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    Drew Dowdell

    ...Is $3,000 enough to make you switch?...

    If you're currently a Ford Mustang owner or lessee, until the end of October there is $3,000 waiting for you on the hood of any 2019 Chevrolet Camaro.  Chevy's Camaro has consistently ranked third in sales behind the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang ever since the 6th generation model debuted for 2016. Sales fell further in 2019 after a disastrous redesign of the front fascia on SS trim models, down 7.6% year to date.  This despite the greater availability of 4-cylinder models and packages that put the V8 in easier reach. 
    While the Camaro is down 7.6 percent, the Mustang has also fallen 10.1 percent and Challenger is down 11 percent year to date.  The Ford and the Dodge however sold 20,000 units and 10,000 units more respectively. 
    Camaro sales were just 50,963 in 2018, down from a 2011 high of 88,249, and are on pace to be much lower this year.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Go play in the dirt...

    Ahead of the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet gave us a preview of the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.  After the refresh, the Colorado will show greater differentiation from trim to trim.  All Colorados will feature embossed Chevrolet tailgates instead of the rear bowtie badge. The bowtie up front will be revised. 
    The WT, LT, and Z71 will get updated center bars, lower fascias, and front skid plates for 2021. The WT and LT get gold bowties while the Z71 gets a black one.  
    The ZR2 off-road variant gets a new look (shown above), and will be the only Colorado to get a lettered front fasica. 
    The ZR2 continues to get Multimatic DSSV Position senstitive dampers, standard front and rear locking differentials, 2-inch suspension lift, 3.5 inch wider track, off-road rocker protection, cast iron control arms, autotrac transfer case, multiple skid plates, and now standard red tow hooks. 
    Over 520,000 Colorado pickups have been built to date.
    The Colorado will continue to be built at GM's Wentzville Plant and the 2021 will go on sale midway through next year. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Midnight and Rally... 

    For 2020, Chevrolet is bringing back two popular special editions, Midnight and Rally.
    The off-road focused Midnight Edition (shown above) is offered on LT Trail Boss and Custom Trail Boss trims. It includes a 2-inch suspension lift, Z71 off-road package, skid plates, automatic locking rear differential, mono-tube off-road shocks, and 18-inch black painted wheels.  Completing the look is a set of red tow hooks, and duplicating the Trail Boss look, but in all black. The Custom Trail Boss Midnight Edition is available with either a 5.3L V-8 engine with six-speed automatic transmission or 6.2L V-8 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission. The LT Trail Boss Midnight Edition comes exclusively with 6.2L V-8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission with 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque.
    The street focused Rally Edition (right) is offered on the Custom and RST trims and features a sporty look, available in Black, Red Hot, Silver Ice Metallic or Summit White exterior paint. The street-focused edition includes a body-colored grille, black Rally stripes on the hood and tailgate, black Chevrolet tailgate lettering, black badging, black Bowties, black exhaust tip(s) and black assist steps.
    The Custom Rally Edition features 20-inch black painted wheels and the 2.7L Turbo engine mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The RST Rally Edition includes 22-inch black painted wheels and offers choice in powertrains: a 2.7L Turbo with 8-speed automatic transmission, a 5.3L V-8 with 8-speed automatic transmission or a 6.2L V-8 with 10-speed automatic transmission.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Did you even remember they had one?...

    Chevrolet has canceled the Malibu Hybrid for the 2020 model year.  What? You forgot they even offered one?  It's not surprising. 
    It's tough out there for slow selling sedans these days and the Malibu Hybrid was probably one of the slowest selling of the General's current lineup. The move leaves GM with no full hybrid vehicles at all in the lineup. This comes after the cancellation of the plug-in Chevy Volt earlier this year. The only electrified vehicle, for now, is the diminutive Chevy Bolt. GM is rumored to be working hard on an electric or electrified truck, and has plans to electrify most of the Cadillac lineup, even going so far as to promise the UAW that the Lordstown plant would reopen as a battery factory. 
    The Malibu Hybrid used a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder and an electric motor combination to make 182 horsepower.  The sedan could drive on electric alone up to 55 mph, but it lacked a plug-in option.  It came only in the upper LT trim and started at $29,095 before delivery charges. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Aiming for the Raptor and Rebel...

