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How my day went!

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Hmmmmm, I got pulled over today. I was behind some old 1995 or so Jeep Cherokee going 40 mph in a 55 mph zone. So I decide to pull around him since it was a 4 lane highway. I blow by him in my Grand Prix going about 65, as I get ahead of him I hear a siren, I think, what an A$$hole trying to pretend he's a cop. So in my mind I think, hmmmm let me show you what I can do. I step on the gas and in a second I'm up to 90 mph. I hear that siren again and I think won't that AHole give it up. I look in my rearview and I see he has the hidden police lights in the grille on. I think, ain't this a b*tch, so I pull over. The cop that was driving the Jeep is in full uniform, his partner is in regular clothes, with his hand on his gun, as if I'm going to open up my sunroof with my AK-47 and mow them down.

The cop in uniform says sir "Do you know how fast you were going?", I say, I have no idea officer. He says, "You were going 90 in a 55 mph zone." he also says "Do you know Motor Vehicle can pull your license for going 20 miles over the posted limit?", Again I say, no officer I was not aware of that (I actually was). He says "License please!", I think I will have to throw myself on the mercy of the court.

The cop looks at my license, says to me, "Slow Down", hands me my license and says "Have a good day!" and lets me go.

It felt better than sex! :smilewide:

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Lucky. I guess the northern DE cops are less stringent about stuff than the southern DE cops are--my dad got a ticket in Bridgeville. We were trailering our boat for a weekend at the grandparents', and slowing down from the 50 zone to the 35 zone. A cop got us (ambushed us, more appropirately) for doing 38 in a 35. We tried to explain that you can't slow down as fast while trailering a boat as you can without one, but all the cop told us was "oh well, maybe this $65 expense will make you think twice about speeding next time."

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