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Is Travel Destroying the Planet?


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:yes: I didn't even finish the article. I refuse to watch "The Inconvenient Truth" (quotation marks are mine). Of course, jet travel is bad for the environment. Ever stand on a grassy knoll next to a major airport and watch the black smoke spewing behind a modern jet? But isn't improved fuel efficiency also resulting in better emissions on the newer jets, too?

Makes me want to build a coal-burning plane with a thousand incandescent bulbs on the outside, powered by a small nuclear reactor, then fly it over the Sierra Club daily.

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I refuse to watch "The Inconvenient Truth" (quotation marks are mine).

Why? It's really not that bad its quite interesting just don't let him hook you when he talks about his kid getting hit by a car and such.

So what, Where a lot cleaner and efficient then we ever where.

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Color me strange, but I refuse to participate in this car wreck that society is becoming. Michael Moore is an embarassment. Reality shows are silly. Al Gore is an opportunist. I am fed up with single issue agendas. I am old enough to remember the campaigns in the early '70s against "pollution" and the "population boom," to name two of the catch phrases of 35 years ago. Hell, I remember doing posters in grade 4!

Well, we are still here - this planet and us. Slowly, unerringly things are getting better. We don't need scare tactics. I just get so jaded, listening to the scare mongering and outright distortions in the media these days. I think the public in general is simply tuning out, leaving only the extremists to blather on about what is important to them that week.

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An Inconvenient Truth, the Academy Award-winning movie version of the environmental slide show that Al Gore has presented in countless cities, can claim a large share of the credit.

I don't like this movie...one of my friends has it on his computer and we watched it one night, and it's just Al Gore pointing the finger at the auto industry and what have you. Yet this hypocritical guy owns a house that consumes enough energy per day to power four houses, and even W.'s house is more green than Gore's (check Snopes.com...Bush's Texas ranch designed as a green home using geothermal wells to heat and cool...Gore uses natural gas). We should start conserving resources and cutting back on pollution, but this crap is getting out of control...in the last month, I have read articles about ending our love affair with cars, cutting back drastically on meat production, and now ending travel all because it's supposedly killing our environment.

Let's just go back to the stone ages, shall we?

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