    General Motors is planing a range of updates for their full-size trucks starting in the 2021 model year, beginning with updated interiors. Also coming is a Silverado ZRX aimed to take on the likes of the Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ram 1500 Rebel.  The ZRX would come with an improved off-road suspension, special DSSV Dampers like on the Colorado ZR2, rear and front locking differentials, and improved approach and departure angles. 
    If Chevy uses the same recipe they did on the ZR2, the ZRX will likely also get unique front and rear fascias.  One thing that isn't changing though is the powertrain. It's rumored that the ZRX will continue to use the same 6.2 liter V8 with 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft of torque.  This is disappointing as the Raptor and Rebel TRX both get more powerful engines than their on-road counterparts. 
    If these plans come to fruition, expect the Silverado ZRX to come out in 2021 as a 2022 model. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Up 21 miles over previous years....

    Chevrolet has announced that for 2020, the Chevrolet Bolt will have a longer range between charges. The new maximum range on a full charge is now 259, a 21 mile increase over previous year cars. 
    Chevy achieved this by making a small change in the battery cell chemistry. This allowed the team to increase range without changing the structure of the battery pack. The change increases the battery pack's capacity from 60 kWh to 66 kWh.  The drivetrain itself has not changed and remains a 200 horsepower / 266 lb-ft unit. 
    Chevy is also offering two additional colors for 2020, Cayenne Orange Metallic (additional cost option) and Oasis Blue.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...including destination charge...

    Chevy released the pricing information on the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray today, keeping its promise of a sub-$60k price.  Pricing rings up at $59,995 including destination charge for the 1LT trim.  The Corvette comes standard with an eight-speed dual clutch transmission and an engine mounted dry sump oil system.
    The 2LT  will start at $67,295 and adds things like a full color heads-up display, heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, performance data recorder, navigation,  side blind zone alert, and rear cross traffic alert. 
    The 3LT will start at $71,945, and builds on the 2LT with GT2 Seating with Napa and Mulan leather, custom leather-wrapped interior, suede-wrapped upper interior trim, and leather wrapped door panels. 
    The price of the Z51 Performance package remains the same at $5,000 and includes performance exhaust, performance suspension, electronic limited-slip differential, front air splitter, rear spoiler, larger brakes with Brembo four-piston calipers, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires, and an enhanced cooling system. 
    Customers can forgo the Z51 package and still get the performance exhaust for $1,195. This will boost the performance of the LT2 engine to 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.  The front suspension lift system is optional on 2LT and 3LT trims for $1,495. 
    Customers will be able to personalize their Corvette with 12 different exterior colors, 6 interior color themes, six seat belt colors, two stitching packages, and three seat choices. 
    Capable of a top speed of 194 MPH on the track, the Corvette goes into production in Bowling Green, KY later in 2019.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...better get your deposit in soon...

    When the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette debuted a week and a half ago, there was some speculation that buyers might not go for it because of its mid-engine design or its outworldly styling.  Well the nay-sayers might just have to start cooking up their crow.   According to Michael Simcoe, GM's Design Chief,  the orders have nearly hit the first year of production numbers.  "It's nearly sold out. It's so close that it's bound to be sold out soon." Simcoe said.
    Now the caveat is that Simcoe has not revealed what the planned production numbers will be, so we have no idea if it will sell at a higher or lower rate than the C7 Corvette. 
    The 2020 Corvette Stingray comes with a mid-mounted LT2 V8 making an SAE certified 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque when equipped with an optional exhaust.  In Z51 form, the car can hit 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Pricing will start under $60,000.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Malibu follows the Fusion and 200 into that great junkyard in the sky....

