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I decided to take the misses out and we went to the opener.

I'm just gonna throw this out there


A $h! load of Ford's though. and some Alpha's

The last one was a little better in plot but this is just a lot of bond being a badass!

Go see it so we can talk about it...

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Not as good as Casino Royale (the best Bond films are always based upon Ian Fleming's novels, and there aren't any left to use), but a little better than the Brosnan Bonds.

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I saw this last night, and while I enjoyed it, it had some serious flaws--mostly due to Forster's directing IMO.

I thought what little "action" existed in this movie was terrible. There was NO discernable action; the camera either got so shakey, or the scene clips were cut waaaaay too quickly. Seriously--during an "action" sequence, the camera was zoomed so close and each clip lasted no more than a quarter- to a half-second. You saw knives slashed and punches thrown, but you couldn't tell who attacked whom, whether the attack connected, or who had the upper hand. I kept wishing I had a Tivo remote and could pause, rewind, and view scenes again in slow motion. I really hope the action sequences were shot in one or two takes, because if they spent a lot of time and money on retakes, it was not worth it as no one can see what is actually going on.

I also thought some of the location setting shots were surprisingly grainy and slightly out-of-focus, particularly the opening shot toward the cliffside tunnel.

I thought the tender scenes with the Bond Girls were well done and struck the right notes tonally, which compensated for the off-key feel of many parts of the movie (again, the "action" sequences).

The dialogue was pretty good and felt natural, but guarded; appropriate for the plot of the film. I don't recall any cringing at awful dialogue.

The acting was pretty good, with one exception: Judy Dench. I don't think this is her fault, though. I think she was as lost with how to play the character at times as the audience was about how to regard the character. You could tell she was supposed to be very smart and capable, but her relationship to the plot was underdeveloped, making her seem foolish and naive in parts. Dench portrayed the character as intelligent, but bewildered...and I'm not sure if this was the best characterization...but then again who the hell knows; the character was underdeveloped due to the one-sided narration. Similarly, Tanner was largely unnecessary and came across as a dolt. Was he needed in the film? He served no discernable purpose.

Looking at the movie as a whole, I still enjoyed it very much--moreso than I expected to. There were many parts though where I was like "WTF just happened" or "so...why exactly are they doing this/going here, again?" in a way I haven't felt since Matrix 3. I kinda have a handle on it now that I've viewed the whole movie, but the viewer is definitely left out of the loop during much of the film as to the motivations/goals of...just about everybody.

Overall: B

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yeah I agree about the fight scenes I always confused the two.

I thought it ended way to fast.

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Not really much of a plot in this one. Also too dependent on having seen Casino Royale.

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Saw it this afternoon. Random thoughts:

Liked it.... Not as good as CR, but solid, better than a lot of the bad Roger Moore movies.

Sucky theme song at the beginning, though..

Fast paced, followed on well from Casino Royale, first Bond sequel, really

Great scenery, great car chases. Loved the Italian scenery, reminded of places I've been.

The foot chase and fight scenes reminded me of the Bourne movies.

Car chase...motorcycle chase..foot chase..boat chase..airplane chase.. lots of action.

Olga K is very easy on the eyes.. :) Lots of Ford product placement. Bond even briefly drove an old Bronco II like I used to have.

The main villian reminded me of a young Roman Polanski.

I assume the next movie will be a fresh start, or will we see more of the Quantum organisation?

Good previews...looking forward to 'The International' , 'The Spirit', 'Star Trek', and 'Angels And Demons'.

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