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  1. Yes, the last two races were spectacular. Perhaps what F1 needs is some new blood to keep things more dynamic. If not the Corvette, then someone else. But GM made the C8 a rear engine car for what? Ford not only went to Le Mans with the GT but they also put the two year hold on any re-selling of the car to maintain the value. Granted the C8 will outsell the Ford GT but will it outclass it in any other racing series?
  2. Ford brought the GT back to Le Mans. Chevrolet would need to do something different than that to compete in Europe. Ask most people in the US who owns a Mercedes to see if they ever heard of Lewis Hamilton. So the question has to be asked - was the C8 built just to compete in the US against foreign marques? Or is it going to be sold as a world class super car? If it's a world class super car, then where will it go to prove its chops?
  3. If GM *REALLY* wants to go after the European market with the C8, then they should also pony up for a Formula 1 team and bring the US back into the series.
  4. Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a 20 year old Catera, drop an LS V8/T-56 in there, and give it GTO suspension and brakes?
  5. Not bad for a project that looks like it was based off the 2002 Cadillac Cien concept car. It's amazing to look back in that time and see how much GM has changed so much and stayed the same since.
  6. At first glance at the idea, I can understand why people may wince. But remember, the Taurus was built on the Explorer platform and Ford stopped making that car last month. This move would have the Mustang take the place on that part of the production using a common platform and eliminate the stand-alone S550 platform. Also, the mustang and its V8 can enhance sales of the platform as Ford would be able to improve its offering for police package sales. The Explorer would be able to be more competitive with the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Mustang can be marketed as a high pursuit vehicle for the
  7. CAFE standards is one thing. Developing a new generation of cars that are NOT on a legacy platform that dates back to the Dailmer days is another.
  8. FCA needs to make the effort to keep the Viper/Charger/Challenger/etc. product line relevant with new and fresh offerings. The basic platform dates back to Mercedes days and the Demon while clever was just a one trick pony. Please, Serge, find a way to share the Viper with the rest of the Italian models. They can still retain their European beauty while we can keep our American muscle.
  9. 7 speed manual please. Otherwise, at that price point it is better to kiss the cousin and buy a Charger Hellcat.
  10. It would make better sense to have Opel return mainly because of the parts and maintenance that would go along with it. There is already a commonality with most GM cars in order to make the transition into North America be smoother and it would be easier to market, as well. It would be a very hard sell to re-introduce Peugeot and convince me that they have overcome the disaster that was the 1983 505 turbo sedan. I still remember being stranded on Highway 1 as a kid in that thing. No one even knew what it was so how could they fix it?
  11. Now THAT is a V8 engine worth having in a Cadillac. Maybe with the new powertrain, they can give the car a new (old) name like - Seville.
  12. Couldn't have been applied for the Alpha Platform call overall? Not only would a 7-speed manual Z/28 with the new LT5 been sweet, they could have made the CTS-V with the LT4 engine come to the dealerships having a 7-speed manual. I guess there were no business numbers to justify the effort and cost. Argh.
  13. There may be three reasons why this is happening; 1. This is needed to improve the fuel economy for justifying Camaro sales with big V8 engines. 2. This is being done to maximize the economy of manufacturing a 7-speed manual transmission for multiple models. 3. This gives the Alpha platform the architecture it needs to integrate the 7-speed manual into other cars like the Cadillac ATS and Cadillac CTS. Maybe, just maybe, the CTS-V will get the 7-speed manual with the LT-4 engine that is already in the Z06?
  14. I look forward to pics from the updated interior...... as well as the return of the single cab, short bed S-10.

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