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Volt engine to be built in Flint, MI

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According to new paperwork filed by GM, the 1.4 L 4 cylinder family zero engine that will be the Chevy Volt’s range-extender/generator will be built in a brand new plant in Flint Michigan.

The facility will be 530,000 square feet and cost $326 million. It will also produce the similar engine to be used in the upcoming Chevy Cruze slated to replace the current Cobalt.

The paperwork indicates that Volt engine production is indeed set for 2010.

The Flint city council still needs to approve the plan at a meeting set for August 25th, but clearly the city is exited at the prospects. Long known for building gas guzzling powerful engines, Flint’s turbulent relationship with GM was the subject of the scathing Michael Moore documentary Roger and Me.

The fact that the cutting-edge Volt engine will be built there, 60 miles from the Hamtramck plant where the Volt will be assembled, “strengthens Flint’s competitive position long term,” per Flint City council member Ehren Gonzales.

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They are planning a smaller engine for the Volt, but it will be in the same family as the Family 0 1.4 Turbo used in the compact cars. Earlier GM press releases indicate that the chosen plant will build engines from 1.0 (3-cyl) to 1.4 L in capacity. The current Family 0 engines include 4V per cylinder DOHC engines in 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 L (smaller than the new turbo) with intake port shut-off at low rpm for better combustion, and are built in Austria.

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>>"Long known for building gas guzzling powerful engines..."<<

It was NOT known for building "gas guzzling" engines. It was known as the administrative & assembly headquarters for Buick Motor Division for, like, 80-some years, in addition to building millions of engines.

>>"..., Flint’s turbulent relationship with GM was the subject of the scathing Michael Moore slander-piece Roger and Me."<<


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