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Pink Floyd's THE WALL

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ive seen it before, but a bout of insomnia has me watching The Wall on VH1 classic... i love this movie... so metaphorical, so weird, so dark, and filled with some good music!...

just thought id share :pbjtime:

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Haven't seen it in years...saw it first in college around 1990..pretty trippy. Watching it got me hooked on Pink Floyd music, been a fan ever since.

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After all this time, it amazes me just how much appeal Floyd still has to new(er) fans.

Cool post, yesterday I was daydreaming at work

(when P.F.'s "Sheep" was playing) about the l

ocal Science Museum's Pink Floyd laser light show.

I've been a P.F. fan ALL my life. I mean litteraly my

dad got me hooked since before I can remember.

In 1991, 1992 (middle school) I was wearing P.F.

t-shirts and the cool (rich) kids were making fun of

me saying I would have been cool... if it was 1975,

or other stupidity to that effect.

Then just a couple years later, in the mid 1990s, all

of a sudden P.F. became "in Fashion" in yuppieville

and as god is my witness the same losers who had

ZERO originality or self induvdualism were now

WEARING Pink Floyd shirts and sporting Dark Side of

the Moon stickers on their BMWs. :rolleyes:

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I never saw them with both Waters and Gilmour, but I did see PF with Gilmour on the '94 tour, and later saw Waters on a solo tour and Gilmour on a solo tour. They are probably my favorite band, along with U2. And Gilmour is probably my favorite guitarist, along with Eric Clapton. Their music is definitely from the baby boomer era, but it is timeless IMHO.

Unfortunately, I can't fit into my Division Bell T-shirt anymore...grown a bit since age 24. I did buy a repro Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt last year... my sister still has her original PF t-shirt from the '70s.

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Time and Comfortably numb are my favorite songs.

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be one long thread. That's like saying "my favorite GM cars..."

I can think of about three dozen immediately, just from the 1950s


PF & U2 are both in my top 5 best bands of all time list. :)


Did you know a pissed off Pink Floyd fan who spit on Roger Waters

is in some way responsible for the WALL album's creation?

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I love Pink Floyd and I agree with Capriceman's favorite songs from them. Time and Comfortably Numb, and also Another Brick In The Wall.

David Gilmour is a guitar God IMO, righ tup there with Eric Clapton, Hendrix etc.

Listen to this awesome version of Comfortably Numb from the Pulse tour in 1994, including a 4 minute solo, one of the best solo's ever.

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