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2006 Cadillac SRX


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Everything about the SRX is great, except that dashboard. I don't like it in the CTS and it's intolerable in the more expensive SRX. The next CTS & SRX need to have unique interiors.


I have no doubt Lutz and the rest of the design & engineering team at GM couldn't agree with you more.
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I kinda like the SRX/CTS dashboard shapes... it's cool to me, and it's definately more interesting than the STS's. All it needs are more varied materials (matte cherry wood and brushed aluminum would be nice), better colors, more creative gauges, and an all-new center thingy. The current one looks like it came out of a Compaq Presario PC. Replace it with an Apple G5-look one, and it's good to go.

The door panels, seats, steering wheel, and center console on the other hand... those need redesigning.

Good inspiration:

Posted Image

That wood on the left and right sides of the dash, where the side A/C vents are, that can be incorporated on the current design. If they hue the A/C vents (keep the waffle look) out of brushed or frosted metal... that'd be icy cool... almost like sculpture.

Posted Image

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Been lurking here a long time, but first post... Anyways, the SRX center stack may not be the cutest, but it's functional. We recently trestdrove an SRX, X5 and ML (the new 06 one). Guess which ONE of those manages to fit a CD changer in the center stack (where it belongs). :huh:
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Where is the M-Class's CD changer?  I know my 2001 has a single CD slot behind the audio display screen and the 6-disc changer behind a panel in the cargo area by the wheel jack.


The M-class's CD changer goes in the glove box (all 3 of these SUVs have ridiculously small glove boxes to start with!). The X5's goes in the cargo area. All 3 also have single-disc CD/DVD players behind the navigation screen, but that's pretty much useless for playing CDs if you use the navigation system.
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