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  1. I saw a ZL1 on the freeway today. It was black, had plenty of room in the left lane, and floored it. The SOUND of that engine is magnificent! Keep it up, Chevy, and give us MORE!
  2. Alpha 4 door + LT1 = SS replacement
  3. PSA may try to use this purchase as a means to come back into the North American market. Also, Europe does not have Chapter 11 BK in the same way that the U.S. does.
  4. While sites like this would be a great supporter of such events, the Internet does not help with keeping secrets for very long about the next new, new thing. Also, it is hard to get excited over a vehicle that most people can't afford to buy brand new anymore. At least, I'll still do back flips when the new ZR1 is revealed.
  5. This makes sense with their current vehicle line-up; 1/2 series 3/4 series 5/6 series 7/8 series I hope the 6 series "grand sport coupe" 4-door is cancelled. It just never made any sense to have it.
  6. The grille reminds me of a 1969 Coupe De Ville. That gives props to the old school design. I want more details about these new V8s though. How many will there be and what kind of output will they have?
  7. The only criticism I have is consistent with everyone else so far - the headlights need to be vertical. Otherwise, the front end looks a bit too much like a new Mustang. Everything else seems like Cadillac is tipping the scale in the right direction.
  8. And they couldn't green light this to save the brand?
  9. The Emperor ought not dethrone Cadillac as the king of luxury and performance.
  10. I believe "Corvette Summer" was made before "Star Wars" and the studio held on to it to try and cash in on Mark Hamil's new found fame. That movie has gone the way of high school auto shop.
  11. Put the Impala on the Alpha platform with an LT1, and then we'll talk sales increase.
  12. I say that because of cars like the 1996 Impala SS, the 1988 Pontiac Fiero, and the 1987 Buick GNX all hit their stride on the last model year of production. GM could have kept making those cars, made a lot of money, and made a lot of customers happy.
  13. Because it is the progression of marketing and odds are the next performance model not mentioned yet at Holden will be even better. It is not to secret that the C7 will get a mega car before they move to the C8. Word is it will have well over 700 HP.
  14. Why does GM always save the best for last?
  15. After watching videos like this, how can anything live up to the Commodore platform from Holden?