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  1. This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes...again
  2. CARB is like a broken clock; it's only right twice a day. But when they are right, they are right on.
  3. This beast shows what will happen when you increase the size of the supercharger. Very well done, Dodge! This definitely takes the sting out of losing the Viper this year. If GM applies the same principles to the (soon-to-be) ZR1 engine, then installing the old 2.9L from the previous ZR1 could make in upwards of 900hp.
  4. I believe that I predicted this would happen with PSA coming back state-side in previous threads. So long as my dad doesn't not make the same mistake again in leasing a Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel, then let the market sort itself out.
  5. If Cadillac just stuck with a proper naming convention and stayed on mission to be an exclusive niche brand. "Entry-level luxury" is a contradiction in terms. Cadillac needs personality and narrative. It should bring back the old names for what they have to offer and use concept car names, as well. ATS = Coupe and Sedan de Ville CTS = Seville XT5 = Calais CT6 = Fleetwood Escalade = Escalade Halo Car = Cien/Ciel/Escala Get rid of the XTS That makes a half-dozen models for the brand. If they want to find a way to bring back the Eldorado, then great.
  6. If this company can convert a current Impala body onto a Camaro platform to make a 4-door LT1 V8 sedan, then I would pay for that.
  7. There needs to be a tangible damage model for this to move forward in court. The car "overheated" when driving "on the track" and what repairs were needed, if any, after that experience? How often did this happen and how much did it cost? If the Track Pack cost on the cars is $6,500 and the repairs cost less than that, then where is the damage to the privileged GT350 owner? If Ford wants to issue a recall, install the Track Pack on all GT350 cars without the Track Pack option, and spend the money that way, then Ford wins. The upgraded GT350 cars hold their value.
  8. Of course the Plaintiff attorneys want to say that 4,000 owners could be affected as opposed to only 4 parties. If you have 4,000 plaintiffs that "suffer damages" to their "non-track ready" GT350s, then at $1,250 per plaintiff, you can get a certified class action at the minimum amount of $5MM. Of course, how many GT350 owners actually have driven their cars on the track, much less driven their cars at all? The current GT350 is another darling of the auction circuit where it is better to have the "low miles, limited production" car increase in value to be modern classic. The latest C7 ZO6 had similar issues but that was based upon those owners who ACTUALLY drive the car on the track the way it should be driven. Chevrolet has addressed the issues appropriately and people have moved on. Except the trial lawyers. They will find any excuse to create drama and litigation over absolutely nothing just so they can cash in on their 30% contingency fee. If only I had the luxury of being one of the aggrieved owners of the GT350 to contemplate such a litigious endeavor.....
  9. Granted the business laws are different in Europe, but how would merging/divesting/forming a new corporate entity to shed as much liability as possible for VW to avoid from the fallout of $25 Billion in fines and other future costs from this scandal? Is Sergio REALLY that desperate for a merger with ANYONE that taking on the legal risks from VW as part of the deal going to be worth the effort? At this point, it would be better to make a trade for Tony Romo with the Cowboys than merge with VW.
  10. Will they call it a Camaro or will it be the return of the Monaro for Holden? Kind of like how the Monaro was the return of the GTO over ten years ago.....
  11. Sadly, the three brothers will be related to other cousins with platform sharing if the trend continues. The 86 (Celica) already is the twin with the Subaru BRZ. The Supra (when?) will be developed in partnership with BMW. Who will Toyota join to make the MR2 come back?
  12. This would make sense if the Asian markets like China continue to expand where the demand needs to be fed. Yes, GM is building on the mainland with Buick and Cadillac. But this would still give flexibility to respond to other markets in the region. Just keep sending the USA more RWD sports sedans with manual transmissions and everything will be A-OKAY.
  13. Sorry, but this article reads like it was originally from The Onion. Why would Sergio criticize the PSA/Opel deal when it was his idea to spin off Ferrari as its own publicly traded company?
  14. I think this will give PSA the opportunity to reenter the North American market. It is reasonable to believe that Opel already has the safety and regulation specs as part of the deal that PSA gets. There has been a lot of progress to homogenize the European and North American standards. But this purchase should cut down the time and cost to have PSA be back across the Atlantic in over 25 years. If Europe does have a stagnant market, then it only makes sense for PSA to go west and stake their claim for survival. Perhaps the 2019 Peugeot will finds its way to a dealership near you.
  15. A few things; 1. Until the ATS is no longer on the Alpha platform, then Cadillac will be related to the Camaro. 2. Any new V8 would be shared by as many GM brands to maximize its R&D and production costs to get a return on investment. 3. Until the V8 is officially no longer allowed to exist by the Feds, there will always be the arms race with Ford and Dodge to out-muscle the latest muscle car. The Z/28 would compete with the Mustang GT500 and the Demon Hellcat. Also, the "collector car" market with Barrett-Jackson, Mecum, etc. has created a secondary market for these "high-end" muscle cars to go for higher dollar at auction as "an investment" for those who wish to rub the car with a diaper and not actually drive it.