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Car and Drivers 5 Best Trucks...


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Nope the Benz GL got that one, sorry and the Aciada wasn't there to be test so the SUV went to the Pilot. The small SUV Rav-4 (ugh) not the Subie Forester and the Van well duh the Honda.

Damn. For their contest thing, I predicted SRX, Pilot, RAV-4, Odyssey, and Silverado. Didn't see the GL coming... as car-like as it is for a full-sizer, it's too un-sporty for them.

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If you ask me, no frame (BOF construction) =/= truck or SUV.

Crossover = unibody.

Therefore crossover = tall wagon or goofy lookign minivan.

So in other words... RAV4 = Corolla Minivan.

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How do you feel about the Jeep Cherokee/Commanche?

i would classify Jeeps with the uniframe design (unibody with welded-on trame) like the Grand Cherokee, Liberty, XJ Cherokee and Commander as SUVs. They are true SUVs, not truck-based and not car based.. the Comanche was a truck, but it's been gone for 20 years...

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I am happy to report the winner of the pickup award in Car and Drivers 5 Best Trucks is the Silverado. Oh and yes it DID BEAT the Tundra! *So much for the four speed automatic!*


Well I haven't read the article, but I believe that C&D's rules state that the truck has to be on sale as of press time......

I'm not sure if Tundra JUST missed being considered or not?

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At the DC auto show they had a blue 2007 Silverado LTZ on a turntable, in the bed was a HUGE replica of the Motor Trend Truck Of The Year award.(I should have gotten a picture of that)

I did! :D

Posted Image

Posted Image

My camera didn't feel like taking good pictures that day for some reason, so I apologize for the fuzziness. But the display did draw a fair number of people to it by the time I walked by it to head downstairs to see the other displays.

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