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1996 Cadillac Deville

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Oy...not the best. Not horrible, but just over the line of complex enough and not Chevy durable enough that they can be pits used. Lots of them with lots of miles but also need the maintenance kept up and in check frequently. The Northstar is great but certainly not bullet proof with age and miles, the suspensions both electronic and non need the typical old heavy FWD car maintenance, the build quality isn't world class, etc., etc. Lots of people like them, and they have their good points, but if you want a nice used car that's not a headache...best to stay away from a Deville/Seville, IMO.

LOTS to read here, on one of my old homes:


I see you just can't get away from the thoughts of Cadillac :AH-HA_wink:

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Something told me that the Deville was not in the category of being a good used car purchase. The car looks way too nice for being a 12-year old car! I pass by it often as it's at a local used car dealer. It appears to be in really good condition, though I have not stopped there yet nor seen the car in person. I was just curious if I should stay away from them in general and not waste my time.

And yes, something about mid-'90s Cadillacs just float my boat!! :AH-HA_wink:

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I wouldn't either.

As much as I love these cars, there are many cars (Park Avenue 2002+, and Aurora 3.5, etc...) especially that are waay more reliable and just as desirable IMO

If it's that cheap there's something wrong with it.

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