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Test driving a DTS tomorrow

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Yeah, you want to be me. j/k :P

I stopped by Dimmitt Cadillac in Clearwater today to see if they had and literature on the '06 DTS. Better than taht, they had a black one out front. Cool. I go in and ask around and, well, they've got the car, but no brochures yet; they're on order. However, the man and woman in the lobby directed me to a young lady who offered to show me the car.

Uh, sure!

So, my early impression of it is that I really do like it. The redone front and rear clips make the DTS look smaller than the '05 even though its an inch bigger. No uneven gaps, nice soft-touch materials, and the Northstar purrs like a kitten. So, we're talkiing abou the car and she asks, "want to drive it?"

Uh, yeah!

BUT not today. No, I swung by there for a few minutes because I wanted to meet my girlfriend for a few before heading back to work where I am now. So, I asked if she'd be there tomorrow so I can test drive it, and she said yeah and she wrote down her cell on the back of her card so I cold call her on the way in to make sure she's free...I bet she thinks I'm hitting on her.

But, yes, tomorrow is DTS Day. And I get to drive the second one they had deluivered - one was already sold!

Anything you guys want me to ask specifically or find out? Let me know now!

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I'm jealous... Have fun! Here's my list:

1) Highway, tire, & road noise. The Lucerne & DTS are supposed to be much better with blocking/absorbing outside noise.

I've rented Devilles and Sevilles. They were no quieter on the highway than my Park Avenue. I've also had a first Gen Aurora for an extended period and found its interior to actually be quieter. You'll be a good person to gauge the noise level.

2) Road inconsistencies. How well does it handle road inconsistencies? This will be especially important if the one you test drive has Magnetic Ride Control.

3) Steering wheel controls. The Steering wheel design is new for GM (but similar to the Infiniti Q45’s.) Are they intuitive?

4) Body Flex. The wheel base has been stretched even further and the body strengthened... does the car feel solid/more solid than your Aurora?

That’s it for now :)

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Beat ya to it...got to drive a pre-model....Impressed how much better than the current Deville... engine was great..though I wanted to smash the radio... :angry:

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Guest Josh
Be sure, absolutely sure to tell her and the dealership they will get props on C&G. Then be sure to give them a good review here on the site!

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Can't wait!! :)

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