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Class action lawsuit

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So I gets a letter in the mail from some settlement claims place in like Butt, Montana telling me about a class action lawsuit against GM for faulty speedometers in their 03-05 m/y 15/25/3500's (Tahoe, Yukon, Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Suburban). Says basically the original speedometers will...not may, will go bad at one time or another, either displaying the wrong speed, or no speed at all. My Silverado is an 04, I bought it with 40k on it this past December. In January, the speedo took a dump on me, reading anything from 30-60 miles under. Once, it read 90 while I was stopped! So I took it in, the service guy told me there was a special "program" going on to replace them free of charge. Had I known about this settlement, I might have been able to get some $$ out of this deal. Turns out, if you've taken your truck in to get the speedo fixed, you're excluded from the settlement.

Note* GM claims there's nothing wrong, and that's why there's no recall.

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I got this letter, too ('04 Silverado 2500HD). My dealer had told me prior that he had heard of some issues with speedos. In my case, only 1 time, all gauges zerod while I was driving. I pulled over, shut it off, restarted, and nothing else has happened. I'm considering joining the class action; I've not had my speedo looked at yet.

And electronics was supposed to be a move forward, to eliminate the 'problems' of a mechanical speedo...

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My Tahoe did this (07) once and freaked me out. I started the truck and I had NOTHING on the dash. Shut it off, waited, restarted - same thing. Drove it up to the Chevrolet garage and they saw it before I shut it off...no tach or speedo - nada. Shut it off and restarted it and everything worked. They had a note in the service log to flash the computer with a new program and it has NOT done it again. They did that for me the next day and she seems to be fine.

By the way, I love the truck and after 37,000 miles, not a rattle, leak, tink, or any noise outside of the purr of the 5.3 is heard. Seriously the BEST CAR/TRUCK I have ever owned, and it tows the '57 Buick on a trailer like it is not even there!

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