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Faulty light or deeper problem?

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Hi there,

I have a 1998 Lumina LTZ with 134,000 miles. I get the oil changes about every 3-6k miles, usually closer to 6 than 3. I have a dummy "change oil soon" light that comes on pretty much every time I start the car - even the day I get the oil changed. It's stays on for a couple a minutes and then goes off. The guy at the shop said the sensor measures the oil viscosity - so if it is brand new oil what is the problem? Is this just a faulty sensor on a old car? Anything I can do about it?

Also, is there a quick fix for rusty rotors? I got my brakes done fairly recently but they are a bit rusty and squeak, wondering if there is something simple I can do.


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is it being reset after the oil changes? i have a 99 monte ls with about the same mileage....otherwise no idea

rotors.... i think they make a product to spray on them to lessen squeking... that's all i know

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For the oil light follow this procedure after every oil change. To reset "CHANGE OIL" light, turn the ignition switch to the run position without starting the engine. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. The light will flash and go out.

As for the rusty rotors they will rust but really that shouldn't affect the brakes causing them to squeak. The nature of semi-metallic brakes cause them to squeak some cars worse then others. I would say just forget about it if its only a slight squeak but if it bothers you just get a can of brake cleaner and spray the rotors. Its only a couple dollars for a can so give it a try. Otherwise they make a disk brake quiet that you coat the backing of the brake pad that goes towards the caliper that reduces the sound but that would require you to pull the pads.

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Did the gas pedal procedure reset your light? I know that was the procedure on late model B-bodies, but N-bodies had a button under the dash that needed to be pressed and held with the key in the "on" position. Some had the button behind the fuse cover on the left end of the dash. I don't remember the procedure on your W-body.

Also, I don't believe the oil life sensor could measure viscosity back then. I was told it was just by mileage and time. Your owner's manual will confirm or deny that.

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