    The Chevrolet Malibu will follow the likes to the Ford Fusion and Chrysler 200 by following them into that great nameplate junkyard in the sky after 2024 according to a report by Automotive News.  There is a possibility of an electric successor to the Malibu, but nothing is certain at this point.  An electric replacement would fit with GM's timeline to build 20 new EVs by 2023.   Before the ax falls in 2024, the Malibu could get one last face lift for the 2022 model year to help it through the final stages before retirement.  The Malibu is built in the Fairfax KS plant where the Cadillac XT4 is built.

    This follows on reports that the Chevrolet Camaro will also die in 2023.  Other cars that are up for the chopping block are the Sonic after 2020 and the Spark after 2021.  The Bolt and Equinox will get a freshening next year.  With the Impala, Cruze, and Volt already dead, these changes will leave the Chevy brand without any sedans after 2024. With the Buick Regal also possibly canceled once the contract with PSA runs out, it may be that the only sedans available from General Motors will be from Cadillac. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Besting EPA results from Ford and Ram...

    Once the diesel rolls out for the 2020 Silverado, it will take the title of most fuel efficient full-size truck on the market with an EPA rating of 23 City / 33 Highway / 27 Combined.  The 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder diesel generates 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque.  The diesel is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and also features a start stop system.  In the Silverado, the price of the diesel engine is the same as upgrading to the 6.2 liter gasoline V8. It adds, $2,495 to the price of an LTZ or High Country model, or $3,890 to the cost of an LT or RST. Naturally, the engine will be available in the GMC Sierra as well. For those counting, this means the Sierra diesel is more efficient than the 4-cylinder diesel in the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. It is also a less costly upgrade than on the two smaller trucks, there costing $5,745 on an LT
    GM is likely to hold the MPG title for a while as Ford's F-150 diesel was just released for 2019 and is rated for 22 City / 30 Highway / 25 Combined.  Ram hasn't sold their 3.0 V6 Ecodiesel since 2017, but it was rated at 20 City / 27 highway / 23 combined. 
    Honda does not field a full size truck. Nissan does, but does not offer a diesel in their standard duty models. Toyota does not offer a diesel at all, though it is rumored that the next Tundra will be coming with a twin-turbo V6 hybrid. 
    The Silverado Diesel arrives in dealerships this fall. 

    Drew Dowdell

    the long wait for the mid-engine Corvette is over...

    The time has come for the Corvette to mid-engine architecture. 
    Powering the Corvette is a 6.2 liter V8 LT2 making and SAE certified 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque when equipped with an optional exhaust system. In Z51 form, the car is expected to hit 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The base output of the engine has not been revealed yet. The LT2 engine is based on the LT1 with a new aluminum block. This new engine features a dry-sump oiling system and three scavenger pumps to fight oil starvation in high-G maneuvers on a track. 
    People looking for three pedals will be disappointed to find that no manual transmission will be offered.  Instead an 8-speed dual clutch automatic will take over shifting duties and likely execute them faster than any human could. The DCT is setup with a low first gear for quick take off and tall seventh and eighth for fuel economy. The gears in between are close ratio to keep the engine strongly in the power band.
    Those who want a removable roof will be happy to find that option still there and can be stored in the rear compartment. There will be 3 interior seat options, six interior colors, six seat-belt colors, and two optional stitching packages.
    The suspension is a double-wishbone design with oil over dampers, while the Z51 package gets magnetic ride control. A front lift system can lift the nose and use GPS to mark the location where you lifted the nose for future use. An electric brake system is more precise and is tunable by the driver. All Stingrays get an electronic limited-slip differential. 
    The front trunk and rear trunk combined can handle 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space. The structure of the Stingray built from high-pressure diecast aluminum and has a carbon fiber rear bumper. 
    Pricing will start at less than $60,000. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...reports say the 7th generation Camaro has been shelved....

