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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Mini To Name Countryman Coupe The Paceman

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    William Maley

    Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com

    July 6, 2012

    Back in March, we reported that the MINI Paceman concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show would be wearing the Countryman Coupe nameplate. Well, cross that off as MINI's senior vice president, Dr. Kay Segler said this week the Paceman will be the new name.

    "The Mini Paceman is the world’s first sports activity coupe in the premium compact segment. It combines a clear appetite for extravagance and infectious driving fun in a style that only Mini could pull off with such authenticity.”

    The new Paceman will be shown at the Paris Motor Show later this year, with sales beginning in 2013.

    Source: Automobile Magazine

    William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.com or you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

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    But who cares if they cannot get them built with Quality. Being at the bottom of the Quality pile based on the JD Powers Report, 157 defects per 100 cars built. That means at least 2 defects per car on 50% of them built. That is terrible.

    Now they are going to build this and it implies to me that the defect level will go up. I have little faith they can build a car to last. No wonder I see so many 1 or 2 year old mini's on dealership lots.

    My wife loves the size and style, but I would not risk her life in one ever with their lack of quality. Plus as I told her, it is not American made. English made but not American.

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    • That starts at home...   Making a deal with the Devil is never a good thing.  Like I said...its starts from home.  But its tooo late now.  China's technology today has learned from the decades of reverse engineering and corporate secret theft that China's tech could actually stand on its own...   Any forcible technology sharing that the Chinese government implicates now is just icing on the cake...    American CEOs in ANY industry have gotten to the point today where they ALL focus in ALL the WRONG things and implicate ALL the WRONG plans. Its all about cost cutting. Which is a good thing. I guess. But the costs that are actually cut are the WRONG types of cost.  Payroll.  We North Americans view the working soul as the enemy of capitalism.  We view the payroll as the number 1 cost cutting measure. We do NOT invest IN the worker for the WORKER to be PROUD of what he produces and for him/her to be PROUD of his/her working environment and his/her work ethics and the QUALITY of work to be had...  And its only natural.  When North American society CONTINUES on RAGGING about how shyte, how lazy, how NOT worthy the AMerican worker is, well, obviously the end result of the American worker WILL be a worker that is shyte, lazy and NOT worth a piss. When American CEOs care NOT about the product itself , but about how cheapening it to wield better cost per production... When American CEOs and American corporate thinking is JUST about the quarterly stock shares JUST to cater to the monthly dividends that the shareholders demand and all else takes a back seat...when insider trading and all kinds of questionable moral scruples surround American corporate ideologies... When CEOs make tons of phoquing money because "they deserve it" or they are "smarter" than the rest of us and when they bankrupt the phoquing companies and we ALLOW them to STILL rake in their huge year end bonuses. When we allow offshore accounts When we allow tax loopholes When we have ALLOWED our phoquing companies to move out of this country (yours and mine...Canada) in the FIRST PHOQUING PLACE...     I think Ive mad ranted enough today.  Believe it or nor....I AM in a good mood.  Very happy!!!  Its just that, there is sooooooo much wrong with American business that Im afraid, its just toooo phoquing late to start fixing anything.  No amount of Making America Great again chants will fix the mess that corporate America done for itself the last 40 years.   American corporations  have  woven themselves tooooo deep in other countries' economics and have forgotten their home territory that its tooo late for that to solve itself.   In the car industry, toooo many Americans for toooooo long are salty towards their own that Im afraid, that that too, is too ,late to solve.   So much so that even Tesla, gets poo pooed...IN THE US...by some Americans...  Mind phoquing boggling. Tesla gets poo pooed by V8 loyalists. Tesla gets poo pooed by coal lovin' rednecks.   Tesla gets poo pooed by GM, Ford loyalists Tesla gets poo pooed by crazy righties JUST because they think crazy lefties love Tesla...in phoquing spite... Mind phoquing boggling... Tesla gets poo pooed by self hatin' Americans JUST because Tesla has a very strong following by other Americans JUST because Tesla has thrown a wrench at the status quo...  mind phoquing boggling... Yet Tesla...is AMERICAN... No phoquing American pride yet MAGA hats (nothing political...just the image of MAGA hats)  and waving of the Star Spangled Banner is all I see yet underlying self hatred is what I also see...   Mind phoquing boggling it is...    
    • The C8, Camaro, CT5-V,  the late CT6, Escalade, Mustang, Aviator, Navigator and upcoming Bronco are all interesting,  as far as buying, .I can see myself getting another Grand Cherokee and a Challenger R/T down the road, maybe another Mustang GT.... not anything new, but a CPO to avoid the depreciation. Beyond those, there is so little left for me to get excited about w/ American vehicles...just a bunch of forgettable appliances and ugly trucks...not that different than the appliances churned out by the Korean and Japanese brands.  Boring.   Though there are a few Japanese and European cars I like a lot.   I guess just don't care enough anymore to get too 'emotionally charged'..  
    • I hear you.   I feel the same.  Other than a C8 Corvette,  Cadillac CT5-V, Mustang and the upcoming Bronco and Mach E, I feel no real pride for FoMoCo or GM.   Fullsized trucks are cool. Im still getting warm to them. Not there yet 100% Take my two rants with a grain of salt.  I soooooo much love American cars that I get emotional when market share or reliability is a topic, and I go off the deep end.   Ill take a jab at GM or American cars myself when the topic is ONLY focused on GM or American cars in general.  But when the world's cars are concern, Ill defend Americana like nothing else.  My two rants above are very emotionally charged diatribes.  Comical, cartoony, slippery slidey on the facts. I understand that.  But my two rants are not that far off the truth either.  And it comes straight from my heart. 
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