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    Takata Acknowledges Airbag Defect, Affects Nearly 34 Million Vehicles

      Takata Comes Forward, Acknowledges Defect In Their Airbags

    After months of pressure from the U.S. Government and a number of recalls from automakers, Japanese supplier Takata agreed to declare that its airbag inflators in nearly 34 million vehicles are defective. The announcement was made today by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx at a press conference.


    “Up until now Takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective, That changes today,” said Foxx.


    The problem with Takata's airbags deals with propellant exploding with too much force and sends dangerous metal fragments flying. This problem has been linked to 6 deaths and more than 100 injuries. Scarily, the root cause of the problem hasn't been found at this time - though officials link the problem to high humidity and moisture exposure.


    The Detroit News reports that Takata will announce that it has filed 4 defect reports with U.S. auto safety officials stating that 33.8 million vehicles have defective driver and passenger air bag inflators. This is double the amount vehicles already recalled by automakers since 2013. It could mean that this air bag problem could mark the largest U.S. recall of any consumer product, since the Tylenol poison scare in 1982.


    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required), The Detroit News

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    So Takata is forced to finally acknowledge their products sucks but what are they going to do to insure all 34 million plus the million more it has not acknowledged yet are going to get fixed? Seems to me a ban on all auto's with Takata airbags is needed even in being able to resell the auto's on the used market. This would make the OEM's wake up and address this as I doubt the industry wants to have 34 million auto's unable to be sold or resold.


    Time to enforce safety by denying any Takata airbag equipped auto from being eligible for sale in the US.

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    Honda has twice notified us of the need to replace the airbag inflator in our CR-V, but they never seem to have the part in stock.  I'll probably sell the vehicle before it ever gets replaced.

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    • What double standard? The Escalade did NOT need a high performance version up until THIS year. The Escalade got one, THIS year.   So you mention Escalade as a sports car and not as a high performance model. You threw in a Tahoe for good measure. I gotcha I gotcha.  Problem is, Chevrolet tried the truck as a car based truck and as a muscle car and several times with several different body sizes across 5 decades.   With various degrees of success in each decade. With the last one actually replacing a legit sports car.  The SSR tried to replace the Camaro.  And in Australia, when the Camaro came back with the Zeta platform along with its platform mate the Pontiac G8, in Australia, the Maloo was born.  A true sports car as the Zeta platform sedan was a great sports sedan that the final version of it, the Chevy SS that we got here, is considered by MANY Eurosnobs to be the REAL spiritual successor to the E39 BMW M5.  Eurosnobs of all people think that... And some Australians even swapped the front end for a Camaro nose... Chevrolet done this Tahoe sports car you say plenty of times...  So...yet again, you just talk out of your ass... And...more talking out of your ass The phoque are you talking about? Jeep was a fast way condensed made up word that WW2 American G.I.s used to call their troop carrier. It was a general purpose vehicle affectionectly known as JEEP.  General purpose became Jeep.   Which became a phoquing brand. Which begat station wagons Which branched out to    But...this also And had AMC NOT gone bankrupt, a legit JEEP platform mate to that Eagle would have been sold side by side in that time frame. But ultimatley, it DID lead to this eventually.  and this but was ALWAYS there, though.  BUT became a BRAND    But... it DID start out ONLY as a MILITARY troop transport and support vehicle.  General purpose was its name.  and AFTER the war was sold to civilian farmers http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/aaa527894a8a41c93d8ce192d1488018c3d414d7/r=500x326/local/-/media/2018/06/03/YorkDailyRecord/wp-PPYR-Yorkspast-8806-FarmJeepB.jpg?width=660&disable=upscale&format=pjpg&auto=webp     You dont get it...  But I showed you with the Jeep.  It dont matter if YOU dont like it.    It only matters if OTHERS, MANY others like it.  And with the Mustang, PLENTY of others LOVE it. To the tune of 50 000 untis per year sold.   And with the Mustang, the Mach-E is NOT just an SUV, its an ELECTRIC SUV.   And a very EXPENSIVE EV at that. Starting price of 47 thousand US dollars.  A FAR cry from the secretary straight line 6,  two door coupe based on an econobox Falcon waaaaaaaaaaay back in Nineteen Sixty Four (and a half).      
    • And I showed you, using actual history here, that your Escalade reference was dumb in comparison. You remark about the Mach-E but clearly it has not hurt the Mustang brand at all, which is NOW your main issue with the Vette name. The Mustang is still a top seller in its class and they keep upgrading it with every passing year. Clearly adding the Mach-E Mustang to its stable has done ZERO to hurt it. Thank you for providing a real world example, although I don't think you meant for it to be used against you lol. All you have shown here is that it is your "opinion" that they are not right and that you don't like them. None of that suggests failure of the brands in question whatsoever.    And I am sorry but you, of ALL people, don't get to talk about names and brand equity. If GM doesn't use a name for a car, it is wrong to you. If they over use a name, it is wrong to you. Sorry, but you do not get to have it both ways here. Just skip the fact that these types of "stipulations" of yours have NEVER been extended to your favorite brand. Again, you really want to bring up double standards here?
    • I used the Escalade having a family of sedans and coupe variants as an example of how stupid a Corvette SUV is.  I don't like how there is Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque.   I don't like the Mustang Mach-E name, because it isn't a Mustang.  As you pointed out, 60 years of the Corvette being a 2 seat sports car, now it will be an SUV.  That's throwing 60 years of brand equity in the trash. The Corvette should be a Corvette.  If Chevy wants to make a 1,000 HP SUV like the Model X Plaid, call it something else, make up a new name, resurrect a dead name form the past, I don't care, but an SUV isn't a Corvette.  I think it's dumb, but if they want to trash the Corvette name it doesn't really matter to me, I don't own GM stock and I am not buying a Corvette.
    • The only double standards being shown here are by you. You are the one who insists that the Escalade should get the same treatment without any basis of history or facts to back it up. The Vette has over sixty years of it and it has transcended the Chevy brand for decades now, hence it finally getting a shot at more variations. The Escalade has literally none of the above mentioned. Those are the actual facts, not based on some phantom request of yours to involve the Escalade in this. 
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