    Rumors coming out of Detroit are saying that the 7th generation Camaro development has been shelved, citing multiple sources from within General Motors, MusclecarsandTrucks.com reports. The current model will likely run until 2023 and then the nameplate will go back into the dustbin for the second time. 
    The current car is based on the Alpha platform, the bases for the now canceled Cadillac ATS and CTS.  Their replacements, the Cadillac CT4 and Cadillac CT5 use a second generation of that platform called Alpha 2. The sources say that the Camaro will not move to the new Alpha platform. 
    If the rumor is true, this will be the second time the Camaro has been canceled.  The last of the 4th generation, then known as F-Bodies, finished their run in 2002. Chevrolet revived the Camaro for a 5th generation using a cut down version of the Australian Zeta sedan platform. The current 6th generation car came out as a 2016 model and was lighter and slimmer than the 5th generation car.  The Camaro only sold 50,963 copies for 2018, a substantial drop from the 84,391 sold in 2012. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...slots between the Trax and Equinox...

    Chevy unveiled the 2021 Trailblazer today, filling a space between the Chevrolet Trax and Equinox in the lineup.  This follows the recent release of the Buick Encore GX that fills a similar but more premium space. 
    Picking up on styling from the larger Blazer and the Camaro, the Trailblazer takes an aggressive, sporty posture. Yes, there also will be an RS version, but no word yet on what powertrains will be available. 
    Chevy is finally going to start offering active safety features as standard, something the competition started doing a few years ago. The standard active safety features are Front Pedestrian Braking, Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning.  Optional will be Adaptive Cruise Control - Camera, Rear Park Assist and a High Definition Rear Vision Camera.
    The 2021 Trailblazer will enter dealerships in early 2020. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...The styling updates are the most notable...

    Chevrolet has updated the Camaro for 2020 with some new styling updates and packaging changes.  Most notable is the updated front fascia which received much criticism.
    The new front end appearance comes for the SS model based on the Camaro Shock show vehicle that debuted at the SEMA show last fall. The Bowtie emblem is now higher on the grille, and the bar between the upper and lower grilles is now body color.
    Also new is a new LT1 model that takes the Camaro LT trim and adds the 455 horsepower LT1 engine.  This makes the LT1 trim the most affordable V8 Camaro with a starting price of $34,995 including destination charges.  The LT1 will be offered in both hardtop and convertible configurations.
    Other additions to the LT1 are the vented hood from the SS, black bowtie badges, 20-inch SS style wheels, and an available technology package.
    Buyers of the V6 will also see a boost as the engine is now mated to the 10-speed automatic from the SS and ZL1.
    Chevrolet has struggled with sales of the Camaro in recent years, often coming in third place in sales behind the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.
    The 2020 Camaro with all of these updates will go on sale in Fall 2019.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Chevy's biggest crossover will make do with a V6 for now...

    According to GM Authority, the Chevrolet Traverse is dropping the 2.0T from the lineup and is already no longer available for ordering.  The move means that the only available powertrain for the Traverse is the 310 horsepower V6 paired with a 9-speed automatic.  
    The 2.0T was introduced in the 2018 model year only on the RS model which had a slightly sportier flair than the regular Traverse.  We wonder though if this signals a move by Chevy to use the new TriPower 2.0T that is found in the Cadillac XT4 and was recently announced to be going into the 2020 GMC Acadia.  So don't be surprised if there is an announcement from Chevy soon. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Finally confirmed...

    GM has been teasing us for years about the possibility of a mid-engine Corvette.  The confirmation of its existence came to light on Thursday when Corvette Chief Engineer and GM CEO Mary Barra took a spin in the camoflaged prototype through Times Square in NYC. 
    The stunt was part of a promotion where GM will auction off the final C7 Corvette to benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a group that benefits fallen military members, first responders, and their families.  All of the winning bid will go towards the foundation which builds mortgage-free, accessible homes for military members and first responders.  GMC has raised more then $10 million for the foundation over the past 5 years.
    Chevrolet will formally unveil the Corvette C8 on July 18th. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...all over criticism over Mexican built SUV while GM closes plants in Michican.

