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Air cooled, 3-speed on the floor (no synchro)

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Very soon, either later tonight or early tomorrow morning

I am going to introduce you guys to the newest classic

member of Tight Whip$.

(DodgeFan knows, but he'll keep it to himself for now, please :wink:)

Here's the breakdown:

- Body on Frame construction

- Air Cooled motor, manufactured in Kohler, Wisconsin

- Driver sits (technically) atop the transmission

- Transmission is a 3-speed manual (o the floor) with no synchromesh

- Requires double-clutching for EVERY shift

Let's see what you guys guess? Good luck, you'll need it. :)

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- hood opens by tiliting FORWARD, jaguar E-type-style

- metal gasoline tank

- 6-volt electrical system

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It's the engine that threw me..I'm used to riding mowers having Briggs and Stratton or Techumsehs...but my folks only bought Snappers, so that's what I knew at one time. Figuring '68, it's probably 40-50 years old at least. I did discover that the Poulan (part of Husquavarna) and Craftsman have used Kohler engines, but that is in more recent years.

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Hahhaa.... 13 great guesses and O.B. wins with just ONE!

Although it's a Cub Cadet


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Well, I'm certain of this much. NO B-PILLAR!!!!

That's right, it's an open-wheel roadster with no windshield! :metal:

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