring out a diesel hybrid. That seems to be a development that would produce killer fuel economy.
  6. When I buy a car and I like that car, the back seat is of no concern to me, because it is my car and I will not be sitting back there. The seat behind the round thing with spokes is the most important seat and the passenger seat coming in a next important. If I am the passenger that is where I will be.
  7. How do we know this story is even accurate, must be a slow news day to focus on a door handle of all things. Just put it out there and eveyrbody runs with it.
  8. Armchair designers gotto luv em, the thing is not matter what the car turned out to look like, somebody is always going to find fault with it. If you like it enough buy one and change what you do not like about it (personaliztion).
  9. this. I meant "that" because it is not implemented yet, plus it has a better kick than "this", ala blackmailing Bruce Wayne, because you think he is Batman!! (The Dark Knight)
  10. While this is a sad sit. when will these parents realize if you give your kid a high powered car and tell them to be careful, they have these peolple called friends that that will pressure them to push it. Some kids will show off in front of their friends to prove a point. Lesson here is to give these kids a sensible car, because driving is dangerous by itself without adding a high powered car to the mix.
  11. In the first video the car on the road is a cts not an xts in the first road footage it is black though.
  12. you dont know much about preproduction cars do you? they do not care about the gaps at this time because they are testing other parts of the car.
  13. You would have to be high to buy this car at that price, further more can they make an attempt at making the car presentable. It is in the details.

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