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  • David

    Audi to Show off 2 Door Auto BEV Love at Pebble Beach

      According to the Electrek website who was invited to LA for a preview of Audi's latest concept, a two door BEV sedan. Yes, you have a 2 door convertible in battery electric mode.

    Audi today is celebrating the Celebration of Progress: the Audi skysphere concept unveiled today. A redefined Grand Touring BEV.

    For many, even on the Cheers and Gears forum we have discussed the future of two door cars and weather or not we will see them continue to die off. Some have even said styling has been lost to appliance trucks and SUVs/CUVs. Audi today is challenging that with the Skysphere battery electric concept.

    Audi says this is the first member of a family of all new concept vehicles, a spectacular roadster. Audi skysphere concept is the name of the electric-powered, two-door convertible whose lines lead directly to the Audi design of tomorrow.

    Progressive Luxury is what Audi believes they will represent as the 21st century auto's of desire. The skysphere comes with two driving modes, Grand Touring and Sports mode. Grand Touring is a take back to the 1930's tuned for long drives on country roads. Sports mode gives an aggressive tune with tight handling and a more commanding and connected presence for the driver.

    Being that the Skysphere will be shown off with more details at the Pebble Beach Golf Course show, it is understandable that the front end has a rather large FRUNK. How large, large enough to handle two full size fully loaded golf bags.

    The Skysphere has a modifiable wheelbase that in touring mode is 201 inches long and it shrinks to 191 inches long in Sports mode. The weight distribution of this BEV is a 40/60 front to back ratio. The car will go 0 to 62 mph in 4 seconds and has 623HP with a curb weight of 3,968 lbs. Battery pack is good for 310 miles.

    The interior is a 21st touch of luxury.

    Many more images & Videos can be viewed here: Audi skysphere concept (2021) | Audi MediaCenter (audi-mediacenter.com)

    The future is freedom to enjoy what one wants in the auto of their choice and for Audi, that starts with the Skysphere.

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    4 hours ago, balthazar said:

    WOW - that's really, really bad!  Outsourced design studio??


    This is from the Audi California Design Studio.

    3 hours ago, smk4565 said:

    This has a bit of a Batmobile look, looks cool.  I would like to see an EV convertible, no one has one.  But I feel they will just build another crossover instead.  

    Audi has built more of their concept cars and crossovers than Mercedes-Benz has. Your last statement sentence is a truth about MB. I do agree with you that the car looks cool.

    Kinda think the rear end reminds me of a Pontiac sports car.

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