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    • To be honest, I don't think anybody was talking about road-tripping.. 
    • Calm your jets.  None of this is that big a deal. What everyone needs to remember is that you do not need to charge to 100% every time you plug in. And everyone needs to slow the eff down on their trips. None of us here are doing the Cannonball run.  I don't know who on this site has covered the most distance in road trips, but any list of the top 5 is gonna include me.  I've done Pittsburgh - Miami in a single run without stopping to sleep and it's killed me every time I do it. I am dead to the world for the next two days, so it really puts a damper on any vacation activities.  I've done it in as little as 17 hours and as much as 24 hours when stopping somewhere to sleep. Forget about what fuel you're using... it's just not good for your body to do trips like that. That said, I have done the trips enough times that I know approximately where my regular stops are.  With the new high(er) speed charging that is coming with the next generation EVs (EValanche, the Cadillacs, Blazer, etc), they can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.  Starbucks can't even make my order that fast. Now, because I've done the trip so many times and I know the range of the EValanche, I already know the truck can make the trip to my hotel in Columbia SC with one 15 minute recharge in Princeton West Virginia.   I also know that my body can't make it all the way to Columbia without at least two more bathroom stops. And with EV trip planning, as with everything... there's an app for that.  Plug-Share says I could do the trip to my parent's with just 5 stops to recharge.  Now my parents don't have a charger, so I'd need to add a 6th stop in there somewhere, but Jacksonville to Miami is such an awful boring part of the trip I'd need to stop for my own sanity and bladder relief. Click to enlarge. It is set to GMC Hummer EV and I artificially bumped the range to 350 miles per charge which is still under the 400 mile range anticipated for the Silverado EV.  I filtered the search to 70kw chargers or better for the best charging speed. The point I'm making here is that I couldn't do this trip, in this few stops, even in my current gasoline truck.  My truck has a 550 mile range tank, and it can make it in just two fill ups. I do the drive twice a year and it is awful. Thursday I'm doing Pittsburgh - DC area.  I can pick any one of these three DC fast chargers for a 15 minute break and be fine.  But I'm also traveling with my elderly in-laws, so I know I'll be stopping at least once in Breezewood, PA and Berkley Springs, WV for bathroom breaks and probably their McDonald's coffee.  So again, even in a gas car, I'll stop more than is technically necessary in an EV.  My FIL is mostly disabled, so just getting him from the car into the McDonald's can take 10 minutes.   Can we not put requirements on EVs that we don't put on our gas cars please? 
    • Youde get that with me too. But you argue like Tucker Carlson. You act like a child. You deserve the same treatment. To keep on spewing about charge times when I have REPEATEDLY given you LINKS to relieve your so called opinion, you ignore all I have to say and go back to your childish charging times... On vacation, walking around is done. Anywhere in the world for ANY reason.  Cars are less so of a factor. Hotels DO have charging points. Touristy arears DO have charging points. 250-320 miles is a helluva lot of miles to drive....   Like in daily driving, 3-4 days one goes before one has to charge or gas up. And THAT is a lot of freakin miles driven.   We are NOT driving AWAY 250 miles from our vacation spot....  I included the Quebec city thing only to prove how absurd your so called opinion is. But in that scenario, we are visiting TWO cities. TWO destination spots.  Ind in THAT scenario, both Montreal and Quebec are walking cities. You get the MOST out of both cities walking. As you walk and dine and witness historical sites, the EV is charging...  Visiting any vacation destination,  50 miles going and 50 miles coming back in one day is probably the MOST you;ll drive in that day.   Coming back to the hotel, one WILL charge overnight and have another 250-320 mile range again if one needs to do another 100 mile range trip.  But if that is the case, why did you choose a destination hotel to be 100 miles AWAY from these destinations.   But it dont matter, it aint an inconvenience to charge up while EATING on a reststop along the way if one couldnt charge AT the hotel THAT night...    In ANY scenario... Going to Disneyworld and one stays at hotels NOT at Disney, the Hotels are NOT 50 miles away...   One could do several trips to Disney without having range anxiety. Charge up at night after the 3rd trip to Disney. g=Have another 250-320 mile range...  Staying in Miami, the fartest away from the beach, and want to go to the beach? Miami beach is not 300 miles away from the fartest point of Miami. And even if it was, swimming at Miami beach is a 3-4 hour affair. Plenty of time to charge the phoquing EV... You will eat. Move the phoquing car at that point in time.  But why are you staying 300 miles away from the beach if you wanted to go to the beach? Hey Tucker... Discuss with me like an adult. NOT like a teenager. When you do that, you will get respect... 
    • https://www.reservations.com/hotels/st-louis-and-vicinity-mo/amenity/electric-car-charging   Even in St Louis...  Hotels in and around the area, with 250-320 mile range, renting an EV and charging it at your hotel 2-3 times in a 2 week vacation time period is NOT an inconvenience by itself, let alone compared to an IVE vehicle.   FYI...  There are very few gas stations in the downtown core of Montreal... For the last hundred years, I havent heard anybody bitch about being low on gas and freaking out in the downtown core of Montreal...  There are many many many more charge points...  Links are posted before. Hotels in the downtown Montreal core with EV charging points https://www.reservations.com/hotels/montreal-qc/amenity/electric-car-charging          
    • @DavidI legitimately appreciate your civil discussion where we can go back and forth without the childish name calling.  Not trying to be a smart@ss but you did mention not being able to fit into the previous generation of EVs, have you gotten to test fit a Hummer EV yet? If so, do you think you'll pull the trigger on one yet? I know you like pretty much everything about them. @David, I was out running Friday and saw one of these! Funny enough, I managed to see an R1S before I’ve seen an R1T. Aaaaalso, funny enough, a day later I saw my first R1T but j was driving so I couldn’t grab a picture of that one.    I had to zoom in quite a bit because it took a couple seconds to get my phone out and camera open so it’s pretty bad quality. 
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