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The curse almost hits the Cobalt!

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So I was asleep around 1 today when my mom bangs on the door. I reluctantly get up to see what she wanted. She told me there's been an accident at the corner of the streets my house is on...and one of teh cars is right next to the damn Cobalt. I quickly get dress and have a look....to my great relief, the Cobalt is undamaged, but the red Accord that got hit by some dumb bitch in an old Acura was less than a foot away from the front fascia. I immediately move the Cobalt into the driveway and out of harm's way. The last thing I need is the damn rental car to be involved in a wreck!

So this dumb girl was coming up the hill and wasn't paying attention to the road that it ends at (forcing you to turn left or right) and smacked into the passenger fender of the Accord and smashed up her front end (the bumper later fell off). Then she tried to tell the cop it wasn't her fault...that she "looked both ways, and that there wasn't a stop sign." It's like..you idiot..the road comes to n end and the road that passes by is the right of way.

I'll upload some photos as soon as I find the damn USB cable...

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I thought the curse was only for Toyotas? :huh:

Glad to hear the Cobalt is okay though :)

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You're still in a rental car? I thought the Prizm was totalled, you elected to keep it, and it was in your yard.

EDIT: I read this before I saw your "a little closer" thread. Sorry.

Edited by ocnblu

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It was a cursed day!

After spending years preaching to customers that they should never EVER buy a car, but lease it: I got my face rubbed in my own advice yesterday, too.

Less than a month ago, I broke down and bought an Optra 5: the deal was just too good to pass up. 72 months, 0%, free sunroof, employee pricing, 700 visa points - the payment is less than a lease! I figured, hell, I will drive it for a year or so, then the BF can drive it when I get bored of it. (He only likes small cars anyway). Managers can piss off about dog hair in the back of the car (yes, it is DOG hair, not something else) because it is MY car.

Well, yesterday afternoon (in the pouring rain) a blond woman (who lowered the bar for blondes everywhere!), tried to make a left turn from the middle of 3 lanes. I skidded in the rain, striking her 5 year old Sunfire in the middle of the rear driver's side passenger door. My f'ing car doesn't even have 1,500 miles on it yet!!!!

When we pulled over to the side street, she batted her eyes and couldn't understand why I was so pissed: she is an insurance agent and said that she didn't realize there was a lane beside her and would pay for the damages. Why am I pissed? Because, I said, I am in the car business and I know how much an accident can depreciate the $h! out of a car. Now, if the BF gets bored of the car in 3 or 4 years, we will lose maybe 2 grand because of her stupidity!

I am pissed because the car is brand new and because I didn't follow my own advice and LEASE the damned thing. The damage is minor (front right facia is scratched to hell, fog light broken, right headlight lense assembly will have to be replaced) but it will effect trade value. $h! and double $h!. She better not think for one moment that we will be putting bondo and repainting the facia either - the car is 3 1/2 weeks old!!!!!

Eight years ago, when another ditzy chick ran a red light and slammed into the front left quarter panel, doing $7k damage to my (lease) Blazer, I did not give a $h! - because it was LEASED. When the three years were up, you can bet that vehicle was dropped off!

I hate it when people from the suburbs come downtown to sight see and don't know their way around.

Most of all, I am grateful that the BF was in the car with me, so there can be no nagging on his part that I was in some way responsible for this accident!

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Wow, I wish more Hondas crahsed into MORE HONDAS! :)

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Ouch carbiz, that sucks, sorry to hear it. There are so many people who should not be allowed to drive it's not funny. <_<

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