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I find most forum Topic Titles are so long. It's like the whole story is in the title. Hard to read at a glance.

Could we go with an unwritten rule keeping it to 5 words or less in the main title and subtitle?

Think of what newspapers and magazines do with their titles.

Just an idea.

What do you think?

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Here's an example:

Topic Title in long form:

It Appears that Senator Hillary Clinton has chosen for her running mate for Vice President, Her Husband, former President, Bill Clinton

A possible edited version:

Hillary Clinton

Picks Bill As Running Mate

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I don't think there should be a "rule" per se, but I would agree some people go overboard with thread titles. That said, many are copy/pasted article headlines reposted/quoted here, and I don't know how comfortable I'd be with re-titling other authors' articles to shorten title length on here.

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If you're speaking of stories from the press, I think it should match the original title - that way it helps eliminate double-posting. Also, I strongly believe that no one should re-title stories with their own opinion/slant to the headline. And I also strongly object to a few select recent examples that were misleading - look in the Buick section.

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Haha...funky keyboard move to get the tilde, eh?

Not really, I have a program that allows me to type in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. It transform my keyboard into those keyboards. I do switch to the German keyboard the most though, because of where I am.

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