    In some ways, old-school General Motors is still around.  This time it is over the tone-deafness of placing a Mexican built product on display at Comerica Park in Detroit just months after announcing the shutdown of GM two plants in Michigan. 
    GM said in a statement that it picked the Blazer, along with the Silverado, for display because the vehicle is brand new and the Blazer is an iconic American nameplate.  However, people are upset with GM for the pick of a Mexican built vehicle when two plants in Michigan,  Warren and Detroit-Hamtramck will be closing and thousands of jobs will be lost.
    Now, just days after being installed over centerfield at the park, GM is quietly swapping the Blazer out with a new Chevrolet Traverse at the park fountain. GM said they wanted fans to enjoy baseball without the distraction and further added that the Blazer will add $500 million a year to the U.S. manufacturing economy. 
    GM recently announced a $300 million upgrade to the Orion Assembly plant and the addition of a new Chevrolet EV just says after Trump criticized General Motors and Mary Barra for closing the Lordstown Ohio plant. 

    William Maley

    Well that would explain why it isn't planning on showing up in Detroit

    Earlier this week, we reported that Chevrolet wouldn't be showing anything at next month's Detroit Auto Show, deflating the dreams of many that the mid-engine Corvette would finally be revealed. We found ourselves wondering if something happened that caused Chevrolet to rethink their plans.
    GM Authority has learned from sources that a problem with the next-generation Corvette's electrical system has been found. The current system isn't able to carry the load necessary to support the necessary components in the vehicle. This will result in engineers making various changes to the system and suppliers to come up with new parts. This has reportedly pushed back the launch by six months.
    GM Authority does report that this delay shouldn't prevent Chevrolet from launching the mid-engine Corvette as a 2020 model-year vehicle.
    Source: GM Authority

    William Maley

    It would have been nice for the Corvette to appear at Detroit, but that's not happening

    If you were hoping that Chevrolet would bring the house down next month with the debut of the mid-engine Corvette at the Detroit Auto Show, we have some bad news for you.
    GM Authority has learned from GM that Chevrolet isn't planning to show anything car or crossover related at the show. Motor Authority was able to confirm this report by speaking to sources who know GM's plans for future vehicles. It is expected that the Cadillac XT6 crossover will debut at the show.
    Rumor has it that GM could debut the mid-engine Corvette at the New York Auto Show - the original 1953 Corvette debuted at the Motorama event that year in New York - or hold its own event to have the media focus on the new model and nothing else. The latter option seems the most likely to us.
    We'll keep you posted if anything changes.
    Source: GM Authority, Motor Authority

    William Maley

    The Camaro man moves on 

    Al Oppenheiser is possibly one of the most important people working at General Motors being the chief engineer for the fifth and sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. He helped bring back one of the most iconic muscle cars and make into something quite special. But Oppenheiser will soon face a new challenge.
    Car and Driver reports that Oppenheiser will move over to GM's newly formed AV/EV organization to work on zero-emission-vehicle development. GM spokesman Michael Albano explained that they are moving "some of our best talent" to help work on their electrification efforts. Albano did acknowledge this was a lateral move, Oppenheiser would remain as a chief engineer.
    "We have launched the final variant of this generation of Camaro, so the time is right" for him to move, said Albano.
    What will be Oppenheiser's responsibility in this new position? Car and Driver says it will be "broader than one specific vehicle," meaning he'll be working on a number of vehicle styles.
    Source: Car and Driver

    William Maley

    My, what a big grille you have.

