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GTA IV Trailer!!


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I just happened to check a Grand Theft Auto site today, first time in about four months, and there is a new trailer posted of the next GTA, simply titled "IV". Check it out!!

It looks like it is set in Liberty City (which now has many realistic-looking New York landmarks like the Empire State Building, MetLife [GetALife] Building, Flatiron Building, and Chrysler Building), but I've heard rumors the next GTA would also take place in Europe...maybe they're hinting at Eastern Europe?

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Check it out, it's most definitely set in the present day.

Posted Image

See the ad for Burger Shot with the Heart Stopper burger? That's definitely poking at Burger King's stackers. Also, ME TV = MTV? I see a Crown Vic and a Chrysler 300!

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Funny. Those games are fun but they onnly hold my attention for a few minutes.

Gran Turismo is still the best video game series EVARRR if you ask me. 2 was

the best. I have my 1969 Camaro set up so well in that game that I can beat

ANY street legal car in the game, including RUF Porsches and such exotics.

As of the past year I've been playing Heroes of the Pacific. Great flight simulator

& air combat game, all my friends come over and we duke it out with the P-51,

Seafire, F4U & My personal favorite non-American plane... the Shindin.

Also, Simpsons Hit & Run is fun too!

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$h! now I have to pony up the cash for a PS3 and I've been fighting the good fight with myself not to buy it, but now.....theres goes my wallet. :hissyfit:

But if these trailers are any indication it'll be worth it :yes:

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