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Another car for Camino.... since he likes "projects"

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The paint job reminds me of something you'd see on a Hot Wheels car in the bargain bin in the late 1980's. The fake Ferrari Testarossa cheese graters on the side further date this ugly POS.

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Awwww man, if I had that pimpin' ride, being such a chick magnet

and all, esp. with that killer paintjob and kustom ground effectin'

I'd fill up that swimin' pool in the back and have all the ladies git in

the back for some sweet, sweeeeet lovin'

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That's one lllooonnnggg El Camino!! :D

Aw heck! It's in Cranford, NJ! We should send GMTruckGuy down to take a look...... and bring a shovel to smack the owner in the head with....

Ummm... there's nothing that you could give me to drive out there and look at that thing in person!

Ring... Ring... Ring... Hello? "Hi. It's 1989 calling..." Oh, you'd like your abomination back? No problem!

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Holy canoly.......

Looks like that'd be a great mobile unit for Sea World....or something....

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