    Chevrolet has revealed the first details and images of the upcoming 2020 Silverado HD that will be premiering in February - most likely at the Chicago Auto Show.
    The most evident item that will determine whether or not you like the truck is the front end. Chevrolet wanted to make the heavy-duty Silverado slightly different than its light-duty brother. This is done via a larger grille with an industrial look. Other design changes include squared-off fenders and smoother surfacing on the sides. Chevrolet has introduced a set of integrated steps into the side of the bed that is said to help with access to the available fifth-wheel hitch. No pictures of the interior were provided, but we're expecting it to be similar to the Silverado 1500.
    Like the current Silverado HD, the 2019 model will have two engines. There will be "an all-new gasoline engine with direct injection mated to a six-speed transmission" and a "Duramax Turbo-Diesel V-8, which delivers 910 lb-ft of torque through an all-new, Allison 10-speed transmission." Chevrolet is keeping quiet on various technical details for both engines.
    Sales are expected to begin sometime in the middle of next year.
    Gallery: 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD
    Source: Chevrolet

    2020 Silverado HD is the third all-new Silverado in 18 months DETROIT — When the 2020 Silverado HD debuts in February 2019 it will be the most capable and most advanced Silverado HD ever. It will also be the third all-new Silverado model from Chevrolet in just 18 months — each designed for different customers.
    “We know the needs and priorities of heavy-duty customers are different than those of either light-duty or medium-duty customers,” said Jaclyn McQuaid, chief engineer, Silverado HD. “As such, we built a heavy-duty truck tailor-made for them that has more differentiation than ever before from light-duty models, offers advanced towing technologies to improve towing confidence and includes new features such as the integrated Bedstep, which makes it easier to access the bed while pulling a fifth-wheel trailer.”
    Built at the Flint Assembly plant in Flint, Mich., the new Silverado HD’s design has a bold, sculpted form that follows its enhanced heavy-duty function, differentiating it from the light-duty Silverado. In fact, the 2020 Silverado HD exterior shares only the roof with its Silverado 1500 stablemate — every other piece of sheet metal is exclusive to Silverado HD.
    “We set out to make a statement with the 2020 Silverado HD and wanted to visually capture the power and capability of the truck,” said Brian Izard, lead exterior designer for Silverado HD. “The result is a truck that looks like a piece of heavy machinery with modern, chiseled finishes and customer-focused details.”
    The interior benefits from similar architectural changes made to the all-new Silverado 1500, including an additional 3 inches of legroom on crew cab models and a taller, more comfortable seating position.
    Under the 2020 Silverado HD’s hood is a choice of two new powertrains: an all-new gasoline engine with direct injection mated to a six-speed transmission, or the Duramax Turbo-Diesel V-8, which delivers 910 lb-ft of torque through an all-new, Allison 10-speed transmission.
    The 2020 Silverado HD also will offer all-new customer-focused trailering technology, significant increases in towing and payload capabilities and a host of technologies and features designed specifically for heavy-duty truck customers.
    GM’s focus on understanding truck customers has helped build the most successful truck franchise in the industry over the last four years. Since introducing the industry’s first three-truck strategy with midsize, full-size light-duty and full-size heavy-duty trucks in 2014, GM has been the best-selling truck manufacturer for four consecutive years. The company has sold more than 600,000 pickups than the closest manufacturer from 2014 through the first three quarters of 2018.
    That momentum is expected to continue with the launches of the new Colorado ZR2 Bison, all-new Silverado 1500, the all-new Silverado Medium-Duty trucks and now the all-new Silverado HD models.
    The 2020 Silverado HD goes on sale in mid-2019, stay tuned for more details about the all-new 2020 Silverado HD.

