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Stupid PLaystation


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Once, happened with a damaged PS2 I got for free...kid dropped it and broke a blade off the exhaust fan and f@#ked up the CD tray...it won't eject fully under it's own power. We used it for a little while until it ruined a friend's game...now it's used solely for Final Fantasy XI.

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My PS2 is on it's last legs...won't play most DVD's and some games no longer play....I'm hoping it'll last long enough so that the price of PS3 comes down before I buy it.

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OUCH!!! That sucks. Send in a letter to SONY.

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Eh...PS2s always were fragile and riddled with problems, we had problems aplenty with ours.

I think I'm about done with Sony anyway. All the Sony products we've owned always wind up breaking and sucking.

Hmm...Then I would have to buy an X-box....no hockey....

MY PS2 hasn't been too bad...I bought it used a few years ago...

Won;t youch a PS3 unless they get A LOT cheaper....

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yeah i have 2 PS2 the original first ones and a slim line.

my original one started doing that thing were it wouldn't read DVD's or blue disc playstation games. Then i heard of Tech school that fixed them for free since they used it in a lab for some Electrical college then once i got it back i tore it apart looked at what they did then went to radio shack bought 10 cent parts and charged people $40 to fix it. although its been a good 2 years since i heard of the problem

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