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    2017 Acura NSX to Start At $157,800*

      How Much for the Acura NSX?

    We knew when Acura was going to launch the NSX, it would come with a hefty price tag. We were not surprised when the announcement came down that the 2017 NSX would have a starting price of $167,500 (includes an $1,800 destination charge). A fully loaded model will set you back $207,500.


    The NSX packs a twin-turbo V6 paired with a set of electric motors that produce a total output of 573 horsepower. This is paired to a nine-speed automatic and Acura's SH-AWD system.


    Acura says ordering will begin on February 25th, along with an online configurator to see what you can customize on a NSX.


    Acura also announced that NSX VIN 001 will go up for auction at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction in January. Proceeds will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground.


    Source: Acura


    Press Release is on Page 2


    Acura Shares Details of Next-Generation Acura NSX Sales Plan

    • 2017 Acura NSX U.S. MSRP set at $156,000
    • First 2017 NSX to be auctioned for charity at Barrett-Jackson in January
    • Online configurator and customer order taking to begin Feb. 25

    TORRANCE, Calif. (Dec. 18, 2015) – Acura today announced additional launch details for the next-generation 2017 Acura NSX supercar, coming to market next spring, including pricing and the order taking process. Acura also revealed plans to auction off the very first serial production NSX, VIN 001, at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. the last week of January 2016. All proceeds from the auction sale will go to a pair of children's charities: the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, the passion project of Grammy Award-winning artist Zac Brown.


    Designed, developed and manufactured in America, the 2017 Acura NSX will have a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)1 of $156,000 in the U.S. and will top out at $205,700 when equipped with all available factory features and options1. As Acura's first build-to-order vehicle, customers will be able to design their NSX by selecting one of eight rich exterior colors and four interior color schemes available in three different seating surface options. Customers can further customize their NSX through several exterior and interior features including three wheel designs with painted or polished finish, carbon-ceramic brake options, a carbon fiber interior sport package, carbon fiber roof, and more.


    "The NSX is the pinnacle expression of Acura precision crafted performance and we're thrilled to take the next step toward bringing it to market," said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division. "We're creating new space within the supercar realm, pushing the envelope beyond the conventional thinking about supercars – just like the original NSX."


    Customer order taking for the new NSX will begin on Feb. 25, 2016 at authorized NSX retailers, in concert with the launch of a vehicle configurator on Acura.com. The configurator will be the first engagement point for customers interested in exploring the process of ordering a vehicle from an authorized NSX retailer and enthusiasts who want to configure their dream NSX. Once customers have customized their vehicle online, they can schedule an appointment with an authorized NSX retailer to finalize the order.


    The 2017 NSX will be the first all-new Acura vehicle to be auctioned for the benefit of charitable organizations – certified to be the very first serial production NSX. The winner will be able to customize their NSX to their choosing.


    "The very first production NSX will be such a special and historic vehicle, so we wanted to make sure we treat the sale of it in an equally special way," said Ikeda. "It will be available for purchase by anyone – anyone that is, who submits the highest bid for VIN number 001 at the world famous Barrett-Jackson auction. And we're pleased to be able to support two incredible children's charities, Camp Southern Ground and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, with the NSX."

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    There are a lot of other better options out there for that money.   Even if the NSX is fast and handles well, it doesn't look that cool.  An Aston Martin might be slower, but it will sound a hell of a lot better with the throaty V8 or V12 exhaust, and you'll look like James Bond in it.   $150,000-200,000 for a V6 and the honda/acura corporate face is just a big ask.

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    I LOOOOOVE Aston Martin...

    If I had to wear a suit to work everyday and worked Down Town Montreal  or Old Montreal, obviously making the money necessary to own one of these, Id definitely be an owner of one.


    But...being that I flip hamburgers and serve hot dogs for a living, negating the need for a suit, and had I been single of course, this NSX as a daily driver fits my style just nicely.


    I guess in a way, Ive got it covered.


    I drive  a 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD and the wife drives a 2013 Ford Fusion...

    Id say we are living the life....on the cheap...


    Kinda like....Chinese Knock-off style...

    Canal Street NYC type deal...even the city I live in...Montreal...its like a cheap version of NYC...or it used to be anyways...mind you...the French Joie de Vivre attitude of Montreal is far more cooler than the "City That Never Sleeps" attitude of NYC...

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    I am bored with this car and enthusiasts are bored with this car. The 5 year birthing process is going to kill this model, it's been in video games for years and you can't even buy it yet. Rabid Honda fans will snatch up the early production runs, but by year two or three volume will plummet to numbers like the Viper and Cadillac ELR.


    Even at a conceptual level, I'm not feeling this thing. An NSX with hybrid AWD, a turbo engine, and no manual transmission. It's not really an NSX at all. If they sold a featherweight version of this car with RWD and the slickest manual transmission on the planet for under 6 figures, they could change my mind.

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    Tesla does it better than this and that is pure electric.


    Over rated, over sold from a marketing stand point and now 3 years too late. 


    FAILURE on many fronts.


    Auto Blog has a video of them driving this new NSX.




    The video shows more interior harmonic noise than a proper burble of a powerful engine. Externally you get that tinny Asian can sound that just sucks. That is the Sport+ mode, Sport is even more Tinny and Quiet mode goes EV.


    Some cool technology including the Brake by Wire. You have electronic brakes and they simulate a brake pulse feel but there really is none. Good video and now I really see that car as an interesting technology study, but not inspired as a performance auto.

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    • True but it is still a Ford.  Lincoln makes nothing of their own, just fancy Fords.
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