    William Maley

    On paper, both Ford and Ram can give the engine a run for its money

    General Motors made a big deal about a new 2.7L turbo-four that would be available on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500. This engine promises more power, better towing, and improved fuel economy when compared to the 4.3L V6 engine. But when the official fuel economy figures came out, the engine became somewhat less impressive.
    The EPA rates the 2.7L turbo-four at 20 City/23 Highway/21 Combined for the 2WD variant and 19/22/20 for the 4WD variant. That isn't a huge improvement on the V6s found in the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500.
    F-150 with 3.3L V6: 19/25/22 (2WD), 18/23/20 (4WD) F-150 with 2.7L EcoBoost V6: 20/26/22 (2WD), 19/24/21 (4WD) Ram 1500 with 3.6L V6: 20/25/22 (2WD), 19/24/21 (4WD) "If you're delivering on everything, and you're getting the same fuel economy, the question is, 'Why?' " explained Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at IHS Markit.
    Officials at GM say the EPA ratings don't tell the whole story on the new engine. Like a diesel engine, " fuel economy will be better in the real world than its predecessor and will at least match comparable V-6 models from competitors," they said.
    "I don't think we're done with the fuel economy piece yet," said Tim Herrick, executive chief engineer of GM's full-size trucks to Automotive News.
    "Don't look at the label. We're as good or better than them in every step."
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    William Maley

    What does an extra $5,000 to $6,000 net you?

    Chevrolet has announced pricing for the upcoming Colorado ZR2 Bison. Built with the help of American Expedition Vehicles, the Bison takes the capable ZR2 and adds some more features to allow it to go further in the bush. But it will set you back a fair amount of cash.
    When it arrives at dealers in January, the Extended Cab will set you back $48,045. The crew cab begins at $49,645. Both prices include a $995 destination charge. That represents a premium of $5,000 to $6,000 when compared to the standard ZR2.
    That price premium may seem a bit much, but it is going towards some proper upgrades. The includes new skid plates protecting key items such as the oil pan and transfer case; steel bumpers, and 17-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac off-road tires. A snorkel will be available as an option.
    It will be interesting to see Chevrolet can draw some buyers away from the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

    William Maley

    Like Mustang, Like Camaro?

    When one automaker comes up with an interesting idea, usually others will follow. See German crossover 'coupes' as an example. With Ford working on a hybrid version of the Mustang, it doesn't come as a surprise that Chevrolet is looking into this as well.
    Back in August, a poster on the Camaro6 forum got a screenshot with a survey asking Camaro owners which powertrain they would consider if they bought a new sports car. Respondents were given the four choices listed below, or None of the Above:
    4 Cylinder, 2.7L, Turbo engine, 310 HP, 25 mpg combined, 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds - $0 4 Cylinder, 2.0L, Hybrid Turbo engine, 365 HP (total system power), 30 mpg combined, 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds - $4,000 8 Cylinder, 6.2L, 455 HP, 20 mpg combined, 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds - $4,000 8 Cylinder, 6.2L, Hybrid engine, 545 HP (total system power), 24 mpg combined, 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds - $8,000 There are few things to take note of,
    No V6 option is listed among the choices The turbo 2.7L is likely the same found in the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Also, the 310 horsepower output is the same as Ford's 2.3L EcoBoost. The turbocharged 2.0L hybrid sees a one second drop in 0-60 mph time when compared to the standard 2.0L. Plus, the combined figure rises 5 to 7 mpg - depending on the transmission. The V8 hybrid setup only sees a 0.3-second decrease in the 0-60 mph run, but an increase of 4 mpgs. We need to note that the results of this survey might not result in a hybrid Camaro.
    "We routinely survey our customers across all of our vehicles on potential future technologies or features, but that doesn’t mean we are going to institute them,” a GM spokesman told Motor Authority.
    But it is clear that GM is watching Ford closely with the hybrid Mustang. Who knows, maybe the next-generation Camaro will offer some sort of hybrid power?
    Source: Camaro6, Motor Authority

