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    All-Electric MINI Concept Aceman First Model of the New MINI Family

      MINI has released their new concept premium small car, leather free, chrome free, is it the future of premium autos?

    MINI, the British brand presents the future model generations new design, one that is based on technological innovations, sustainability, brand typical driving pleasure as it reinvents itself for an all-electric future.

    This electrified go-kart feel with an immersive digital experience and a strong focus on a minimal environmental footprint is what the Concept Aceman is all about.

    This is the start of a new MINI design era according to Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. The focus is to redevelop the MINI icons with all the analogue strengths, in a digital future. 

    A holistic user experience of light, movement, interaction and sound will define this MINI design language with surfaces from knitted recycled textile, contrasting colors, seamless digital controls with OLED display as the central interface. MINI will also design and give these new MINI's an independent unique sound, providing emotionally compelling drive for the new Experience Modes that will come with the autos.

    MINI Concept Aceman uses creative use of space with minimal overhang front and back as it maximizes interior space for comfort and storage while taking up little space on the road allowing for maximum comfort seating of five.

    This interior is what MINI calls MINImalism redefined. This bare essential cockpit is what the original designers has in mind from 1959. This takes the driver and occupants back to a focus on unrivalled driving pleasure with nothing more than a central round instrument and toggle switch bar, gear lever, steering wheel in addition to supportive comfortable seats.

    MINI believes they have created a modern and yet homey atmosphere in this Aceman interior. The dashboard is connected via structural braces that like the roof rack displays the Union Jack flag motif, reminding folks of the brands origins when gazing up at the sky from the interior.

    The MINI Concept Aceman has the following dimensions:

    • Exterior length of 4.05 meters or 159 inches
    • Width of 1.99 meters or 78 inches
    • Height of 1.59 meters or 62 inches

    MINI Concept Aceman uses LED lighting front to rear with a front grill element allowing for different lighting scenarios depending on the owner's personal choice. This choice is continued on the inside as well where one has the option to choose from three Experience Modes for their complete vehicle experience.

    • Personal mode - allows the user to transfer an image motif of their own free choice to the OLED display. This novel form of personalisation is complemented by a moving image projection on the dashboard which can, for example, show cloud formations, ocean waves and the shimmering surface of a swimming pool. The selected projection is accompanied by a suitable sound backdrop.
    • Pop-Up mode - will provide you with eventful navigation and some surprising moments. The system suggests appropriate navigation destinations based on a category selected by the user, shows the route on the OLED display and via projection onto the dashboard. For example, you can choose an attractive leisure activity in the “Adventures” category, a popular restaurant under “Tasty” or a currently active event location as a “Trending” destination. Specific sounds are played for each category to bring even more of a sense of anticipation to the experience ahead.
    • Vivid mode - an interactive design of the display area on the OLED display and the adjacent surfaces. This is an innovative entertainment function that can be used both during short breaks when stopping at traffic lights and while charging the high-voltage battery. Simply touch the touch display in the central interface to create coloured “letter bubbles” from the components of the “Aceman” lettering and move them left and right on the dashboard. The letters have their own movement algorithm and interact with each other in the projection by overlapping and forming fluid graphic shapes and patterns. The playful elements of Vivid Mode are underlined by experimental sounds whose rhythm constantly change with the interaction between user and vehicle.

    MINI Concept Aceman is about an immersive experience for the driver and occupants as they move around. 

     Sustainability, recycled and kindness is the focus on this leather free, no chrome approach to the new MINI and yet that begs to ask the question, does this still make it a premium auto?


    If you want to see the World Premier of the MINI Concept Aceman, watch it here: WORLD PREMIERE OF THE MINI CONCEPT ACEMAN (bmwgroup.com)

    Hundreds of additional images can be viewed at the press release web page below.

    The MINI Concept Aceman: the first all-electric crossover model in the new MINI family. (bmwgroup.com)

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    I'll pass on the carpeted dash and 90's bus fabric seats. Also not of fan of the center only screen with no instrument panel behind the steering wheel, wasn't a good idea on the Toyota Echo, I don't like it on the Tesla, don't like it here.

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    I agree to everybody's dislikes about this car..

    I do like the colourful motifs in the interior though if not for the material choices. 

    Cars are supposed to be fun. Cars have gotten depressing and drab. Lets get back to fun.


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    22 hours ago, oldshurst442 said:

    I agree to everybody's dislikes about this car..

    I do like the colourful motifs in the interior though if not for the material choices. 

    Cars are supposed to be fun. Cars have gotten depressing and drab. Lets get back to fun.


    I have to think that the market for paying a premium price on a premium sub-compact that is using recycled materials, AKA USED STUFF is small.

    I know if I am paying a premium price, I want my leather, I want my new quality made materials. END OF LINE 😛

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