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Calling Mr. Wild Manjoe...

Cory Wolfe

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Vipes, please look for the engine hood, or the radiator grille, somewhere there should be an identifying mark to tell us what we're looking at. Maybe the engine, or a driveline part is marked... now I am very curious about this old baby.
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Eww... Allis-Chalmers! They're orange! Green tractors are the only tractors made. Nothing Runs Like A Deere! :AH-HA_wink:

God durn, that is an oldie but a goodie, Vipes. I mean, I remember Massey-Ferguson tractors... this little baby must have been made before that merger. Sweet.

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Ohhhh no you did not! It's on, muthaf@#ka! John Deere Rules!

(actually, my grandfather had an orange tractor once... I forget now which model it was... D14? D16? other than that one mistake, we had all green ones.)

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its funny the thing is missing on 2 cylinders it leaks hydraulic fluid but it starts on the first try every time. the bucket has more extra steal slabs welded on it. its in rough shape. I have to take a pic for you guys now. i wont be up till spring have to remember to take pictures.

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That actually looks like fun, but I bet that tractor stopped that ATV in its tracks when he let the clutch out. Ah, reminds me of my days growing up on the farm.


I remember crank starting this one old John Deere and If you didn't get it the first time the Second time you were getting hurt no matter what. that crank would catch and swung around and probable fractured my hand a couple of times. The good old days

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Oh yeah man, we had two John Deere Model Bs and a Model H as part of my grandfather's love of old tractors. They are flywheel-start. You have to open the petcocks on the two cylinders to let compression off, turn on the gas flow, and yank on the side flywheel, then quick shut off the petcocks so it could hold compression. They were fun.
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Wow- I missed this thread until tonight.

There are old tractors all around me, but none in my immediate family. A friend of my brother's stores his fleet there, a '37 International, a circa-'50 Deere 1-lunger, and another job I cannot recall at the moment. The pride of his fleet, tho is his '12 J I Case steam tractor- what a monster. I haven't seen that one run yet, hopefully this summer.

Another friend has an Allis-Chalmers (haven't seen him or his tractor in a long while), another friend has a real nice Farmall Model H (another 'red' tractor), and I helped another guy sell a smaller Farmall last year.

Personally, I had and passed up the opportunity to buy a Ford 8N or 9N; I like them and it'd look fantastic up on a flatbed (not that I'm installing one) behind my Ford COE, but I really have no use for one.

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