    William Maley

    Not much of a bargain to be seen here

    Last month, Chevrolet announced the 2019 Blazer would begin at $29,995, undercutting the likes of Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. But Cars Direct has gone through the order guide and did some analysis. What they found out is that Blazer isn't as a good deal as Chevrolet is promoting to be.
    Let's start with the base the Blazer L which begins at $29,995. CarsDirect believes this model "is likely intended mainly for advertising purposes." This is something we saw before when Buick launched the Regal TourX. The L model is also excluded from factory discounts. Most buyers will likely be pushed towards the 1LT which begins at $33,495 - $1,700 more expensive than the Murano S and $2,505 more expensive than the Edge SE. Both the Murano and Edge pack more powerful engines (Blazer uses a 2.5L four-cylinder with 193 hp and 188 lb-ft of torque) and have the option of AWD. The Blazer can only get AWD on 2LT models and above.
    The 2LT begins at $34,495 and adds the 3.6L V6 engine - 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. If you want AWD, be prepared to shell out an additional $2,700. Again, AWD is cheaper on the Murano ($1,600) and Edge ($1,950). 
    Another disappointment for the Blazer is how much you need to shell out for advanced driver assistance features. If you want adaptive cruise control and front collision warning, then first you need pay $41,795 for the RS and then add $3,575 for Enhanced Convenience and Driver Confidence II Package. If you want automatic emergency braking, then you'll need to step up to the top-line Premier at $43,895 and add the Driver Confidence Package II for an additional $2,165. AEB is standard on the Murano and Edge.
    Based on this analysis, it does make the Blazer a bit of a tough sell. We'll have to see how things play out in the coming months.
    Source: CarsDirect

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    • Any car with 2 (or more) side windows is a sedan, whether 2 or 4 door, whether a fixed pillar or a hardtop. 'coupe' as terminology refers to 'close coupled'; AKA a C6 Corvette. Technically a C7 Corvette would be a 2-dr sedan. Some body style terms do modify these definitions tho.
    • In regards to the third statement, that is why most charging points also have solar power panels. The ability to still work even when brown outs stop allowing gas pumps to operate.
    • Based on the photo on the homepage, I'm on board with this BMW looking like a Malibu.  It very much looks like one based on that vantage point. As an aside, that's a great color on that BMW.  Exterior color choices today are pretty bad.  Interior color choices are even worse.  "Sporty" cars or trim lines are offering terra cotta colored leather but there aren't many exterior colors on the limited color charts that go with it.  I'm talking the up-line Focuses and Malibus, among others. In defense of the BMW, I will say that the "opera window" C pillar kink is a little lower than in the Malibu ... and fleshed out with some chrome, so it looks better than does the kink at the midpoint of the arc on the Malibu. And, yes, the line along the doors is much like that in the now gone Buick Verano.  And, damn, those rear tail lamps are ugly. I just checked out what this BMW looks like inside.  The "laptop left open" info-audio center on the center stack is tamed down, so it's not bad.  The lighting effects on the doors are pimpy.  I don't like them.  The I.P. cluster is fairly cool.  The seats look comfortable.  Also, I like bucket seats with the perforation inside the headrest.  I remember them on the '97-'03 Grand Prixs. I forgot where I read this back in the day, but it was prediciting that American and foreign car design intentions would intersect in the future.  They probably did so around the New Millennium.  They sure didn't around 1986, when there were Cadillac de Villes, Olds 98 Regency Broughams, and Buick Park Avenues with loose cushion velour seats with the car's emblem etched into the seating.  Now, if we're talking by about the time the Olds Intrigue rolled out, I'd say that car started arriving at the crossing of paths (tapered front end with no hood ornament, simple dash design, simple seat design) and wouldn't have offended any European.  Upon seeing the brochure, my relatives across the pond liked it.  It was the land yachts of the '70s and '80s that they criticized. It's that the opposite of what has always happened is happening ... the Germans are looking at US / U.S. for auto design ideas!  This new BMW has borrowed a kit of parts from the Americans.
    • Question. Can you fill up your gas tank at home?  
    • I rarely ever go in the store when I get gas... pay at the pump, usually less than 5 minutes.  A quick task.  Recharging an EV at a charging station would be far less convenient.   Now a home charger, I could see that being advantageous.   And location, location, location...the nearest gas station is maybe 1/2 mile, and I probably have 1/2 dozen more within a mile or two.    The nearest ChargePoint charging station (J1772) is 7 miles, the nearest CHAdeMO station is over 6 miles.  The nearest Telsa Supercharger station is 10 miles.   Not practical in my reality context.
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