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Finally Moved Into the Dorm


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Also, on the bright side, I finally have about half of my stuff moved into my dorm room at school. Thank God I won't have to commute all of the time.

I also have my temporary parking permit (cuz I don't have my car).

And, so far, I just know that although I'm going to want to scream, it will be a most worthwhile experience going to school and pursuing my career!!!

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The College for Creative Studies.

I'm in Industrial Design, so I'll be designing automobiles some day!

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Well, I don't think that's too likely. Not my thing, but...

1) It's an art school, no frats or sororities or anything like that.

2) Dry campus.

3) That's what going other places are for, lol.

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Oh come on, more than 50 percent of campuses are "dry campuses" that doesnt make that big a difference. It just chenges how people store booze!

I used to have a decoy minifridge in my room than a second one umder my bed in a trunk. I had about 20 other creative ways of temperarily storing booze in large quantities for parties. One tme we had 50 people in my 8 person suite and we got raided. The booze was away in like 30 seconds because we played it smart and they couldnt find it without violating and student rights anyways.

I did pretty well with a 34 party 6 writeups over 2 years. idnt get kicked out of the dorms till the end of soph. year at which point I had to go off capus anyway because there is no upper classmen housing...

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