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thinking about selling my car to lease another... need advice.


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Hi all,

I had thorghly enjoyed my ownership experience with my Malibu SS over the last year. Then my brother Got a Mustang and my folks got an Aura and I feel like I have the bland car of the family.

The aura destorys the malibu in every way, sick powertrain blows away the 3900 4 speed combo, better styling and features for the price.

My brothers Mutang has a deffinet cool factor and the RWD is great though the 4.0 V6 in it is pretty crappy and it has a solid axel and is a ford.

So I was thinking what I would do to replace the malibu if I did take the plunge and this is the scheme I came up with IF I decided to get a new car.

I decided the only way to get a GM RWD car thats both cool affordable and powerful would be to get the Sky redline. I would sell the Malibu in Private sale for somewhere between 13,500 and 15,000. (I won the car outright, paid off my GM loans nice and fast.) I would put down half of that on a smart lease and pocket the rest.

If I put down say 6-7000 on a laoded, 31000 msrp sky redline what do you think monthly payments would work out to on a 3 year lease?

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Awsome. You only live once. :D

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I know when I got my SKY (April '06), leasing was not an option. GM wants people to buy these as custom orders and purchase them, so lease prices (non-GMAC) were pretty high if someone posted the info over at www.skyroadtser.com. Feel free to check out and post your question (registration is required) at www.skyroadster.com; there are plenty of dealership employees that post there and they'd be better at addressing your questions.

The fact that dealers don't carry an inventory of them (most are customer orders; if you happen to see any on a dealer's lot, it's most likely a cancelled customer order) also hinders GMAC from offering attainable lease programs. I'd check into this first before selling your car. I may be mistaken, but I think if a lease was offered, it would be expensive and not through GMAC.

If you want to know anything about my SKY, feel free to send me a PM (it's not a Redline version though).

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Yeah gmtruckguy, lease rate through GMAC on these are pretty miserable. There seam to be leases available acording to the purchasing options on saturn.com but none are good. I'm going to call my dealership out of curioisty tomorrow.

I'm going to begas in late July, maybe I'll get lucky, who knows?

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