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Global warming?


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Well With it being what like 50 out today in Michigan at the end of December me and a couple guys dusted of the cycles and cruised around.

has any one else notice unusually warm days? Collision shops and Heating company's are probably going to go out of business soon.

But I don't mind it that much.

Your opinion?

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Normally by mid January I like to go up to the UP and destroy some relatives Snowmobiles, guess that wont happen.

I bet snow removal is slow? I know a couple people are bummed because they weren't able to ski or snow board yet.

It's just so odd

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has any one else notice unusually warm days?


Yep ... about the same here in IL. Kinda wishing I hadn't put the older 4 MCs "to sleep" for the winter already. Ah, well.

I'm sure we will pay for this nice weather sooner or later.....

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We had a brief stint of cold weather in November, but that only lasted a few days.. other than that, it's been a fairly mild winter. I'm hoping for a brutally frigid January and February. I want my snowdays! :AH-HA_wink:

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My friends on the West Coast just sent me a Xmas card (email) of the destroyed trees on their property and the 2 feet of snow they got. Meanwhile, it is supposed to be 8 degrees (49, for those of you south of the border) tomorrow here! We've had no snow to speak of this winter so far, and we are supposed to be in the Great White North. NOT!

Collingwood (my former home town) just opened its ski resorts this week, missing much of the Xmas break, which is so important to that community. That is Ontario's largest ski resort and even with the millions they've spent on new snow making equipment (and they have the Great Lakes to drain for it, too!) they just couldn't open until now. Yikes.

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