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Mini News: Rumorpile: Will Mini Go All Electric?

Drew Dowdell

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It's no secret that Mini's fortunes have not been good lately. In the first half of this year, Mini has only moved 17,583 cars of its five model lineup in the U.S. Parent company BMW needs to do something. Last month, Mini unveiled the all-electric version of the Mini-Cooper with a range between 146 and 167 miles.  Now, a report out from Automobile Magazine says that Mini has canceled the internal combustion engine versions for the entire model range in the next generation of cars. 

Starting in 2023, Mini will use a skateboard style chassis to underpin the entire lineup.  There will be a new downsized mini... a MiniMini, a more compact 3-door version, and a Mini crossover.  All would be front-wheel drive and offer 35-kWh or 50-kWh battery packs.  Part of the development is being done by China's Great Wall Motors. 

The electric Minis will be built in China with no word on other manufacturing locations.  This follows Daimler's strategy on SMART to make it an all EV brand and build it in China for Chinese consumption. 

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Why not...BMW can't build a reliable ICE motor to save itself, and the brand can't fall much further.

1 minute ago, balthazar said:

Wonder what BMW’s real expectations are with this move?

God only knows....just when you think people can't get any more witless....

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BMW cannot build an ICE engine?  uh, since when?  I would argue that brake wear is a much more pressing issue on a typical BMW since engines are the most tested and scrutinized part of any vehicle. 

As for Mini, I have my doubts that an electric Mini Cooper will actually make the car MORE desirable than it already is here in the States.  Europe maybe, but not here.

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