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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Chevrolet To Go After Volkswagen's Diesel Customers With Upcoming Cruze Diesel

    Chevrolet wants to take Volkswagen's diesel customers

    It may seem odd to try and draw customers who would have gone with a Volkswagen diesel to yours in this current climate. But that is what GM is planning to do when the diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze arrives next year.


    “There are a lot of diesel intenders and diesel-loyal people who are looking for a brand and vehicles to go after,” said Dan Nicholson, General Motors’ vice president for global propulsion systems to Automotive News.


    “They tend to be more tech savvy than the average customer. And they won’t stop wishing for a diesel. And we’ll go after those customers.”


    But one has to wonder how big that group of customers is. Considering a fair amount of buyers of Volkswagen's TDI models bought it because it was 'clean', we have to think that the group interested in buying one is small. That isn't deterring Nicholson.


    “I am very optimistic about the diesel market in the U.S. It has been abandoned by others and we are happy to step in and be the leader. Frankly that’s what we’d like to do.”


    The new diesel engine will displace 1.6 liters and is expected to produce 136 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque.


    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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    User Feedback

    Well, they'd have to also untie the engine with a specific trim.


    That was the disaster with the former Cruze diesel, people who just wanted the epic FE, had to pony up for the highest trim.


    Well, with even VW TDI you had to opt for a model above base, but that's not too bad.

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    Be interesting to see if it can produce Monster Fuel Economy or just as good MPG as the Hybrids.


    Personally, I think Diesel had it's day and that day is over. Hybrid and EVs time is now.

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    *puts ear to tracks*  I hear that little locomotive coming!

    Is it Wheezing or Blowing? ;)


    I hear the train a comin'

    It's rolling round the bend

    And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when,

    I'm stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin' on

    But that train keeps a rollin' on down to San Antone..

    When I was just a baby my mama told me. Son,

    Always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns.

    But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

    When I hear that whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry..


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    “They tend to be more tech savvy than the average customer. And they won’t stop wishing for a diesel. And we’ll go after those customers.”





    “They tend to be more tech savvy than the average customer."


    Marketing bullshyte.....

    I would assume that these tech savvy folk would go for a Bolt or a Volt more likely than a Cruze Diesel...



    "And they won’t stop wishing for a diesel."


    Well, that part is true...diesel loyalists are a very faithful bunch.

    That aint news to anybody, so there was no need for that marketing bullsyte fluff saying that diesel people are more tech savvy than the average customer...

    Because the way I view it....some diesel people can be quite neanderthal-ic...(I could do MOPAR and Ford diesels, but Ill stick to the Bow Tie guys since this is about the Chevy Diesels Cruze...





    Which leads me to the next sentence in the 3 sentence quote:




    "And we’ll go after those customers.”


    Im sure its an honest to goodness great business plan to go after a niche market that has been left void because of this VW scandal...and its a SMART business choice to go after these people.




    1. Not all VW diesel buyers bought diesels because they LOVE diesels...(look to point #3)


    2. Even some hardcore diesel lovers were put off by this scandal...which Chevy says they are more tech savvy, well, they might just switch to the more tech laden Bolt and Volt...shooting themselves in the bloody foot is what this marketing fluff Dan Nicholson is doing...


    3.  That is the thing....the REAL hardcore diesel lovers that are supposedly more tech savvy than the rest of us are VW TDi LOVERS and are faithful ONLY TO VOLKSWAGEN....NOT OPEL and CERTAINLY NOT CHEVY!!!



    Now, I would probably have applauded this move because it really is the smart thing to do to go after a people who now have a void for their next vehicle purchase. I just dont like the marketing PR bullshyte fluffy words chosen.

    Especially when in GM's OWN stable...tech savvy consumers are buying a SECOND GENERATION Volt rather than a VW TDi...

    Edited by oldshurst442
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    Here are more tech savvy diesel folk that are more tech savvy than the rest of us...and these guys are the real deal tech savvy diesel folk.

    The VW TDi tech savvy folk that GM is after:





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    GM should also be stealing potential customers from GTI and RS

    Id honestly aim for that target market rather than the diesel one.



    1. Honda came back to this market and Ford is doing OK with it in North America while in Europe, this segment is still ballin'

    The segment is hot enough for money to be made and a situation to keep loyalty with the consumers with the Chevy car brand.

    2. Chevy already has the vehicles to lure high tech savvy MPG chasers in the Bolt and Volt.

    3. Like I said, VW TDi faithful prolly wont look at the Chevy Cruze Diesel.


    OK...It wont cost GM anything to try though to get the diesel people. But Id try to lure the speedy segment too.


    A proper Sonic SS

    A proper Cruise SS

    A turbo ecotec Camaro


    A 3 pronged attack in the small turbo 3 or 4 cylinder engine hot hatch, tuner segment  Chevrolet family...


    Kinda like this commercial suggested way back when with a Cobalt and a Vette

    Edited by oldshurst442

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    well my bigger point was that there is no reason not to be hitting all of those mini-segments as it would cost them very little in terms of investment as the vehicles essentially already exist within their portfolio. The Cruze really only needs a more powerful engine and a sportier suspension. It currently is a compact luxury car for all intents. The Sonic only needs a more powerful engine. Its suspension set-up in the RS is quite doable. This doesn't take away or suggest that the Diesel Cruze should not exist. It is a welcome part of the puzzle. In fact.. the diesel option should also be allowed to avail in the 'Nox and Trax

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